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We'll ride anywhere as long as there's a chance to find something interesting in the end....

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  2. Anyone interested in riding Dual sport on Saturday and Sunday out of Topaz on 7/18 and 7/19. It's an organized event and cost $120 per rider, there are 5 full day rides and 2 1/2 day rides, you pick 2 What intrigues me is the rides to Mt Patterson 10,700ft., Bodie etc. I'm not fond of the $120 entry fee, so if any of you know this area, we could do it another time. I'm game for exploring a trip to the high altitudes.
  3. Thanks for the information, I will look them up!!
  4. Getting lost is okay... I ride with a GPS on the bike and the areas downloaded to my phone, so we should be able to find our way back to wherever. I wont be able to make it up, I am working July 4th and 5th. I did look up that area though, about 450 miles from me. I am interested in maybe heading up sometime for a few days. I will post up here and in the other club. Thanks for looking out.
  5. Boca/Stampede lake areas have tons of trails, single track and otherwise. There are dispersed camping areas as well as campgrounds however most require reservations. I believe Boca Springs is first come first served, very rustic and often the site of parties so bear that in mind.
  6. Check out Nor CAL Trail riders , Saturday July 4 - 16th annual Beer Scamble - Strawberry Tract. If your up this way for 7/4 this will be a good high altitude ride. Otherwise, I'd ride with you, but I'm new to northern Nevada myself and do not have the trails memorized, so at this point I'd mostly get us lost.
  7. Hopefully I found the right group... if not, my apologies. I live down in Vegas, and it is obviously getting hot down here.. I am looking for higher altitudes. Can any of you point me in the direction for some good OHV or fire roads at a higher elevation. Tahoe/Truckee meadows area. My bike is plated (KTM 500) and able to ride wherever street legal vehicles can access. I really love single track, but up for anything. I am looking to drive up and tent camp at a campground. Thank you for any information.
  8. I don't think anybody likes sand. A ride we did last year (or the year before) I lost my front tubliss (nail got my tire and HP bladder!). The tire I'm running (Kenda Parker DT) has a very stiff sidewall, I rode that tire flat I think about 20 miles and it stayed on. It was awesome in the sand! Front just floated right over everything! Next time your out, might want to try lowering front pressure. Might suck on hard pack, but you may find a sweet spot that helps with sand. Also if nobody has mentioned it, get our ass back on the bike. Keep as much weight off the front as possible, don't death grip the bars and keep speed up... that works for me.
  9. Both days were great. As cooler weather happens, lets ride more. I would like to ride Pine nuts and North West Reno more so I can get my bearings better. I love learning new area's and riding skills. The sand is my current challenge to be better at.
  10. I guess we made it back just it time. I went over to a buddies house, pretty interesting watching the firefighting efforts. Nice riding with you guys and hope you had fun. Dave
  11. Thanks everyone for a good ride. Thanks @Leaving Reno for showing us around some nice single track...
  12. Looks like it's gonna be a hot one. 3:30am and it's 77 degrees.. I checked out the staging area yesterday, be aware of broken glass mostly around the perimeter...
  13. We can always turn this into a hare and hound..... follow the green missile.... Not likely to get lost up there.
  14. I like all of that. However I will probably run ahead and stop at every trail branch. IF the 500 is not trying to kill me tomorrow­čĄú
  15. I think just putting around the maze would be fun. Would be nice to see how the trail maintenance is going. FYI I Was up on Peavine three weeks ago and had two flats, not sure what it was but, over the years I have had more flats on Peavine then any other place.
  16. Works for me... I can lead the group up to Peavine and to the main trail that heads into Dog Valley area that'll get us up into higher elevations as quickly as possible. Figure out swapping lead around if anyone else wants a go.... I tend to lead conservatively (aka slow ;-), and don't mind following....
  17. Hey no pressure on the route. Lets just go have fun. I really enjoyed my ride yesterday at Pine Nuts. Leaving Reno was very gracious in giving me an over view and some medium (?) difficult trails. Great day of riding !
  18. Some general ideas. The Green bit from Las Brisas is about 7 miles of mixed 2 track/loose and sloppy hill climbs and a couple miles of peavine road then downhill into the forest. The red section is about 1.6 miles of forest single track. One we're through that, probably turns into a search for more ST, I think @Leaving Reno might have some ideas. The orange section is a pretty nice 20 mile loop, mostly easy/faster stuff. Just there for options, it'll be low alt and not much shade. Might want to pick up some of that on the way back.
  19. Excellent.. It'll still be hot up there, but should be 10+ degrees cooler and in much of the single track I'd expect shade. I only know one 1.6 mile section of ST, but I'm pretty sure we can find more... and some of the 2 track is really messy ­čśë
  20. I know Chaulk Bluff off of 20 in CA, Tahoe NF around Washington, Malakoff diggings, Allegany, to Downeville (not much about Downeville itself) to Jackson Meadow Reservoir, Lake Bowman area like the back of my hand. Its got a bunch of secret single track. All in the trees but 2,500 to 5,000 elevation and will be a warmer (I think). You name the date, and we can ride there.
  21. The 2-3 hrs was a idea to get back before the heat. If its cooler I'll stay out. I'm a get along guy. I've been out on a 8 mile ride that took over 4 hrs, total exhaustion. I'm not looking for that in the heat. Don't worry about me, you lead, I'll follow. I have no other plans for each ride day.
  22. In the first post you mentioned wanting to 'be done by noon'. As in back to staging and loaded up or just generally riding for 2-3 hours? Just trying to figure out a good general plan, the only 'loop' options would include a lot of lower alt riding. Anyone know any good riding around Tahoe? Maybe even cooler? I've never been, kinda figure it's going to be traffic jam city up there on a weekend.
  23. https://goo.gl/maps/GjW2hGSw9wpjm2xt6 https://goo.gl/maps/GjW2hGSw9wpjm2xt6 HereÔÇÖs the pin drop
  24. Go down Sierra vista a mile and the staging area is on the left. Has a kiosk and a port-a-potty. 0700.

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