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WP Factory Spring Conversion Kit for AER

WP Factory Spring Conversion Kit for AER


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This is the spring conversion kit offered by WP for converting an AER air spring to a coil spring instead. If you primarily ride technical and gnarly trails, this is a big improvement over the AER air spring, zero maintenance, and zero chance of failure.
Installation is 15-20 minutes tops. Take your bottom bolt out of the air spring leg, unscrew the top cap, drop in the spring kit, add oil and tighten back up. It uses your stock AER damping system so it doesn't get any easier than this.

The kit is normally $500 without a spring. I'm including the spring I have which is rated the same as two .42kg per mm conventional springs. For reference, I am 165lbs without gear (180 with) and it's perfect for the B level sprint enduro racing I do in Arizona.

Since there is nothing to really wear out, this is functionally like-new.

Asking $400 shipped

Kingman, Arizona - United States

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I just bought a bike with this conversion kit "WP xact pro 5700" and need a stiffer spring for it. Do know what part numbers are or have any instructions that came with it? AEO in Phx. Is only place in Az. As a dealer for WP. Wondering about the adjustment on top and where it needs to be, mine was set all the way out and the bike dives bad. Original owner was 165 ish and I'm 208lbs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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