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Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Trail Riders. Single and double track, Eastern Ontario and Gatineau area riders!

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  2. Hey all, I ordered the wrong clutch lever and it's too late to return it according to the website's policy. My loss, your gain if you're looking for a lever for your 09-10 KTM! Motion Pro forged lever, part no: 307-1629 "Lever, Forged 6061 - T6, Clutch" I paid $54.99 + Tax. Make me an offer. -Jonathan
  3. A bunch of buddies have been slowly grooming a new single track on crown land up near my cottage on lac Sinclair( near wakefield/masham) the GoPro died and forgot my back up so here is the first half of the ride.
  4. Hey guys, here's the latest video of the race at the Ontario's Gopher Dunes Track, not too far from the US border....
  5. Garmin Montana still offers the best in durability, screen size and functionality for the off-road rider. Learn to make an IMAGE of your track sets to view them all on the same screen.
  6. There store is in vars Ontario just south east of Ottawa. The store is atv tires Canada. They rebranded there site a couple of years ago. Used to have a store front, no longer because not enough traffic. Some deals, slow delivery especially now with covid. I have picked up tires at their store. It is ok. Give them a call or email see if there is a response. There main business is atv though.
  7. When was your helmet order with Revco, was it recent ? I am still concerned the Revco company went out of business and someone else picked up their internet domain to setup up a scam site ? Revco does not respond even though they claim excellent "customer service" and their tracking system does not work, and does not even show a real shipping company. Thanks
  8. I ordered a helmet from them. looks like a online/warehouse only store. They do exist. And there are good deals to be found. I usually shop fortnine as well but they never have what I want in my size.
  9. I believe I have made a big mistake ordering new dirt bike tires from Revco.ca. Normally I order from Fortnine, which is responsive and reliable. From what I can tell Revco is not an actual company but just a scam site that looks really convincing. They have tons of Very Positive reviews, but when you look at the reviews more closely they seem to be computer generated fakes. In amongst the several hundred Very Positive reviews are just a handful of real reviews where people say they had they worst experience ever, and did not receive what they paid for. They have my money but I do not expect I will ever receive my tires, I have been waiting weeks past when they were supposed to be delivered and Revco does not respond at all. Has anyone actually received something they ordered from this site, or is it just a well setup Scam site ? Thanks.
  10. I'm looking to buy a GPS to record tracks while riding that i can also upload tracks to. Any suggestions?
  11. There are a few of us who do some practice riding in Limerick on Wednesdays (typically). Some of us race and others are just looking to improve their skills. The idea is to ride a few loops at race pace for practice. We will run a loop 5-10 times depending on the length and then run it the other way before moving on to the next one. Everyone is welcome to join us. You don't have to be fast and you can just ride with what your comfortable with. This week we're starting on Thursday. PM me if you'd like more information. Jeff
  12. Sounds interesting and nice! I'll for sure take a look at that!
  13. Hey guys, I'm more in 'central' or SW Ontario, but do make it out to 'Boogie and to as often as possible (hence part of this group). I wanted to share with you my new blog, assembled during 8 weeks of lock-down. Here I plan to share thoughts, videos and content focused on various moto-related experiences that keep me busy throughout the year - Riding, Racing and Wrenching. The merch on the site is designed by yours truly and helps support my pipe dreams of international rally racing. I'm hoping some of the upcoming "Where to Ride" content will help riders getting into the sport find more info about riding areas in Ontario. Site: http://riderx.ca/ Latest BLOG Post: http://riderx.ca/scorra-midhurst-tract/ The whole initiative is a work in progress, so don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for more content.
  14. I'm for sure down cant wait to get out of this house
  15. I have had my new DRZ400S for 4 weeks now and have about 700 KM of on road break-in mileage done. Good way to remain sane and spend some time outside of the house with these damn Covid limitations. I have received most of the offroad protective equipment and upgrades I ordered sitting in my garage ready to be put on this Dual Sport to make it more of a competent Dirtbike. Great to see people planning to ride trails around the Ottawa / Gatineau region. Really looking forward to this. So do count me in, as I know from experience that it is wise to head out on the trails with some riding buddies, making the ride safer and far more fun. Hopefully Calabogie, Larose and Limerick will open soon as well. This is motorcycling season 37 for me and I aspire to get lots of riding in both on and offroad.
  16. So it looks like the QC Covid restrictions are lifting on 11 May, apart from the bridges. If anyone wants a socially distanced trip across the Rockland Ferry, let me know.
  17. The FQMHR pass allows dual sports, and previously a list of specific enduro or trail bikes (like my CRF250X) but this season they've seemed to include any dirt bike that meets the SAAQ requirements (Quebec provincial DOT) meaning even a motocross modified with headlight/tail & brake lights, LH mirror and speedo could also be allowed. Tough to explain how a YZ250FX was previously allowed but not a YZ250F, both requiring the same mods to meet requirements. Up to now 47 out of 110 ATV clubs in Quebec accept off-road bikes but IMO, from an enduro biker's point of view (not dual-sport), not that I'm a hardcore fan of extremely technical trails but the general lack of challenge of the majority of their trails is simply not much fun to ride.
  18. Haven't bought the pass to date but considering it this year. Mainly stay on park roads and vtt trail in park only and up until now have not been able to buy vtt pass but as I understand it more and more clubs are allowing dual sport bikes to join. If you're 30 I should be twice as fast as you eh? Or is that half as fast 🤔. More likely the latter 😪 sucks getting older but we keep trying. I think Scotch road has always been closed to vtt's but that rule never inforced...would be nice if it stayed that way. Only riding I've done near wakefield is up the river rd cross the dam at paughan falls on up to Gracefield. Then across to Notre dame du Laus, finally down through the park to Buckingham. Nice ride but I don't know any other trails in that area. Lac Sinclair area looks interesting. Been above Danford lake on the sled trail but never tried any on the bike.

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