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For your riding pleasure her is a great old really fun hard to find with these mods. 1987 Husqvarna WR430 2 stroke that has been modified by a company that was in operation in Arizona a few years back. They where the top of the heap Husky guys from what I'm told.It now has Susuki Inverted forks,revalved for 190-200lbs rider,same for the Olins rear shock.A better I feel look and Moto-X look. 00L0L_9vN3PJrmklk_1200x900.jpg The bike was a eyesore when I got it. Since then I have returned it to a fun,blast from the past that is ready for its next life. It had been parked in the "original" owners back yard for a few years. In that time the Arizona sun had done it share of cooking some of the plastics. It took a bit of looking but I found some OEM radiator shrouds.They were far from looking as good as they do now,but some effort and elbow grease got them looking pretty nice,from old brown ones. It didn't run and the owner couldn't remember if it ran or not. He said it did when he parked it,because his friend crashed on his own bike breaking a few bones. So he thought he should pack it in himself. 

Well after getting it home and doing all the cleaning carbs,gear oil changes,lubing the top and bottom end,etc. I was ready to give it a kick to get it going. I had checked compression before I purchased it and it lived up to its big bore pressure. So I dawned my riding boot Left side only and gave it a few kicks to check for spark,Nothing!Hmmm more on this story if you're interested.

But for now It's all ready to go. 

New grips,rear brakes,chain,stickers,oils,front tire(Dunlap),seat cover,cr430 SEM ignition/coil,brake fluid.

I'd like to see if anyone has any offers on the bike I feel it's worth more than market value???? It's rare,very powerful,a great draw at the races,and just a fun ride pretty much anywhere I go. 

I will put up fresh pics with new seat and cosmetics soon.

Phoenix, Arizona - United States

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