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A forum to schedule dirt bike and dual sport rides in the Sacramento area, Tahoe and Eldorado National forest regions, Mendocino Nat Forests, NorNV, and beyond.

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  2. Heading up to Mace Mills shortly. See ya guys in a few! Since I’m not sure who to be looking for could y’all Be on the lookout for a CRF450L hauled in a trailer by a silver ford escape. That will be me. Appreciate it!
  3. Not going to make it today. Have a great ride.
  4. Dirt Digger Ed came by today and said hi. I think he's trying to say something. This is going on next weekend if anyones looking for something to do.
  5. I think smoke and I will also stage at mace mill
  6. Bandito Ride tomorrow. My place 7:15am, Cooks Station 8:00am. Maybe a 20 mile ride if we really wick it up. Lasts weekend way 9.5 miles, the weekend before was 6.8miles. Good times. Here is some encouragement:
  7. Saturday is the last day of hunting season for D5. Will be a complete and utter shit-show. I this we will be east side again, but south of normal.
  8. Are we hitting the other side of the valley this weekend?
  9. Hey All, Its time to pay back our community if you can! Friends of Moons Rocks is hosting a clean up day on Nov 7th. I will be going on the 7th for sure. I am also interested in camping that weekend to get some riding in. I will be bringing out the ATV and the Dirtbike. https://www.facebook.com/friendsofmoonrocks/ https://www.facebook.com/AllTerrainFamily/posts/4516147265126869
  10. Here I am....miss all you guys and riding. I'll be back. Had my left hip done on 9/9 and my right one done 6 days ago. Brand new hips! I'm off work until 1/24/21. Recovery is going very well. Realistically I don't see myself getting on trails until March or April and start mellow. Super stoked to get back out there. Going to get the 500 resprung and valved soon. Ride safe men. I'll be in touch
  11. naw he's getting physc'd up for GT rocks, roots, ruts and dust. WE GO!...…. just not that way
  12. Your just trying to discourage people from riding.
  13. Is this the correct map? https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5357474.pdf
  14. ok , trail 1 down to RC road, then up 8 to 9 to 10 maybe or straight up to BM, then down 1 and do the 5 loops,
  15. I like the idea of going up trail 8 and going over to the east side trails as planned. Don’t get weak on us now. 😊🎃
  16. I'd maybe try riding down first to check it out. But yeah, probably be a rough way to start the day (for me anyway)

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