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A forum to schedule dirt bike and dual sport rides in the Sacramento area, Tahoe and Eldorado National forest regions, Mendocino Nat Forests, NorNV, and beyond.

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  2. Yep. We just heard from the USFS. Everything will be open but not sure what will be cleared. They are letting us work on the trails now but it may take a while. The connector from Mace Mill to Darling Ridge is always a problem so it might be better to start from Darling Ridge.
  3. Does it look like the emergency closure will be allowed to expire on the 29th? If the west side is clear at Rock Creek maybe I'll do that loop this weekend
  4. Thanks! I'll have to give it try again soon. We used to hike down to the dam from the hwy 108 side when we were kids in the 80's.
  5. DC is open, just no camping. You can ride a counter clockwise loop to the helipad and the dam. Hard to explain the trails that go there but not hard to figure out.
  6. What's the status of Deer Creek? I have a map (more of a flyer) from 2006 but haven't ridden there in 10 years. Is it possible to ride down to Lyons Dam?
  7. I'm sure of that but Gold Note didn't have many downed trees. Bruce and I GPS'ed over 60 downed trees on Trail 24 alone back when Elkins opened for one day. Anyway it looks like PiPi Campground and Gold Note staging was opened on May 22nd.
  8. It is crap we can't clear - but most of Gold note is cleared already by locals. Hill Billies don't care.
  9. I know where you live, we used to ride together about 15 years ago with Bigbob! My friend Bruce and I are both retired and he is is touch with all the District Rangers because we do a lot of volunteer trail clearing. We also do a lot of work laying out the 49'er Enduro and 49'er Family Enduro for the Polkadots. He was told the campgrounds are currently closed at Gold Note but the trails are open. What's frustrating for us is that we could be out there clearing trails at Elkins and Georgetown but they won't allow it at this time.
  10. Not how I read it. I live on Omo Ranch Road and it takes less than 10 minutes to get to Gold Note from my place. It is in the Amador Ranger District of the El Dorado National forest (there is no Amador National Forest - just the Amador District in the El Dorado National Forest), though still part of El Dorado County. Bear River is Amador County. Once you cross the Mokelumne River, then you are in the Stanislaus National Forest. The gates were closed to the camp grounds, but the roads are open to plated. The Seasonal Road and Trail Closure is not in effect. Only trails in order 03-20-09 exhibits A thru D. If it is not shown in that area - it is open.
  11. No. It's the Eldorado National Forest which includes Elkins and Georgetown. Gold Note is in the Amador National Forest which is not affected by this closure. The Tahoe National Forest which includes Foresthill and Chalk Bluff are still open. Prairie City and Mammoth Bar are open now as well. Hopefully everything will be open soon.
  12. the Libby’s started it. And it’s ok to buy weed and beer. But can’t ride in the middle of no where where people aren’t. 👊 Thump on.
  13. Actually it is just Elkins and Gold Note that are closed. Some other spots as well, but not the entire forest. That being said, the rest of the forest is just fire roads, not much single track. In essence the only riding areas are closed unless you have a plate.
  14. All the trails in the Eldorado Forest have been closed by the USFS order: 03-20-09 Emergency Trail Area Closure. Looks like the closure is to remain in effect until May 29th. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/eldorado/home/?cid=stelprdb5290737
  15. I've been riding Georgetown a lot recently and all the trails seem fine. There's a decent amount of volunteers that keep everything clear and the signs by where I start say everything is open.
  16. Hey Trevor. Problem is that the Eldorado National Forest is closed until further notice. I rode trail 5 at Foresthill yesterday and it was busy.
  17. I've got a '03 KTM 300 and I wanted to ride some medium/hard single track at either Georgetown or Elkins Flat if anyone else wants to join!
  18. Thanks again Bob and Connie for the great lunch! This was a really fun ride today!
  19. My old camera finally broke, this other camera will not take fast shutter photos, so most action photos are blurry , sucks, But Great DAY we had
  20. Where exactly is the single track you're riding? Also, your photos are thumbnail size even when I click on them.
  21. Riding mostly singletrack and wheelie/skills practice the whole weekend if anyone is interested in putting a crew together. Current schedule is a morning session from 10-1pm, lunch break and then 2-4pm but I'm flexible. Attached some pics from yesterday.
  22. having issues with the starter after i put a new stator in. count me out fellas
  23. Sorry, this ride never got off the ground. I'm going to do the easy dual sport ride tomorrow morning and will probably do the trail ride on Saturday that TheTrooper posted about. Still want to ride Stony in the very near future...

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