Bailey Replica Service Honda 500AF, chassis only

Bailey Replica Service Honda 500AF, chassis only


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This chassis was built as 1 of only 2 David Bailey Replica bikes by Service Honda before running their production run of CRF250R chassis bikes.  Unlike most SH bikes, this one is CR125R-based and handles like a dream!!!

I couldn't bring myself to ride it much because it was so nice.  I have since used the motor and wheels on another AF bike.  I am selling what remains of the chassis of the bike which means you'll get the complete bike MINUS:

- Motor, carb & electrical

- Wheels/tires/brake rotors, chain & sprockets

The full exhaust comes with it, the suspension likely needs new seals as it's been sitting for quite some years...

I feel my asking price is quite fair.  No trades unless you have a like-new 2018 CRF450R or 2018 CRF250R.

This bike is a genuine piece of history!  Add a motor and some wheels and you'll have a true dream machine that is, literally, like no other!

I will ship anywhere in the USA via truck or world-wide via UPS Freight to your nearest UPS Freight depot.

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Glastonbury, Connecticut - United States

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Hey all the power to ya if you find a sucker to buy a red powder coated Cr125 frame with bagged suspension made to fit the rare CR500 motor for 6 grand:lol: I had a hardon for that bike when it came out thats why I clicked your ad,but thought it was a typo or something about being just a chassis and still thought it was steep..put the motor back in and i'll give ya 3500,but that motor has to be tight 



A tight SH motor is worth $5k.  I guess you think the new $13,499 price for the Service Honda 500AF bikes was expensive, too.  I get it.  Move on to something you can afford, something a little cheaper.

And thanks for the comments.  Glad you took the time.

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:smirk: I couldnt help breaking your balls and was half jokin offence man.I rode exclusively big bore CRs from early 80's to mid 90's and bought my first brand new one in 85 for 2500 otd and now I have 50 grand worth of them in my garage,that would have been 15 worth back then for 5 yeah I think all new bikes are way too expensive..anyway enough killing my time wasting yours,good luck:thumbsup: 

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