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The purpose of this club is to help you understand what ThumperTalk "Clubs" are, how you can create your very own, and how to configure & manage it. This club is public, so everyone can see it, its posts, and can participate without joining.
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  2. Team TT, no. You did need a little rank that happens automatically with some interactions on the site. If you see the "Start a Club" button, you'll know.
  3. Do you need to be apart of team tt to make a club? Also do you need a certain rank to make one?
  4. Hello everyone I have searched high and low and I can not find a direct answer. I have a 2019 Drz400 that I am putting the Yamaha Raptor pet cock on. Well there are two lines on the petcock. One is fuel and other is vacuum. The Raptor petcock only has the one for fuel. What am I doing with this extra vacuum line? Do I plug it or just leave it be? Maybe put a filter on it so nothing gets in there? I have no idea. Thanks everyone! Be safe.
  5. NoOBs can't start a club. Post a few questions, ask a few questions and soon your user status will change and with it, the ability to start a club.
  6. when i look at the clubs page that red button "start a club" doesnt exist! what gives?
  7. Walker Valley Single Track Riders first event is tomorrow............. ­čĹŹ
  8. The club I started is private, we are now at 14 members. Absolutely love the functionality of the system. We are doing a Moab trip, and being able to use the club for that is really cool and helps with planning. After a few glitches with getting new members aboard due to iphone issues with the software, everything runs super smooth.
  9. Good Idea Bryan, I will check it out more. The facebook clubs are well attended. surprising , because on facebook you can see all about a person,
  10. What you think you got the market cornered on Cranky, Retired, Off Road Riders, who are only happy when out ride'n? Arizona has more than a few!
  11. To quote Grouch Marx "I wouldn't want to belong to a club, that would have me as a member" But since I'm, more or less new to TT, I'll play..... How about a group of Cranky, retired, Northern Ca off road rider, who only .....getting to specific ?
  12. Yeah, you can use it for more involved trip planning. I'll be doing this very thing for my Colorado Back Country Discovery Route ride next summer.
  13. @Bryan Bosch I'm assuming a person could use this club function temporarily too right? For example, a group of 10 guys going to Moab for a vacation, they use the club/group thing to organize and discuss details etc? If so, this function has some great commercial applications ... I did a trip in the spring and they used Facebook for that, and many people don't want/use facebook.
  14. Bryan, this is a fantastic idea. So much so, I signed up for Team Thumpertalk today.

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