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There's a lot out there that hasn't been seen for decades, just waiting to be rediscovered.

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  2. Things are mostly up in the air for me, so I'm not going to know if/when I'm riding until last minute... so not much help here..
  3. I could do Sunday in Carson City / pine nuts.
  4. Just rode the hills up around Peavine mountain and NW Reno out of Kings Row trailhead. We got a fair bit of rain, but it seems to have mostly soaked in. Trails are in good condition, higher elevations have some patchy snow and muddy areas.
  5. All this may be for naught.. if OP will be in Elko..... 😉
  6. Moon rocks is whooped out in the valley and sxs will be out. Some good single track on top of the dog skins. Pine nuts had a 1/2” of rain on Thursday/Friday. Ohv staging on Sierra vista in Silver Saddle ranch in Carson City has ST. Watch out for open mine shafts in the pine nuts. Cell service is hit or miss below the hill tops. Johnson lane is also popular. Should be plenty of people out - sxs, bikes, quads. peavine has Jeep roads for ohv. ST low on Peavine is for mtb. The ohv ST on Peavine is whooped out and still likely covered in snow.
  7. Northern NV is a pretty large chunk of land with tons of riding from official ORV areas to wide open BLM land. Single track can be difficult to find, on BLM land 'bushwacking' is prohibited but I've been on game trails that are plenty fun. If you'll be near Reno probably our most 'famous' riding area is Hungry Valley aka Moonrocks https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/nevada_04449/ride_7daf.htm Johnson Lane in Carson has tons of riding opportunities as well. More details about where you'll be and what kind of riding you're looking for would be helpful. If you're interested in exploring old mining camps, seeing ghost towns I can provide locations. Saturday is looking pretty nice, I'll be riding this weekend for sure...
  8. Hello I'm out west looking to ride Saturday in Northern NV. Or even meet up with someone that wants to ride single track. Any ideas of where I should go would be appreciated.
  9. June 11 - 14th... somewhere around there is the current tentative plan. Not sure which days or how long. General idea is Hawthorn area, camp at Walker Lake if we can swing that.. All bets are off of course until thing settle down....
  10. Most of the folks in this club are in northern NV. You might want to follow this thread for more local rides:
  11. Hey Guys, Just joined the forum and recently moved to Vegas from PA, getting a DRZ400 soon just gotta find the right private party seller and bike!
  12. Weather out here is always variable... hope to get things back into full swing soon.
  13. Damm, I been so busy, This ride is close to me new home base. I need to get settled in then I can GO RIDE ! Soon....
  14. Calling this one, forecast keeps getting wetter/colder.... a hazard of trying to plan a ride this early... Keeping the idea for another time.
  15. Looks like forecast is calling for showers Sunday afternoon... Might can this idea... we get too many really nice days for riding, no sense playing in the mud.
  16. Staging here at the old Thompson townsite: https://goo.gl/maps/wCBPbXjLyiGekQxZ7 Tentatively thinking 10am Sunday...
  17. Also I'm starting to lean towards Saturday. Current forecast for the area is calling for 69 on Saturday, 62 on Sunday. Unless things change I think we'll be able to get a lot more ride time on Saturday, start earlier...etc...
  18. found some old buildings around there, still looking for more 'sights' to see.....
  19. So far weather looks a bit nicer Saturday... either way whatever crazy ride plan I come up with should work either day...
  20. This will be a last minute decision I will have to make. Depending if my daughter wants to go watch the game somewhere. I could honestly care less.
  21. Hopefully we'll get some more takers, Sunday being superbowl some folks may have plans (I don't).
  22. I’d be down on Sunday, Oakland Supercross is Saturday
  23. Winter is just about over, starting to get some decent weather. Upcoming weekend sure looks like a winner, any ideas? Perhaps try to get to this lake: https://goo.gl/maps/obWL5aKcVXP5xn7a6 Fairly low elevation, looks like a lot of ground could be covered.

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