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In search of the skinniest, twistiest and least traveled roads in or around Sonoma County coast for fun and skills-development. Submit your route suggestions below for our next ride. Let's do this.

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  2. King Ridge Road, about five miles north of Cazadero there is a gnarly, sleeper hazard that took me down hard and fast. The hazard is on an uphill stretch, just before a cattle guard road feature. It is a powder-soft berm in the middle of the road that is extremely hard to spot on the pock-marked road. My front wheel hit the soft, uneven portion that is about three feet long, and I had zero time to correct. The way my wheel was slightly turned to the left, I high-sided right side and tumbled about thirty feet. Let me know if I can help you pinpoint this area as there are quite a few challenges along this route.
  3. mildlymotarded


    My name is mildlymotarded. I ride the DRZ400S model.