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This club is about getting people out riding. Age, skill, bike, it doesnt matter. Lets go ride. Trails, dunes, track we will cover all of it. Also feel free to discuss supercross/motocross, bike builds, and anything else moto related.
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  2. The NYS Catskill Mountains checking in w a weekend filled on on/off rain, no flooding but hail in some areas.
  3. No a drop at my house last night. And I'm only 20 minutes from Lake pleasant, where they got a good soaking. I have a big Suguaro in my back yard that has actually shrunk in the last couple years. Used to have fat branches, now it looks enemic.
  4. Must be nice. We had maybe a 10 square mile area in Sierra Vista that flash flooded. Everywhere surrounding that one pop up storm got nothing. I actually had to water our barrel cactus's. We got 7" last year at our place and so far less than 1" this year. It's by far and away the worst anybody here said they've ever seen. It's been way hot too. Sadly, Mesquites are happy as heck.
  5. Such perfect conditions this morning! Just got home from a nice ride out between the 303 Lake Pleasant Pkwy. Got there at first light. Best conditions I've seen in a year here locally. Perfect amount of rain last night. Anyone else get out this morning?
  6. West of the 17, between Pioneer and Anthem Way. Miles of open area - I think you can get all the way out to the lake from there. Very rocky. Good for trail rides, but sucks for MX practice. It's convenient for me. Gets me out on my bike, even though it isn't the kind of riding I want to do. I need a track.
  7. Where did you end up going? Wildcat is at the corner of N cave creek rd and bartlett dam rd
  8. Ran over my first diamondback of the season this morning... They're out and about now!
  9. I live in that area. But I don't know where Wildcat is. Where would I find it if I Google map it?
  10. North of PHX. Cave Creek / Desert Hills. My shop is in Anthem at the end of a dead end road that backs up to miles of open riding area. I think you can get all the way out to Lake Pleasant without ever touching pavement. That's where I play when I don't have time to truck out to ACP. I just keep my bike and gear at the shop, get here at first light and go for a ride before starting work. But as open as it is, I get bored with it. Very few spots out there that aren't littered with rocks the size of bowling balls - no place to ride fast without it being suicidal. Great place for trail rides though.
  11. JJ10, Boonieman here. I will put your # in my phone, and TRY to remember to call you when I see a ride developing. What part of valley are you in?
  12. i have an old wr 250 2 stroke and i live in payson theres some decent trails here but im sure more in the rim area
  13. I too am a vet motocrosser... Way back when electricity was just invented. After a 30+ year layoff, bought a new YZ250 last year. Life is mostly work these days, so I don't get out as often as I want. Mostly local play as I don't regularly have time to drive an hour to a track. Bored with bouncing off of rocks, and really want and need to spend time at ACP or Canyon. Can't regain skills dodging chollas and boulders. Would like to get a heads-up when a few guys have plans to meet at a one of those parks. Text 4802901649.
  14. I'm just getting back into it after a long layoff, but I got the bike running (WR250) & with a little notice, I can get out there local at sunrise or up north a little bit to escape the heat. I'm no speed demon, and still building my endurance back. I'll say right now leisurely rides on easier terrain are probably the best idea, but when I'm feeling good I'll get antsy if I can't get out of 3rd gear. Anyway, if there's an 'old folks coming out of retirement' group, count me in 🙂
  15. I am an old motocrosser. I like to ride fast. This is why I prefer to NOT ride alone! As a result, I joined The Rock Stars M/C. They are mostly about desert riding/racing. I do not get to go out often as I would like. Too much going on. Would like to share contact info for planning options for future rides. You can text to 928 243 2643. Check into "The Stars". See if they might be good for you.
  16. What kind of riding do you enjoy? I usually go to Wildcat up in Cave Creek every weekend. Ill be there this saturday. Tight single track with a lot of rocks. Shoot me a text if you want to join this saturday! 619-212-9541
  17. Hey everybody! Livin in Phoenix and trying to find some people to ride with. Picked up a Wr250r to abuse. Is there a group that regularly meets on weekends or something for dual sport/trail rides? If so, does anyone have the info? If not, feel free to shoot me a message if you need/want someone to ride with. Can meet pretty much anywhere in the state.
  18. several miles north of that grill. You are still at least 8 miles (or more) North, to where that flag pole is.
  19. Near the Riverbottom grill? Around where country thunder is every year?
  20. I go out US 60 to Florence Junction. Go S., toward Florence, maybe 7-10 miles(?) There is a flag pole On the side of road, Showing where the gate is. Lots of people out there. It is almost an RV park!
  21. At the mountains out by Florence? Where are you referring to? I'd like to know where that is!
  22. When I raced in high school, I lived in Scottsdale. I used to ride in the Bell & Scottsdale area. Not much of an option these days, I guess. Since I got a dirt bike a couple yrs. back, I usually ride by the Florence mountains, out by four peaks/Probocito(lake), Or a nice, close, but very limited space option I like is about 5 miles N. of E T moto park. A nice little wash area.
  23. I have a rather open schedule and can ride most days. When do you get out there to ride? I do need to get parking permits. Which permit do you need at the boulders? The bike has ohv, but I know I need to hang something in the window of my car, right?
  24. Booneyman, I drive out to AJ to mountain bike. That's not that far. Where do you ride out there?
  25. I usually ride from sunrise to at least 10. I have plenty of lights for night rides. I've been here for 26 years, and ride all summer cuz the snow birds are gone!!! I'm asking if anyone knows of trails near CG. Are there any on Mount Newman, or maybe behind Piccacho?
  26. it’s getting to the time of year where i think most of us based in the phx area are looking to head north...best riding now is Prescott, Payson, etc... I was in Camp Verde 2 wknds ago & it was in the 60s & perfect. I wouldn’t be opposed to checking out some trails down near Casa Grand but unless ur ready to ride at sunrise it’s probably already too damn hot

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