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We'll ride anywhere as long as there's a chance to find something interesting in the end....

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  2. Reno based OHV group is doing a ride on 27 March from the chickadee staging area. Also doing OHV registration. Group is responsible for the trail maintenance up on Peavine/ “maze” and has also done a couple of cleanup days- Peavine and Golden Valley. Anyhow, the flyer is attached for those that are interested.
  3. Hey Dave riding down in my neck of the woods. The Pine nuts are awesome. I got out this weekend first time back on the bike since 2018 it was nice to twist the throttle. This weekend should be nice with the warmer temps this week more snow melt and trails clearing up of the slippery mud in the southern Pinenuts.
  4. I rode Pine nuts Thursday, staged down by the Carson River off of Sierra Vista Ln. I was given a tour, we did about 34 miles. canyon washes, Rock step downs, sandy hill climbs, great time. Very little snow in the front portion. We didn't venture east to far, the snow was laying in the shaded areas still. It was about 40 ish. it snowed for a few minutes, but as long as we were moving, we stayed warm. Lets ride Nevada !
  5. When I've ridden Moonrocks (2x's) we weren't anywhere around the UTV's where we go. Lets go there. I'm willing to go to your other place also. I'm a transplant from CA so I'm here learning new places to ride. I'm retired so, I'm a bit more available. I'm in North Carson City/ Washoe valley area Let me know when your heading out. Just need a few days notice. Its really my only good exercise lol
  6. I am just breaking in and getting used to my 450RL .I take my son riding out at moon rocks but it’s getting stupid out there with all the UTV’s so We have been exploring the hills south of pyramid hwy .I ride a lot in the lake basin area in the summer. I am planning the plumas/Lasen discovery trail in early June if there is no snow. Are you out here in Spanish springs? I can only ride on the weekends due to my work schedule
  7. I'm up for anything from dual sport exploring to riding rock canyons, just no snow. I know a few guys like to explore the area for Silver/Gold mines. I want to try some of that also.
  8. What kind of riding do you prefer and least prefer. I ride at least 1x per week somewhere. Since last august, I've not repeated a trail (I don't think). But I ride a wide variety of stuff, so I keep my options wide open. Let me know when you want to go out.
  9. If anybody rides out here in Spanish springs and looking for another rider let me know. thanks
  10. yes we went. 1 guy new it like the back of his hands and took us through a bunch of single track. 3/4 of it was single track. We climbed up to the Top of sister mountain. Once on top, we saw a trail down the back side. That may have been the most challenging thing I've done in the past 10 years. It look like only 2 or 3 bikes had gone down this trail. it was a side hill, in shale, almost straight down. That trail dropped about 1,600 ft in about 1,200 ft. into a single track in the woods. Its a down only trail. EPIC 73 mile loop in about 5 hrs I'd do it again, but I may have to wait a while
  11. derp, seems I never get emails for posts here.. guess you've already gone before the cold and snow hit.
  12. If you're not sure of a route.. I went up there a few months back.. route I took was through some decent waterfalls... lots of dry creek bed. could post up GPX if that's helpful. Cool place
  13. A couple of "non Thumper talk" friends are riding on Thursday, starting somewhere around Lake Topaz and going up to 11,650ft Mt Patterson. Details are still in flux, but I thought I throw it out there and see if anyone else wanted to go.
  14. Yeah it's OK right now but super dusty. Plan to some out after a good rain fall
  15. Forest single track but way less rocks than Stoney
  16. I appreciate the invite. I'll tag along on the next ride there. What type of riding is available there ?
  17. A few of us are writing Middlecreek if you’d like to tagalong on Sunday
  18. I might, its almost 3 hrs away, so its a bit of a haul. especially since I'm in the middle of some really cool stuff that I could just ride my bike to.
  19. @SmokeX Im booked this weekend 31st, for GT and Moon Rocks nov7 next weekend. the next weekend im open. Come out to GT on the 31st! it should be a solid day of riding. likely to be 7-12 riders.
  20. Ok, I'm trying to get one of the other guys that knew the area, to go also. or we could just go and wing it. What day is good for you ? I can go just about anytime
  21. I need to ride. I could go back over to Georgetown, and Ride with BigBob, but I would think I could get a ride going on the eastern side of the Sierra's. I have some virgin single track that a friend has shown me, but I hate to go back and do it alone. He's older and doesn't go out as much, so I need a riding partner.
  22. something else came up... seems to happen a lot.. I think I'm not good at planning things...
  23. Cross post from NorCal Trail Riders Hey NV Guys, Wanted to share this clean up day if you haven't heard of it yet. let met know if you are interested and if you would like join our group as well. We actively post rides in he Sacramento to Truckee area and you are more than welcome to join!

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