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    This is a fun group, lots of kids and family Dirt Go-carts, mini-bikes and of course Flat trackers
  4. Wished I lived closer so I could go .
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    Wish I was closer
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  7. http://www.scftaracing.com/ Flat Track practice at SCFTA 4pm to 9pm $75 pay by Pal Pal to rcrdesigns@msn.com Need 25 riders by Feb 14th to secure track
  8. Promoter cancelled this last night. Too bad
  9. When was the last time you remember Willow Springs Flattrack being opened up for a NON RACE event. Just having fun, practicing, bbq after Does it get any better than this!!!!!! $50 bucks, what a deal This event is being put on by Brady Walker, who periodically gets both the streets of willow and the Flat Track opened Sign up here: www.bradywalker.com Or go directly to: https://classic-track-day.myshopify.com/
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    yes, you need your own bike Also the flat track at Willow Springs has banked turns so its not like most flat tracks, really cool If you are "new" to flat tracking, try Milestone out in Riverside as a way to get your feet wet. They have a nice track and is great to practice on I'm going to be there tomorrow, Saturday
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    like complete sand? you gotta bring your own bikes right?
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    Just show up and pay the entrance fee If you go to Eddie's website you can see the classes Willow is a very forgiving track, all sand and not slick feeling like clay tracks I am going to race in all 3 senior classes, both days Cant wait
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    Do I just go and ride? Or do I have to join a club? Idk how it works.
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  15. Anybody on this forum do any Flat Tracking out at Perris or Milestone?
  16. Sacramento Mile - Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA

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