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Club meant to organize some moto bros for riding at the local mx track and weekend riding in the NJ, PA NY area

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  2. Hi i race on asphalt like mini moto race at nj motorsport park and also at sandyhook speed way meriland Im from philadelphia
  3. Anyone interested in getting together to ride? used to ride hard core, kids now looking to get back into trail riding preferred. KLX300R does this club have gathered trial rides. nj ny pa
  4. the family that rides together stays together//// Awesome
  5. My son is pictured in the video of your son's harescramble!! At the 11 second mark, he's the one wth the blue helmet on the CRF in the foreground.
  6. Hi Guys, Most of my riding is done at Raceway Park or Holiday Mountain MX in Monticello, NY. Its a 1 hour 45 min. ride but it has a lot to offer. I ride the main track, my son (10) likes the intermediate track, and my daughter (6) likes the mini track. It can be rocky but I have gotten used to it. No too bad... The other thing we do is ride the ECEA FastKidz Hare Scramble Series. It get us access to the pine barrens for legal riding... https://ecea.org/ecea/ This is a vid from main track at Holiday Mountain. My son's first Hare Scramble.../
  7. This would be great, but I don't know...People are funny anymore
  8. For anyone who lives here we all know riding options are very limited, especially for un-registered un-insured bikes a.k.a all MX bikes. Just about everyone knows some places in the pinelands to do some outlaw riding and some tend to be safe but with an ever increasing risk thanks to new development and people that have nothing better to do but complain about noise spots are becoming limited. So for my interest as well as the interest of many others I'm asking for any land owners with an MX track in the state (there's a quite a few), if you're interested in some riding buddies on the weekend or some guy to bring you a case of beer every Sunday for some time on your land let us know. I and I'm sure many others would be willing to help in track maintenance, costs, watering etc.. in exchange for a safe place to ride and I want to make these connections happen
  9. you got that rite,,, surely do NOT want the wrong people messing up a good thing
  10. Sharing tips and riding spots would be good; try to keep that with in personal messages as posting in the forums can blow up some well hidden spots.
  11. I have a few places i ride, but always looking for new trails, willing to share and compare,,,, #jerseydevilland

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