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The purpose of this club is to help you understand what ThumperTalk "Clubs" are, how you can create your very own, and how to configure & manage it. This club is public, so everyone can see it, its posts, and can participate without joining.

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  2. Good Idea Bryan, I will check it out more. The facebook clubs are well attended. surprising , because on facebook you can see all about a person,
  3. What you think you got the market cornered on Cranky, Retired, Off Road Riders, who are only happy when out ride'n? Arizona has more than a few!
  4. This problem persisted for the first several hours or first day that the club existed. During that time I had to kick several people. Then the next morning it was working as a closed group should, with a joining requests going to my email for approval. So things are good now, but expect to see this with other new clubs in the first hours that they are up?
  5. Who joined w/o your approval? Outside of yourself, the only other member is iamonroadtrip and they are listed as a leader. Leaders are set by the club owner. Did you not make this person a club leader? Also, I logged in as a general member, requested access to your club and via your account, I did see a request to accept or reject. Since this was a test, I rejected the request. So, as least in terms of testing not being a closed club, I was not able to replicate such. @Brian Wilson
  6. We created a Closed club but people seem to be able to join without pre approval from club owner or leader. It seems that closed is not really closed?
  7. To quote Grouch Marx "I wouldn't want to belong to a club, that would have me as a member" But since I'm, more or less new to TT, I'll play..... How about a group of Cranky, retired, Northern Ca off road rider, who only .....getting to specific ?
  8. Yeah, you can use it for more involved trip planning. I'll be doing this very thing for my Colorado Back Country Discovery Route ride next summer.
  9. I have been on Team rides since 2009, fun group!
  10. @Bryan Bosch I'm assuming a person could use this club function temporarily too right? For example, a group of 10 guys going to Moab for a vacation, they use the club/group thing to organize and discuss details etc? If so, this function has some great commercial applications ... I did a trip in the spring and they used Facebook for that, and many people don't want/use facebook.
  11. Bryan, this is a fantastic idea. So much so, I signed up for Team Thumpertalk today.
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Start A Club!

    Sample event as a reminder that ThumperTalk clubs are awesome and that you need to start your very own! What are you waiting for?
  13. ThumperTalk Clubs were launched on 08/24/2018 @ 11pm EST, so with no questions having been asked just yet, we don't have any FAQ's! But, if you've read through THIS TOPIC and you still have questions on setting-up, configuring, or managing a club, reply to this topic with your question and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. Q: I'm the club admin, but I don't see how to change my "Club Privacy Type"? A: Only ThumperTalk Admin. can do this. Shoot a PM to @Bryan Bosch explaining what change you want to make and why. Clubs are set up this way so that someone doesn't start a Private or Closed club, where members posted content under the assumption that it was for club member eyes only, later changing the club privacy to Public.
  14. Managing Your Club 6. From your club "Members" tab, you can promote members to leaders or moderators, or remove them from your club. Leader A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. They can also add content areas (see below). The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderators Moderators, as the name implies, have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. As the site administrator, you can define which moderator tools can be used. You could, for example, prevent any content being deleted from clubs, but allow it to be hidden. Moderators can also remove members from a club. Users Anyone else that joins the club.
  15. Configuring Your Club 1. Tap the down arrow to the right of "Photo". This will allow you to remove, reposition, or upload a cover page photo. 2. Tap the "Image" icon to set or change your club icon (avatar). 3. Tap "Manage Club" to add features to your club. Note: you can customize the name of features before adding them. 4. Tap "Edit Club Settings" to edit your club name, privacy, description, or location data. 5. Tap "Invite Members" to grow your club. Type the user name of the member you'd like to invite and tap match to add to list. More than one user can be invited at a time. Up Next: Managing Your Club
  16. Page 1 - Basic Club Set-up 1. Name: This field is for the official name of your club. To avoid duplicate club names, use the search function, specifically searching the "clubs" section of the website. 2. Privacy: These radio buttons will determine if and how someone can join your club, as well as what content is or isn't visible. 3. Description: This is the spot to communicate what your club is about, so prospective members can decide if its the place for them. 4. Club Icon: This is pretty much the same as a user avatar. It's not for big pictures, so think small sized images & icons. 5. Location: You do not need to fill all fields out (or at all). If your club will do local meet us, at the very least, you'll want to put in the city and state or zip code. 6. Save: Don't forget to save your work! Now you've completed the basic set-up for your club. Note: new club submissions must be approved by admin. M-F, excluding holidays and riding days, allow 24-48 hours. But, probably less. Up Next: Configuring Your Club
  17. Today we launched a cool, new site feature called "Clubs"! Whether you want to create a more-the-merrier locals riding club for weekend rides & trail maintenance or a tighter knit private club, where discussion of next weekend's super-secret singletrack loop is hush hush, ThumperTalk "Clubs" have you covered! Clubs have a variety of set-up choices from "Open", where anyone can view club content or join instantly, to more private clubs (Closed) where content is hidden from non-members and membership is either by request or admin invite only. Clubs are not limited to riding, but might also include interest based clubs such as: Vintage MX Racers Custom Parts & Motorcycle Fabrication CR500 Fans Local riding area maintenance, management, & advocacy Club features & functions include: Clubs Discussion & notifications Club Calendar Club Photo Galleries Club Blogs Whether you want to better coordinate with current riding buddies, find new ones, or simply hang with fellow riders who share a particular passion, ThumperTalk Clubs is your personal platform to make it happen.