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yamaha bw350 sprockets

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yamaha big wheel 350 sprocket sets.   i was unhappy with the limited/ not correct sprocket choices  available for these bikes so i decided to jump in and make some .    i had these made as close as possible to original specs in chain size , offset and number of teeth.   laser cut, machined where required,  heat treated ,  blasted and powder painted.    rear medium silver/light grey all the rest black.     research and development was on my bw350 .  as always new chain.  full disclosure...i found the best way to get a good long term fit is to make the sprockets to a real close/tight fit initially,  let them run in to where they are happy.   as opposed to starting with a loose fit and letting them wear faster.   as a result of being a tight /close size fit they run notchy at first,  kinda hang up on each tooth.  this gets looser real quick as you run them in.   mostly the rear one.    i like to set them up to the tightest adjustment setting you are comfortable with,  ride around a bit, 15 mins or so, get some torque/pressure on them,  readjust, ride another 15 mins-1 1/2 hr, do this as many times as it takes till the chain seems to be not changing its setting.   i found it is much better to ride around as it will take forever to run in if you just do it sitting on your bench.   this lets the chain and sprockets run  in together and should be happy  together for quite a while.     priced  at near cost   front pair, engine and inner jackshaft.....$70.00   rear pair, outer jackshaft and rear wheel.....$90.00.   prices in usd,  plus shipping.      any questions please email me.  thanks.  brent.

london, Ontario - Canada

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