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Beta Aftermarket Parts 4 Sale

Beta Aftermarket Parts 4 Sale


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I removed all the goodies before I sold my low hours Beta 450RR. For fastest response, please text or call Gary at (805)471-7256. Thank you.
For your consideration:

$210 FMF Racing Hex Q4 Spark Arrestor, for 4 strokes, manufacturer PN 045522 
Fitment: Beta RR/RS 350/390/400/430/450/480/498/520 
Years 2010-2018 pretty much all Betas 4 strokes (retail is $380+tax+shipping).

$110 FMF Header “Power Bomb”- Stainless Steel, for 4 strokes, manufacturer PN 045425
Fitment: BETA RR/RS 350/390/400/430/450/480/498/520 
Years 2010-2018. Boosts horsepower by as much as 10% (retail is $220+tax+shipping).

$450 Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch Kit, includes Rekluse sidecover. Low hours, like new. Per Betausa website: PN AB-21079 Fits 2010-2017 RR/RS/RR-S 4-Strokes *Does not fit 2014 350RR Factory (retail is $900+tax+shipping).

$175 Voyager GPS Gauge, Per Betausa website: PN AB-22000 The Voyager GPS allows you to create, log and ride trails, and when you are finished, share them with friends. You can also monitor the engine temperature, ambient temperature, distance, voltage, compass, elevation, and engine RPM (retail is $375+tax+shipping).

$150 Gas Tank IMS 3.1 gallon natural w standard gas cap. Per Betausa website: PN AB-12036-N Fits all 2013+ RR 2-stroke and 2013-2015 4-stroke. Will NOT fit 2015 350 EFI or 2016 4-stroke EFI models (retail is $290+tax+shipping). 
$150 Seat Concepts wide width seat assembly, red/black cover w Beta logo, standard height.Per Betausa website: PN AB-10512 Complete seat assembly, foam, cover & seat-pan. Wider, softer seat for more comfort on longer rides (retail is $300+tax+shipping). 

$120 Footpegs, Impact Moto FASST Company, Patent # US 6390488. Better peg traction & much improved comfort while not changing the characteristic of how the peg feels. Accomplishes this by isolating the cleat from touching metal to metal, resulting in the rider experiencing less vibration and abuse transferred to the foot. With the Impact Moto Peg your foot will stay planted, while your feet, ankles and knees will feel better. PN FP-100K (retail $260+tax+shipping).

$75 Steg Pegz. Per www.stegzmoto.com: PN SP45 2011-2019 250 to 500 RR/ X trainer, all 2 & 4 stroke off road (retail is $150+tax+shipping).

$175 FASST Flexx Handlebars PN FL-1000, 12 degree Enduro Low, 31”, with white pad (retail is $360+tax+shipping).

$60 Hand guards specifically for Flexx handlebars, FASST Co PN FL-5000 (retail is $135+tax+shipping).

$90 Left Hand Rear Brake, www.Ox-Brake.com cable actuated left-hand (LHRB) rear braking system (retail is $180+tax+shipping).

$105 Steering stabilizer rubber mounted sub-adapter, kit “B”, BRP Billet Racing Products, PN DS-901711-25 DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STEERING STABILIZER 
(retail is $210+tax+shipping).

$50 each Scott’s Bolt on sub mount tower for steering stabilizer, 2 available, one tall, one short
(retail is $100).

$105 Radiator Guards, silver, Bullet Proof Designs. Per Betausa website: PN AB-21138 (retail is $210+tax+shipping).

$85 Cooling Fan Kit, Thermostatic switch turns fan on and off when needed. Fits Beta RR/RS/RR-S 4 Stroke Models 2010-2018 (retail is $170+tax+shipping).

$110 Silicone Radiator Hose Kit, red, Samco 4-strokes. Per Betausa website: PN AB-21142 Fits all 2010-2015 4-strokes & 2018 EFI 4-stroke only. 
(retail is $220+tax+shipping) 

$60 Front rotor protector, silver, Bullet Proof Designs. Per Betausa website: PN AB-21145 (retail is $120+tax+shipping) I removed every other "bar" on it to save weight-see picture.

$80 Rear rotor protector, red & black, Sharkfin. Per Betausa website: PN AB-10389 (retail is $160+tax+shipping).

$40 Rear rotor protector, silver, Bullet Proof Designs. Fits pre 2008 Betas that do not have the "wavey" rear rotor (retail is $129+tax+shipping).

$35 Swingarm Guard, silver, Bullet Proof Designs. Swingarm guard to protect swingarm tabs from breaking and causing damage to chain guard mount. Per Betausa website: PN AB21147
(retail is $65+tax+shipping).

$45 Rear chain guide, black, TM Designs Factory Edition 2. Longer overall length protect rear sprocket better then stock. Stock swingarm cast mounts are surrounded in plastic to protect and reinforce mounts. Accepts Bulletproof swingarm guard for serious off road racing. Fits 2010-2018 BETA RR/RS/Xtrainer Motorcycles (retail $93+tax+shipping).

$70 Hyde Racing plastic skid plate, black. Per Betausa website: PN AB-21137 Fits all 2010+ Enduro 4-strokes except 125 (retail is $143+tax+shipping). 

$50 Rear Sprocket 50 teeth, Dirt Tricks Iron Man, PN BT-50 (retail is $110+tax+shipping).

$25 Shift lever OEM NEW Beta PN 006-050008-000 (retail is $54+tax+shipping).

$45 Oil Filter Stainless Steel, Scott’s. Per Betausa websiteN AB-12002 Fits all Beta 4-stroke RR/RS/RR-S excluding 125 RR-S (retail is $90+tax+shipping).

$20 Clutch Slave Cylinder & Case Guard, Enduro Engineering PN 13-400 (retail is $40+tax+shipping).

$15 Airbox Cover, Twin Air, orange. Per Betausa website: PN AB-10185 Covers airbox inlet while washing out airbox or servicing airfilter. Fits all 2010+ RR/RS/RR-S/Xtrainers 
(retail is $37+tax+shipping).

$15 MX Style Front Number Plate, lightweight. Saves a few pounds when removing headlight. Per Betausa website: PN AB-24005, Bolts on to 2013+ RR and 2014+ RS/RR-S models. Requires drilling/tapping of triple clamp to fit other models (retail $40+tax+shipping).

Thank you!

Pismo Beach, California - United States

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