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A place for the SE Ohio riders to mingle and converse.

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  2. Been Street riding for 15 years and just getting into dirt and trail riding. Purchased an 02XR400 and an leaning maintenance and basic dirt skills. Watching lots of YouTube and looking to ride with others. I'm actually in Adams county - an hour east of Cincinnati, so I'll probably be at pike county APV and Hillsboro's Buckeye Hills MX if anyone here is further west than Athens, let me know. I could get out that way, but it'll be a bit. Thanks
  3. Have been riding ATV's & SxS's for the last 15 or so years & dirtbikes before that, but wanted to get back into a dirtbike as I rode those from like 5-18 years old, so just bought a CRF450x & hoping to get out one decent trip before it gets too cold. Have been riding Wayne since about 07 (have family down there so pretty much have it memorized). Have been to Hatfield about a dozen times, Michigan a couple, Marienville in PA a few times, Wellsville a few times back in the day. If anyone is interested in a quick ride or two in October before the snow flies let me know.
  4. Let's hear who you are, what you ride and where you ride most. Of course, let's see some of your best pics/video and of course, if you want to hook up for a ride!

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