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A place to schedule dirt bike rides in the Sacramento area, Tahoe and Eldorado National forest regions and beyond.

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  2. weather looks iffy next weekend, February may be a wash out. Sure is nice and peaceful in here though. That's good. Rides only. Maybe the weekend of March 2/3 will be good. here comes MARCH! looking forward to getting the heck away from Jan/Feb 2019
  3. 14 members in less then a week. Maybe people were hungry for a ride-only forum. We shall see once the damn weather clears up. I hesitated calling this forum, NorCal Riders Forum or something so grand. I like Folsom trail riders, it's kind of signature, but if this does take off and we get 25-30 riders and lots of rides , we can take a vote for a club name change...... just don't ask the CA forum crowd for club name suggestions
  4. actually there are lots of tempting hill sides and dirt short cuts in the foothills just above Folsom, but all these are in view of nice homes where people would call the sheriff out, if I dare track off road. Imagine a cop pulling over a 64 year old acting like a teen ager riding off road in mega home land. too stupid.
  5. Oh I bet you could find some dirt...may not be legal dirt but hey why be picky
  6. cobra46

    Club Photo Albums feature

    500kB? What is this 2002?
  7. I am amazed how fun it is, riding around my empire ranch foothills Folsom neighborhoods and crossing up into parts of Eldorado hills. Very flowy and different routes to take, beautiful homes, very few stop signs or traffic. Cool Dual Sport routes but no dirt though
  8. bigbob

    Club Photo Albums feature

    ok I created my photo album and did several test uploads. Size the photos to under 500kb seems to work , photos the size of 2mb won't upload to your album. at least they did not for me after waiting ages
  9. seems like we can create our own photo albums, but I am having slow troubles getting even 1 photo to upload. Will ask TT owners what's what
  10. This weekend is rain, next weekend I am in LA. So Saturday Feb 23 is the next chance for me to ride. IF anything is open, and weather is positive. will see when we get there.
  11. Hi Everyone, This TT club is focused on small to mid size group Trail Rides and Trail oriented dual sport rides in the Sacramento NorCal and NorNev regions, Eldorado and Tahoe National Forests, FH, GT, EF, GN, CB, and Beyond too. NorNev: MR, PN, etc. Membership is open to any TTers who join. Any club member can Post up any Ride or ride-related topic. The only consideration is: let's keep the topics to rides. Off topic stuff has lots of other forums to go to. Thank you Club Theme, Riding Dirt Bikes is like a Prison Break from life n work n chores, and the other shit that ties us down. Break out, Post a ride and get free!