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Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Trail Riders. Single and double track, Eastern Ontario and Gatineau area riders!

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  2. I Haven’t been out to limerick yet. I’ve been just ripping up the hydro lines by my house to the sand pit that has a small track. It’s not much but gets me out.
  3. I was out the first 2 weekends in Dec. Limerick was awesome, but then we got some melting and freezing so I'm not sure what it is like now. I might try and get out again this weekend.
  4. Where are you located for such a accumulation of snow? I'm in the lower Laurentians about an hour north west of Montreal and the ground is bare. My bikes have been in storage since early November, awaiting as usual to get the snowmobile out by December or January at the latest but the lack of snow this winter has even pushed me over to the dark side...purchased an ATV a few days ago
  5. Price lowered to 2900$ Some of the extra parts will be parted out separately.
  6. I'm the 3rd owner (purchased in 2016), the bike never had an hour meter installed. Top end preventatively done in 2017, un-known hours on bottom end. No signs of imminent failure. Not cosmetically perfect (tarnished aluminium, scratches) but extremely clean bike. Mechanically very sound and reliable, everything but the bottom end has been serviced/refurbished since 2017, carburetor, suspension bushings and fluids, wheel and linkage bearings etc etc. Ready to ride as-is, all 'consumables' are either new or, still have a lot of life in them. Ton of extras including new front tire and sprockets and many spare suspension components. 3200$ Perhaps considering a trade + cash on my part for a small late model utility ATV. Keeping my YZ125 for MX tracks but now at the point where an ATV would be better suited for around the house chores/local trail riding. Posting it only for a week to test the waters, then back up again come spring time. Link: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-motocross/laval-rive-nord/crf250x-echange-trade-vs-trx420-ou-kingquad-400/1478442911
  7. In the event anyone in western Quebec or eastern Ontario is in the market for a CRF250X, mine's now for sale. *although not sure yet how the registration transfers to someone in another province... PM me for infos.
  8. Quick Intro: What's your name? Nathan What area do you live in? Nepean / Ottawa Ontario Where do you frequently ride? We own some field-and-woods properties here and in North Frontenac, so we ride at either of these places, not need for insurance which is sweet and we can build trails as time allows. What bike do you have? An old Honda CR and XL, but 2 newer ones: KLX140G and KLX110 for my kids For myself, I am trying to choose between buying a WR250R or a DRZ400S or perhaps a WR250F or WR450F since I will need to trailer my kids bikes anyway. So I mind as well have a True dirt bike versus a Dual Sport until my kids are older, although I also aspire to ride the TCAT. So lots of conflicting requirements which is making a purchase decision a challenge. My kids and I drove Honda Side by Sides for 5 hours through rough trails in Madawaska Valley recently which was a blast. What is your skill level? I used to race motocross long ago (SandDelLee), and have done lots of trail riding but most of that was years ago and on the Quebec side. I ride far more on the street these days than I do in the dirt, but I wish to reverse that, especially so I can keep up with my kids offroad. It is great fun teaching my 2 kids to ride in the dirt. I am looking forward to trying out Larose or Limerick or Marlborough or even Ganaraska Forest - once I decide on what I will ride in a modern DS or true DB for 2020. At this point I am still just focused on riding on our own land and teaching my kids. But it will be great to find some peeps to trail ride with around the Ottawa region in 2020 as well.
  9. I know a guy who went for the enduro. Said it was great. I had to work...ffs, lol As for them being closed, lots of stories going round. They did open for 2 days not long ago.. family day or something??? Track I hear was awesome with the enduro track only half open. Huge shame they were not open fully. This traveling to Quebec and to the other side of Ottawa every weekend is a chore. The things we do for love eh?
  10. Thx Husquire, haven't seen you here in a while? First time with the rekluse. There is good and bad things about it though. In case people want to know it's a Rekluse Z-Start Pro. Pros: 1. Great for people with arthritis in the fingers... me, lol 2. Can lug it in any gear 3. It's so smooth 4. Can't stall... so I thought! 5. Saves your clutch basket from grooving. Cons: 1. You forget which gear you're in (Maybe it's me, lol) 2. Does not have the same grab as the stock clutch out of a corner (Mx track). 3. Setup takes a while with the different springs and balls. Mid season I took it off... I will change my master cylinder to a 9mm from the 10ish that's on it now for an easier pull. I rode my kxf only once this season... ...will never kickstart another bike again, lol
  11. Anyone try this out? Curious to see what the track conditions are. They were closed for quite a while due improper permits or something? Either people riding on the roads or in the forest where they shouldn’t be?
  12. The gps maps for the Calabogie riding area are guarded a little closely, and for a pretty good reason. Some of the trail passes through private property. While we (thanks to significant efforts from the BMA) have kept good relations with the owners, what we don’t want happening is the maps get out and every person and their drunk uncle go riding and destroy it. If you attend a few BMA rides there and show the guys you are a responsible rider, someone will share the maps with you. if you have a copy of the maps yourself, please make sure you vet a little who you pass those to. I’d hate to see some yahoos get them, ruin the private property and have those parts closed to us for good.
  13. congratz brother! Had you had a Rekluse before? What are your thoughts on it so far?
  14. Not sure how many of you guys participate, but Rocky Mountain ATV hosts a free fantasy SX league each year. The 2020 season starts Jan 5th, so look for it to open soon. It’s free to join and register and there are weekly prizes as well as some pretty damned sick top prizes. Worth it to join up! last year I rode top 1% of the pack for most of the season but trailed off toward middle of the league in the last few rounds.
  15. I’d really love to start Moto camping. I’ll be hitting you up come spring time to go for some rides man!
  16. All good pal, I will message you in the spring and we will go from there. I do not mind heading further east whatsoever, all new terrain for me!
  17. Hey Man , nice to meet you sorry I'm a bit late! I'm Matt 29 yr old ride a crf250 rally i do a lot of moto camping in Ontario east and western Quebec im done to ride in spring let me know cheers
  18. Hey sorry I'm way late but i just got the GAIA GPS app for android (they have Browser and IOS also ) if you pay for premium you get hundreds of maps and trails with it. I'm using the BRMB ATV Trails layers and it gives you a lot of trails around Canada and a lot of them are in the ottawa area check it out its great i also have the TCAT GPX files if you need them
  19. Good day all My name is Ehren, and I am a dualsport rider in Peterborough. I ride all year long so hit me up whenever to hit some trails. I drive the piss out of my crf250L, and have put a deposit down on the upcoming Tenere 700. I ride locally, and spend weekends in the Limerick/Weslemkoon/Mazinaw/Bon Echo area. I am interested in doing the Dacre rally over the next few years, and am looking to build up a team of like-minded riders.
  20. For your easiest spot to get to that trails are not too hard to find is go park down past the golf course and ride from There. The trails are fairly apparent. And if you’r solo you normally are not horrendously far from the vehicle.. just google the calabogie golf course. Use the directions to get you there. Once at the course the road comes to a T when your looking at the lake. Go left down a fair bit. You’ll get to a page wire fence blockin people from a dam ( I think that’s what it is ) and there’s a small parking area on the left. Giver he’ll from there. Real fun nasty hill climb if you skirt that fence around. Easy to find and you’ll know when you see it hahah
  21. Where do I find the trails there? I've heard theres some good ones but ive never been there.

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