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NEW GENERATION 4 is here !

New Retail is $375...  BUT NOT HERE !!!


RABACONDA Tire Machine & Bib Mousse Changer 

Normally $375... ONLY $319 when you also buy the Rabaconda Tire Iron Set
$9.95 UPS Ground shipping to your door anywhere in the US. (AK & HI Excluded)

Rabaconda Tire Machine Alone - $329 - $46
btn_cart_SM.gif&key=06bff7402d3c346f29a52b23a0147b71b0cc3e495a1d1d286c9daeeee772bde8                                                                     btn_viewcart_SM.gif&key=8e73d47529539fc12dd51c6adfac3fb5af695e06d2ebe08b24ea3366eae962de

Rabaconda BUNDLE
Tire Machine - $319 - $56 OFF
Tire Iron Set - $65 - $10 OFF

Best tire machine ever invented. IMHO
It's the right height... wide base does not easily tip. BIB Mousse guys LOVE it... and works fantastic for tube guys too.

It takes seconds to tear it down and stow it away in the included duffle. And less than a minute to set it back up.

It is NOT an inexpensive tool... but it will pay for itself and make you wonder why you ever paid for tire installations...
not to mention the hassle of taking your wheels to a shop and waiting when you could be riding.

Watch the videoS to see how easy it is to setup and use... even with a bib mousse. Have questions... just ask.
I love mine and feel like a tire changing professional now.


, California

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