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A place for the SE Ohio riders to mingle and converse.

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  2. I might ride Wednesday or Thursday morning if anyone is interested
  3. Good to hear. Yeah, when I work 1st shift, I could bring my bike to work. Then drive over and maybe start riding @ 630pm ish? If I can get this bike work done this week, maybe Friday, Sat or Sun night? Would that work?
  4. We had a good ride this weekend ended playing on some hills for part of the day some of the guys were on 450 race bikes so had some brakes to let them cool down. All good and everyone made it back in one piece.
  5. I am good most evenings, let me know when you all go. -Travis
  6. Right on. My trip riding in Kentucky was good, but dented my radiator. Gotta get that fixed up and yeah, I'd love to connect. Maybe even after work if you ever ride in the evening for a couple hours...? How was it this weekend?
  7. T2 I travle for my real job and this week headed to Cali was hoping to take my bike but they fixed the flight and prices dropped. Damm my luck. Lol, Yea stay in touch we can make something happen Just stay in touch on days you have available something will work out.
  8. I know this will pass off ppl but I won't waste my gas. Bikes have knobbys for a reason. Message or call let me know when you can we will make something happen.
  9. I am not available on Saturdays either, but I’d love to check on the single tracks sometime. I’m getting pretty board with the “highways” at Wayne National Forest.
  10. Perfect. hopefully soon I will get out that way and probably bring a few friends. Are you available at all to show me around through the week? I work retail and weekends off are few and far between.
  11. Perry is a scramble area so off trail riding and hill climbs are legal here. I own the campgrounds so I'm here alot riding. We change up the tracks alot so hard to map but some are beat in good others we just put our heads down and go. I ride all over but won't ride illegally done that and got the mug shots over rated. Lol , But hit me up we ride about every Saturday.
  12. I would totally be down for this but I have already made plans to go down to wildcat Kentucky. If you have ability to map out the single-track I would love to see it. I've never been to Perry. Is the single-track marked and legal or are you just leaving the existing four-wheel track in areas that you know of?
  13. Anyone up for some good n tight single track? We will be going out Saturday morning about 7-8am leaving out of Perry Backwoods Campgrounds just down the road from the parking lot. We have laid out so really good technical tracks. It will be a good time just riding and having a good time. If your up for a challenge we have a great ride planned.
  14. Thanks. It was at a friend's house in Adams county, OH. It's only 5 acres of hill side but he made a nice track over the last 5 years.
  15. Alright, I guess I can just do a search on YouTube. Lots of long un edited go pro stuff I imagine. This one actually looked pretty good. I like it when the filmers actually talk some. Half way into this one. Looks pretty good.
  16. Not really...just what's on YouTube. I have some buddies who have filmed a ton down there on their gopro's...just can't get them to upload anything.
  17. Deal on the meet up. Would really enjoy it. Till then, y'all got any good videos of Wayne or anything? Anybody filming anything?
  18. Welcome. I posted about going to Wayne as well in another thread. Hopefully once opens again we can go for a group ride. I also enjoy filming as well. Don't mind making the videos about others and not myself. If y'all are bored and want to watch my filming efforts, I made this on Saturday. (Not trying to hijack the thread, but I assume y'all like me are bored)
  19. I’m Travis. I live in the Columbus area. I ride a KTM 300 xc-w. I like to ride Long Ridge portion of Wayne National Forest, unfortunately who knows when it will be open this this year.
  20. Yep...was actually heading down there on the 15th & a friend called me on the 14th...sigh.
  21. Unfortunately it hasn’t been open at all this year. They revoked the ability to purchase permits days before the opening day.
  22. I've ridden there extensively since around 2008 on ATV's & SxS's. It's federal land, so Ohio has no say in when it will re-open (it just closed like a week & a half ago too, grrr). Once it re-opens would love to meet up & ride there...have a total of 24 miles on my 2019 CRF-450X & wanted to use Wayne as my "get used to being back on a bike" place since I know it so well.
  23. Thanks. Not worth chancing it for me though while it's still closed. I'll keep ya in mind if you'll show me around once it opens back up?
  24. I live at the edge of Wayne National and I’m only about 2 miles from Monday Creek trailhead. You won’t be disappointed. Yeah he trails are closed however I hear some riding going on from time to time.
  25. Hey y'all. I'm still new into dirt biking and wondering where you all ride when you go to Wayne National Forest in South East Ohio? Monday creek ORV area is what I found on rider planet, nice website by the way, the link is for a map view of places to ride in Ohio. https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/ohio_map.htm Website says closed for the season but I haven't tried to reach out to the state. My local state place is still closed due to "the Rona" Anywho, if it works out, I'm thinking of heading there Saturday.

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