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Is my dirtbike famous?

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 I bought a bike awhile ago and in the process of rebuilding it, i noticed an AMA Pro Racing sticker.  I just disregarded the sticker until recently.  I had the thought that maybe someone on Thumpertalk might know who raced this bike back in 2008 or 2009

Can anyone tell me who raced this bike prior to me owning it.  The bike is a 2008 CRF250R

The sticker is: AMA Pro racing 1311

Ive included pictures of the sticker on the bike.



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If the bike had a famous lineage, the original seller would of touted it and you'd of paid a premium.. Whose name was on the title? You, can back track ownership with that, Thousands of bikes get stickered by the AMA every year.

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The sticker does tell you there is a good chance this bike has been rode hard.  Be it a practice bike or a race bike, its probably seen some big hits and hard crashes.

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I got it from a friend of mine who didn’t even bother with knowing.

Anyway it’s a ten year old bike and so the title has switched hands a few times I’m sure.  

I may never know, but i have to ask. 

Also, how good does a rider have to be in order to have a AMA Pro Racing stickered bike, or do they give these stickers to almost anyone?

I agree that the bike has probably seen some tumbles, races, practice etc.

However it’s in great shape.  I have rebuilt the whole bike, top to bottom.  It is just like new.


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3 hours ago, dmcgill40v said:

It probably belonged to a privateer who raced the Nationals or Supercross with it. 

Or someone printed off an AMA sticker  :smirk:

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It’s been thru tech at an outdoor national or Supercross once. With a tech number that high it was probably a local guy/one off, late season tech.
The only thing that get’s stickered is the frame, since that’s where the VIN is. And it’s also the thing that get’s abused but people never think about when buying used.
When I was fulltime and sold my seasons bikes I always told people “buyer beware”

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Yeah I’m not holding my breathe that my bike is world famous and all, but if it has a sticker and I never ask them I’d never know.

I bet there’s thousands of bikes out there that are famous and no one even knows because they never ask.

At the least, this bike is special to me, regardless of if it’s been ridden by a pro rider.  I rebuilt the whole bike from the ground up and that’s what makes it more special to me.  However it would be cool to know who rode it, but at this point it might just be a lost cause.

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