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Clake TWO: Combined clutch and hand-operated rear brake for KTM and Husqvarna

Clake TWO: Combined clutch and hand-operated rear brake for KTM and Husqvarna


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I am selling my fantastic Clake Two (2) combined clutch and hand operated rear brake.  Was fitted to my 2016 KTM 350 EXCF.   I am selling because I've upgraded to Clake's even more robust hand rear brake - the SLR!

I have used the Clake 2 for several years and it is marvelous!   To maintain its operation, I recently replaced seals, bearings, pins, etc.  Comes with a large selection of spare parts including cams to adjust feel and operation as well as special washers, pins, e-clips etc.  It is in good condition but obviously a little scratched after several years of off-road greatness :-)

Using a Clake 2 allows you to use both feet to stabilize bike and still brake with both front and back.  It makes riding an off-road motocross, enduro, dual sport motorcycle as easy as a mountain bicycle.  Makes an average rider a hero! (ask me, I'm one of them lol)

I used Clake 2 and competed in ECEA enduros, hare scrambles and rode dual sport events.  Roots, rocks, sand, mud, gravel - bring it on.   I was promoted to "B" class (AMA) after two years and have this Clake 2 to thank for helping me compete.

A Clake 2 costs around $930 new (check out Clake's website) and this one comes with the optional fitting that allows you to retain the usual right foot operated rear brake, or to remove that and just use your left hand to operate the rear brake.

This is reasonably easy to fit and maintain but **if you don't maintain your own bike, this may be a bit too much for you**.  Clake has excellent videos online that shows how to setup and operate.


SHOULD FIT: (This is directly from Clake themselves)

- KTM Enduro/MX/dual sport models running DOT fluid (which approximately 2010 models and newer)

- Husqvarna (after KTM bought the brand i.e. newer models)

- Sherco

- Beta (but with a change of a fitting for the caliper)

Will *NOT* fit KTM Adventurer or minibikes. 


It is for sale on eBay.  Link here:


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