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A forum to schedule dirt bike and dual sport rides in the Sacramento area, Tahoe and Eldorado National forest regions, Mendocino Nat Forests, NorNV, and beyond.
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  2. Side by Sides are the bane of my riding areas
  3. Explains why its still closed. That was some nice single track up on top in that area...seems like any "repairs" they do will just turn into a freeway for the F'n sxs's to blow through.
  4. I did #2 yesterday and it's actually pretty decent. All the silt from summertime is gone. I was looking forward to the more tight sections of single track but honestly they are more about the width of a street slick tire currently. That was a little bit of a disappointment but upside was faster flow through there. Sure as hell beat doing it during summer when its a challenge to stay ahead of your own dust haha. The trail is actually pretty clear of debris. The 180s are such a hoot. #4: the rains from weeks ago sunk the rocks. They are all back on top again. Really nice this time of year.
  5. Great video's, thank you for posting! You have a new subscriber now too lol.
  6. I was on my 500exc, though my 650 has been through there countless times. 650L vids. Good old days.
  7. What are you riding, not a 650 I’m thinking> Nice riding looks like an unforgettable day
  8. Looks awesome! I think I was in the same zone yesterday 🤔, definitely found some sketchy ice to keep me puckered at times
  9. I will let the videos speak for themselves. The ice though....... Watch the end for the ice, the rest is just flowy singletrack: The German on the ice: Following the German through the woods - more flowy single track: Tough tree section:
  10. Completely true. A lot of the forest will never be the same again.
  11. Great ride and the trail was perfect. Thanks for hosting Bob!
  12. A++ woods riding today! It was so good, we overcame some trail side repairs with no worries , just good weather and good trails
  13. I wanted to join in on this one too but I've got something going on tomorrow so I went up there today and got a good three + hours in. The soil was perfect. Couldn't get any better. Enjoy it while you can. Love that chocolate cake.
  14. Bob, I’ll join in also, see ya at the wall @0930
  15. That “repair” will not turn out well from all the rehab work I’ve seen from recent fires....
  16. Right on, thanks for confirming. I’ll see you Sunday
  17. Now I’m questionable , new plans possibly. Will know for sure later today Friday , and will post up
  18. I’m in if it’s still a go for Sunday morning!
  19. Awesome ride!!!! Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you guys

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