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There's a lot out there that hasn't been seen for decades, just waiting to be rediscovered.

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  2. Most of the folks in this club are in northern NV. You might want to follow this thread for more local rides:
  3. Hey Guys, Just joined the forum and recently moved to Vegas from PA, getting a DRZ400 soon just gotta find the right private party seller and bike!
  4. Weather out here is always variable... hope to get things back into full swing soon.
  5. Damm, I been so busy, This ride is close to me new home base. I need to get settled in then I can GO RIDE ! Soon....
  6. Calling this one, forecast keeps getting wetter/colder.... a hazard of trying to plan a ride this early... Keeping the idea for another time.
  7. Looks like forecast is calling for showers Sunday afternoon... Might can this idea... we get too many really nice days for riding, no sense playing in the mud.
  8. Staging here at the old Thompson townsite: https://goo.gl/maps/wCBPbXjLyiGekQxZ7 Tentatively thinking 10am Sunday...
  9. Also I'm starting to lean towards Saturday. Current forecast for the area is calling for 69 on Saturday, 62 on Sunday. Unless things change I think we'll be able to get a lot more ride time on Saturday, start earlier...etc...
  10. found some old buildings around there, still looking for more 'sights' to see.....
  11. So far weather looks a bit nicer Saturday... either way whatever crazy ride plan I come up with should work either day...
  12. This will be a last minute decision I will have to make. Depending if my daughter wants to go watch the game somewhere. I could honestly care less.
  13. Hopefully we'll get some more takers, Sunday being superbowl some folks may have plans (I don't).
  14. I’d be down on Sunday, Oakland Supercross is Saturday
  15. Winter is just about over, starting to get some decent weather. Upcoming weekend sure looks like a winner, any ideas? Perhaps try to get to this lake: https://goo.gl/maps/obWL5aKcVXP5xn7a6 Fairly low elevation, looks like a lot of ground could be covered.
  16. There was a crashed SR71 Blackbird out near Lovelock, I *think* I have a handle on the general area. Last people out there still found debris. I have a bunch of ride routes planned out all around the general area (by general area I mean a pretty wide range). Hawthorne/Walker Lake area I only have a couple specific locations. However the entire area is festooned with old mines, old town sites and the like. A quick look at Austin NV shows a lot of promise in that area as well. Any of these options things to see tend to fairly far from civilization, so we'd likely be loading up bikes and hauling in trucks/trailers to suitable staging locations. Likely to be easy going trails as well, although I'm sure we can get ourselves into some more difficult spots in canyons and the like. We've got all winter to consider options...
  17. Just throwing my name in the hat. I’ll kick some ideas around.
  18. I'd like to get a 2-3 day weekend ride planned. Last year the Walker Lake plan was thwarted by armed forces week (no lodging anywhere!), Lovelock plan fell apart due to weather. More details on Lovelock: Walker Lake area has some very interesting sites such as Bass Camp: https://starbuck.org/exploring/nevada/western-nevada-and-black-rock/bass-camp/ Other ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions for when? Yup, this is very early on.... thought I'd try to get the ball rolling.
  19. Here's a link to the other thread: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1259562-outta-control-pine-nuts-the-last-enduro-414-ride-report/?do=findComment&comment=15182321
  20. Sounds interesting...fairly easy going stuff I presume?
  21. Was going to ride around the pine nuts with big bob on Saturday. Carson City to mound house along the Carson River, mound house to Dayton on 50, Dayton to Como, Como to sunrise pass rd, then back to Carson City through Illinois and Eldorado canyon. See the thread in the California forum “pine nuts outta control” . Want to come?
  22. Forecast calling for 70 ish. I'm thinking it would be a good time for a ride in the lowlands just not sure where at this point. Figured I'd get the conversation started.
  23. Here's the route: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IRSb1yHeuBr-wyt2R2GDvd_Q3NCAYdcH&usp=sharing
  24. Makes sense, I think the trails will be SxS friendly. If not from this side, it's easy enough to get in from the east... is 10am good for you? I wouldn't be against a later start, it's not likely to get really hot.
  25. Pine grove. I can / show you around the pine nuts another time. My buddy wants to check out pine grove to see if his wife would enjoy herself in her sxs.

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