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Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Trail Riders. Single and double track, Eastern Ontario and Gatineau area riders!

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  2. Yes. I did receive my stuff from Revco.ca It took a long time, but not unusual with the pandemic.
  3. Mark, A thousand apologies, I got scammed on another online site, so I was not looking to be burned twice. I was unable to get a response from your company Revco at the time, and I tried a few times. I had never ordered from Revco before. I understand with the Pandemic that you may have been short staffed. But to set the record straight: YES - I DID RECEIVE EXACTLY WHAT I ORDERED FROM REVCO! AND IN A TIMELY MANNER CONSIDERING THE PANDEMIC. I am happy after all with my purchase from Revco. Revco is a Good company to order from. Yes, I will order from Revco again in the future. Thanks.
  4. I cannot believe what some people can write about businesses. The only reason we've had bad reviews this year is the pandemic situation due to shippers. 25% of the hundreds of order we shipped daily between end of April and mid-July got delayed without reason by the carriers. Tracking information was not updated etc... It's a fact of life we had to deal with. Revco if a family owned business that started on our founder's parent's house garage 10 years ago. We did not expect our business to increase so dramatically and we were caught off guard and short staffed. We hired new staff, programmed a new more powerful customer service area and things are better than before the Pandemic. Revco.ca is a legitimate incorporated business in Canada. We used to be named atvtirescanada.com and we changed ot to Revco for the simple reason we started selling more and more motorcycle and snowmobile products so... ATV Tires Canada became Revco, simple as that. Company was originally founded in 2008. Why would we scam people? We try our best (seriously) to have customers come back and purchase multiple times. Pricing is important but when something goes wrong, it's always better to get service by a human being that can resolve issues. By the way, getting bots to post Google reviews for an online store is the best way to get your business blacklisted from Google which means instant death for ANY online business. Think about that before assuming stuff like that. I tried contacting the original poster before posting this, but no reply. I'd like to thank the people who answered truthfully about our business and all the folks that purchased from us in the past. Because without you, we are nothing. Thank you! Mark Marketing Mgr Revco.ca mark@revco.ca
  5. Heading to Limerick tomorrow morning at around 10:00 if anyone’s interested.
  6. Id like to try out Limerick, I might be able to make it this weekend Not yet, but i now plan to after seing your videos. Thanks for the info ive joined the group
  7. Check out the OTTAWA/GATINEAU DUAL SPORT AND ADVENTURE RIDERS group on Facebook, great group of people who go on rides all the time 👍 btw, my cottage is on Lac Bernard
  8. I’m looking to go out this weekend possibly in the afternoon. I usually go to Limerick, but can find other trails too. I’ve been on the Quebec side but my bike is out near limerick so the travel would be pretty long. I’ll post up when I go and you’re more then welcome to come. I’m only really in my 3rd year of riding so my pace is easy.
  9. Im Alex, Im a beginner rider from gatineau. I ride a drz400s which is my first bike. Ive ridden around my cottage at lac sinclair and in small trails near my home but most of my riding has been on the street. Im hoping i can get out and ride some trails before winter comes. If some of you are planning to ride some beginner friendly trails in the region I'd love to join in.
  10. Shoot I didn’t see this until now. I may have seen you guys there I got there at about 6. Rushed to get about an hour in, as I not a huge fan (call it lack of self confidence) at riding in there past about 7 when it gets dark. As my battery went kaput I had to keep it running the whole time, but I have an antigravity restart coming Friday. Should be good to go for Sat.
  11. Looks like I’m heading there Saturday at about 9:00 am if anyone is interested.
  12. Just a heads up there is a horse ride in Limerick on Sunday so you won't be able to ride the south side. You can still park at the Y and ride the north side though.
  13. @Husquire @Huggz Any day in particular you two are thinking. Both days are looking decent, weather wise. I am down for either Saturday or Sunday, meet by 10, ride out by 10:30. Again, I don't know the area so just ping the preferred staging area and I will be good to go.
  14. You should come for a ride Wed. It will go much smoother than this weekend. We get there around 4 if you're interested.
  15. So far my weekend is wide open, shoot me a time and day and I’ll more then likely be there. I’m only about year 3 into riding so I’m not terribly fast either.
  16. Done deal - let's do it! The bike has been amazing, I am riding it like my 250, banging it around, dropping it, good times all around. Very nimble for its size, and not too intimidating offroad. I took out the snorkel and added a racing intake and filter and the thing just screams now. I got the bike knowing about the engine and its torque characteristics, and that has translated extremely well to technical riding. Get it into second and don't touch the clutch, throttle on and off smooth as butter.
  17. The more the merrier also I think your heavier bike might just level the playing field as the gf just learned how to get in first and use her clutch and the gas to ride off at jogging speed. As for me, I can rip it but I'm very new to offroad as well, just more daring and I've been having a lot of fun on my DRZ400SM in some empty parking lots for the last year, getting comfy with low speed, fullcock turns, clutch and throttle control, balance, wheelies and stopies. Just looking to learn nice and progressively! P.s.: how do you like the tenere700?
  18. I would tag along and snag a day pass if you guys are interested in having some company. I am on a bigger bike, but can ride the piss out of it if that is where we are at. Coming from Peterborough, and could be there by 10am without too much hassle (3 hour ride there).
  19. That sounds like quite the adventure. Sorry all of that happened, glad you got to go riding! Eventhough I couldn't get out to ride I had fun all day working on the new bike for the gf so that we're both ready to go for next weekend; oil change, clutch bleeding, rear and front brake fluid bleeding, suspension sag adjustment, cleaned all the plastics, cleaned the fork seals, changed the exhaust packing, adjusted the idling screw, cleaned and reapplied some FFT to the air filter, cleaned and lubed the chain, clean the brake parts, patched with epoxy a small hole at the top of the gas tank that I only found out about by filling it up and having it piss everywhere :P. hit me up if you're going next weekend.
  20. Got up and started at 8 this morning, rear tire is flat, change it out and pinch my spare tube and snapped my larger aluminum iron putting on a tight new tire. Had to buy a new tube and iron. Finally get that sorted and on, load up the bike and try to fire it up to make sure it starts, battery is dead, great. Charge that up and get out on the road, tire on the trailer explodes on the 416 near Kemptville and the spare is on my boat trailer. Thank god when I finally made it to Limerick it was the perfect day for riding.
  21. Limerick has a mix of trails, some fairly tight single track and some bigger double track. I’m sure you can ride around on the double, and even do a few of the single more straight forward stretches.
  22. Ý Thanks man I'll make sure to keep an eye out for them. Have fun today!
  23. I have not checked out Limerick Forest before. Is it too tight for a 700 to deke-around in there for a day?
  24. Congrats on the truck, and the GF who rides. I don’t think it happened this year, but I know the BMA hosts women’s skills camps and rides too if you want to have her check those out for next year.

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