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A forum to schedule dirt bike and dual sport rides in the Sacramento area, Tahoe and Eldorado National forest regions, Mendocino Nat Forests, NorNV, and beyond.

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  2. Yes Saturday is the call, about 9 am at wortons or we may be 10 minutes later
  3. Terry, we ride on Saturday. Meet us at 9 am at GT Wortons if you want to ride
  4. we are waiting to see if it rains Thursday up there, which means we would postpone till Saturday, just so its less sloppy. Which ever day we go , we usually get to wortons at 9 am will update again tomorrow
  5. Per ranger trails will be open after 48 hour dry time. Some weather reports show possible showers Thursday , but per rules , trails should be open Sunday provided snow is gone , which is questionable
  6. Probably this ride is kaput , will update tomorrow
  7. Too far for me at 4 hours one way but tempting. I need a ride soon. Been a few weeks now.
  8. planning another Westside easy DS run this Friday . Ranger said trails will be open if dry all week. Eastside may stay closed if snowed in
  9. Yeah that's dumb... Can't we just "social distance" there?
  10. Perhaps. I’ll have to see how it goes. Nice drive. 👊
  11. i should be there. This week I had deliveries so the granite rack was in the back of the truck
  12. Is that where you and your wife road. By the way she’s a cutie. People probably think she’s your daughter
  13. 69F next weekend in sparks, NV. That is warm for this time of year. Anyone want to get some wet desert dirt next Saturday?
  14. here is our big loop, with plenty of chances to ride trails and off shoots
  15. It’s raining here at home now. Just looked to iffy and herd the park had closed its trails. Perhaps next weekend.
  16. Trails are closed , I think because the rangers are all home, saw the closed sign yesterday but conditions are perfect and no rangers around either
  17. Forecast is for 0.1 inches rain up to 11 AM. Then it gets heavier. What do you think? Im game...
  18. The trails are Closed. and with rain coming the trails will remain closed till a 48 hour dry period we scored today as we rode dual sport and did not ride the OHV trails, but we got plenty of dirt

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