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  2. thanks for the reply. i didnt end up going out. making a set of studded tires for the early spring and warm winter days
  3. I hear you. Its bittersweet also that the SX season is starting. Hard to watch Nd not do. I try to occupy my mind with snowboarding or skiing. As for upgrades I got pretty well everything I needed last year. Even though my bike is only a 17 I still will pick up some pre-emptive parts for a top end rebuild so that when its time it doeant cost so much. Probably get a couple of the valves. I also like to regrease and give it a once over checking the valve clearances and all the bolt torques
  4. Damn I am late aswell ^^ Hello, I am Salvatore. I ride a TTR230, (tired of 250s blowing up) I live in Ottawa, *near Greely*. I ride on local trails, and roads^^. I ride with some of my friends, if not alone. I love my bike, trust worthy and never gave me a hassle, I love eletric start New parts on the way. FMF PowerCore 4, Graphics, Plastics, Bars, Risers.
  5. New pipe, new air filter, new oil filter x3, new plastics, new graphics (custom), new risers (7/8 to 1 1/8), new bars (Pro Taper EVO YZ High Bend), new grips. 600usd so far, not including my header, googles, gopro etc. edit: I hate not riding in the summer at least once a wee, I can't stand 3-5 months...
  6. well im sick as f%$# of this winter already, goin crazy waiting for next seasons race lineup to be released... finally got the heater put up in the garage so bike maintenance can begin. Got me wondering what everyone was planning on doing for upgrades to their trusty dirt scooters over the winter? mine always gets a full message, bearings all greased, general check on parts, electrical connections all checked just the general maintenance stuff. It also always gets a new set of boots. this year im trying a Kenda mx261 Fatty front tire and a Moto-z Arena hybrid rear. and i think im going to send the suspension away to stadium suspension for a re-spring and a re-valve job. what is everyone else doin ?
  7. Late to the convo but what the hell... Name is Dane, I live in Perth. Im riding a 2017 beta 250rr. Try and get to as many Offroad Ontario races as i can a season, its the best way to try new places in my mind. Im a Nov A mid pack rider..
  8. Sorry, just saw this. Yep, the snow came early. But the real deal breaker were the super cold over-night temps - into the teens several nights in a row. The ground froze. The snow stayed. We were shut down after November 8th. OCMC canceled their enduro on the 24th. We went out anyway to look around. There were a couple to three inches of snow, but if you kicked it away the ground underneath was frozen hard. I know a few folks rode but without studs it was too slippery for me. There's only one thing to do.... Load the trailer. Pack the truck. Check the map. Head south.
  9. Stillhavetimeleft


    That's perfect, Husquire. Sounds like you are the man I need to talk to about getting into hare scrambles. I'm really looking forward to experiencing trail riding next season. I just picked up my 2018 YZ250X. Had it plated and will get it insured shortly so that I am legal. I have a spark arrestor exhaust on order. Now... I need to wait out the winter.
  10. Well you'll be more the welcome to come hit the trails with me when Orangie and I go. We vary what trails we take, so it it would help you with the different terrain. I entered my first races this past year too..
  11. Stillhavetimeleft


    Hi everyone, Names' John and a 48 year old in Orleans with a YZ125 and recently bought a 2018 YZ250X with 30 hours on it. I have only really ridden at the local track, SandDelLee for the last few years. Love that place. I bought the 250X because I want to get into trail riding. I'll be looking for like minded people to show me the ropes in 2019 when it comes to trail riding and enduro type stuff. I want to start hitting some hare scrambles. I'll be back in the spring looking for riding buddies!
  12. weather is looking nice this sunday. think the ganaraska will have snow on the ground???
  13. Don't be shy, Introduce yourself! 1- Adam 2- from courtice ontario 3- ride ganaraska forest 2017 yz250fx skill level novice b mid pack usually ride saturday, sunday or mondays
  14. Parked the bike after the great pines ride. Any chance of Ice in the forest and thats a deal breaker for me. Only my 2nd year of riding and I dont play around with ice. I rode last spring and hit a patch and went down hard. Not my cup of tea.
  15. We were in the Ganaraska on Thursday. Hero dirt with a side helping of puddles. Great day to be on the trails. Keeping an eye on the skies, hoping for another decent day (or three). Last year rode on Nov. 29th in the east forest. Needed the sheltered parking area as the wind was a little brisk.
  16. My YZ125 has been parked since mid-September, local MX track conditions were awful starting just about then. On top of the usual end of season tear down, it's given me chance to split the cases early to fix some gearbox issues. I kept my CRF250X on the ready right up to last week but now it too is parked for good. Luckily I can usually ride straight from home but hunting season has now begun so my local trails are off limits until Nov. 26th, there are other other regions I could trailer to but recent weather made it unfavorable. Fall / early winter conditions are great to ride in but myself absolutely hate washing everything afterwards in near freezing temps. In the end, 22 motocross track days and 14 trail outings complete my 2018 riding season, I would have really liked to get some more trail riding done in these past few weeks but weather and health didn't permit, now actually hoping snow gets here ASAP to get the snowmobile out early.
  17. Great day, huh Dane? Not a cloud to be seen. Hard to believe it was just yesterday. That's Ron, worshipping the (long lost) sun. And a pic of my "alternate transport vehicle... Last year my season ended early, non-weather related. Year before, (IIRC) we rode X-mas eve. I've never seen anyone hunting @ Limerick. Not in the pit area, at any rate.
  18. Not sure about you guys but im bummed riding season is creeping to a close.. For me it may be over if the weather doesnt magically throw a warm weekend into the mix. Although i did get out to limerick forest last sunday and was shocked to see how many foks were out riding, the place was packed!! Anyways,, how long do you fight the weather to keep riding?? generally after the deer hunt my bike goes into winter upgrade mode lol
  19. Back tire slipped down the ditch. Tried to give it a shot of gas to bring it back.... didn’t work..lol
  20. Ouch. Do you know why you went down?
  21. I am on duty this weekend, but am usually up for going out if I am free. I ride a 1090, so I may be looking at different riding than you. I am still searching for good places to ride, but there is a game preserve that I have spent a bit of time exploring about 20 minutes from base.
  22. Thanks for the quick reply. Lamerik forest can I just show up let's say tomorrow and just ride? Or do I need a membership?
  23. Also I believe Ompah has some multi use trails you can ride on. I have not gotten out there at all, but plan to next year. Theres also Marlborough Forest that has some double wide trails. Not the most exciting ride but it makes for a different ride if youre looking to switch it up a bit.
  24. Well you have the Limerick forest trails about an hour away from you. Great fast paced dirt/sandy loamy trails. Google map Limerick Forest Pit, thats where people park. About an hour and a half you have the trails in Calabogie. Theyre a little more advanced and stretch quite a ways through the bush. I would do Limerick alone with no issues, but I would not suggest you do calabogie alone.