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Pretty simple here. We all ride. Lets ride together. Anything and everything rideable in our great state is on the plate! From Ocotillo Wells to Big Bear, Johnson Valley to Lark Canyon. Pala, Glen Helen, etc., and even some secret spots only known by locals. This is the spot to get your moto on and hang out.

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  2. Hi guys, I'm Matt. I'm totally new to this. I'm 34 and currently live in San Luis Obispo. I wanted a dirtbike since I was a boy but mom wasn't having it. Then life happened and my interests were directed elsewhere. Well, that fire was reignited recently for no obvious reason. Just that life is short. I spent the last month or two learning and trying to find a bike. First it was just any 250F, then started learning about green sticker/red sticker so that narrowed it down. Then decided I wanted something plated so I didn't have to worry about constantly loading, unloading, going only to OHV parks, etc. After much back and forth between bikes I finally settled on the DRZ-400. Ended up with an SM, though, even though my goal was an S. Mainly because I found one that was really clean, and comparatively well priced. I'm pretty stoked on the supermoto aspect of it now though. My goal is to throw dirt wheels on it and have both an SM and a DS with a little work. I hear that it is done now and then with these bikes. So I finally signed up for this forum after lurking for so long, so that I can learn a bit more. There is a limit to what you can learn from other people's questions. I was pleasantly surprised to see all of these groups on TT. It would be great to find some guys to ride with.
  3. Hello Everyone! I am Shahmir 16 year old just got into dirt bike. I am from Buena Park area. My dad has been into street bike as long as I can remember according to him I have been smoking 2 strokes on his Kawasaki H2 Mach IV ever since a new born. I have a lot of experience wrenching as I have been buying broken pit bikes and fixing them for fun. My first bike about 4 months ago was 2004 RMZ250. It was a great bike but I sold it cause it was too heavy for me. Currently I Have a 2002 CR250 with a 2003 CR250 engine in it. Im in the process of restoring the bike. I am doing a full engine rebuild new graphics, new PC exhaust, new v force reeds. Its gonna be a nice bike I think (at least I hope). If yall want I can keep updating on the project.
  4. never rode there before. are red sticker bike allowed there this time of year?
  5. Have you ever rode in bouquet canyon? I went to scope it out today and had a blast. Miles of fire trails and single track. I’m intermediate so I’m not racing around but it fun to go up and cruise we should meet up soon
  6. No dual sport. Got a 18 300 XC-W, so ill be truckin it to our destination
  7. Heck yeah sounds fun, do you have a dual sport or do you load up in a truck? I am always riding trails up in bouquet canyon if you ever want to link up!
  8. Hello Troy. I'm in Santa Clarita as well. I'm trying to get a group together and make a trip to Piute Mountain's possibly in a few week's. Would you be interested?
  9. Hey there mates, I’m Troy and I’m 29. I have a 2020 Ktm 350 exc-f and like many of you I have been riding since I was a little guy. I’m joining this club to meet new riders and coordinate group rides. I like to ride single track and trails, track days are behind me... too many broken bones lol I’m in Santa Clarita and have a few buddies who ride as well.
  10. Hi I’m a old guy ...live in Escondido...was thinking of doing Ranchita down Grapevine canyon trail to Borrego and back to ranchita ...thinking Tuesday weather is looking cool 😎 thanks Warren
  11. Anybody want to ride next week? I’m retired. I can go any time, anywhere. If you want to camp, I’m good with that too. Just wanna get out of the house. Was thinking the Owens Valley....? I live in San Juan Capistrano so anywhere in Southern California is good.
  12. Hi, my name is Bill. I retired a couple of years ago and decided to get back into trail riding. I’ve been riding since I was 10. Looking for guys who like to explore the mountains and desert on a motorcycle. I just bought a Honda CRF450L. I’m free midweek if there are any other retired guys out there. Thanks.
  13. I'm more of a beginner but I've been riding w a couple of guys from this forum who are much better than me. We have been riding baldy Mesa, barstow, some local trails behind uc San bernadino n are planning to explore a place called the farm in Wildomar in the near future, either next Sunday or the following. Lemme know if u wanna join.
  14. Hey all. 37 live in Dana Point. I ride Pala/Fox, State Fair and Elsinore soon. Would like to hit some trails too. HIt me up if you wanna ride, Intermediate rider. 2019 crf450r & 1985 Harley FXRS. xix_chris L8r
  15. Hope to ride together sometime. Welcome to the group
  16. would love to try a Hare Scramble sometime. Im in the santa clarita area
  17. Hey Kyle, Love to ride with you some time. I think you'd push me. Let me know if you want to head out some time. I'm down in SD county near Temecula.
  18. Hi, my name is Kyle I'm 36 years old and live in Buena Park, CA. I grew up riding quads and ATCs then took a break from that for a while before finally purchasing a dirt bike 13 years ago. I mostly ride in Johnson Valley, Big Bear, Spangler, Kennedy Meadows, and the occasional track day or SRA GP at Glen Helen. I also enjoy racing Hare Scrambles and riding flowing single track. Currently Im riding a 2007 CRF 450R which has been incredible. Excited to meet some new riding buddies and have fun out on the trails.
  19. We'll be riding this this weekend wed-sun. Staging at the football fields (aka dirt diggers camp) just south of ridgecrest right off 395. Can drop a pin if anyone is interested in coming out.
  20. My name is Derek and i have been on 2 wheels my whole life. I ride a 19 Beta 300rr and a 08 WR450F. Mostly ride spangler hills area. My wife and i are enjoy nesters and ask my riding buddies are knee deep in kids sports so we're looking for a group to ride with. She has a new Honda talon to ride as sweeper.
  21. Just the organized areas are closed open areas are fine. We're in spangler hills right now. Great riding, great weather, socially distanced...
  22. Most everything is locked down. My friend was told to leave jawbone last weekend. It just sucks
  23. Miller Canyon, Honda Valley, I'm sure there are a few.
  24. What’s up everyone? I’m sure everyone is feeling extra quarantined during this time. Has anyone found any riding areas that are still open right now in Southern California?
  25. Hi group. I'm Brian and I ride a 2001 KTM 300 MXC. I'm from Redlands. I ride all over but mostly at Miller Canyon, Honda Valley, Pinnacles, and most recently Baldy Mesa. I guess I like to have a Mango Cart on my rides.

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