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Pretty simple here. We all ride. Lets ride together. Anything and everything rideable in our great state is on the plate! From Ocotillo Wells to Big Bear, Johnson Valley to Lark Canyon. Pala, Glen Helen, etc., and even some secret spots only known by locals. This is the spot to get your moto on and hang out.
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  2. What’s up everyone, my name is Marlon, I’m 45-years-old, I live in palmdale, and I ride a CRF250L, I consider myself a beginner to intermediate rider. If anyone is down to ride let me know.
  3. There’s all kinds of trails in the palmdale area, let me know if your down to ride.
  4. Hello, I’m 46 and live in Huntington Beach. I have rode very little as a kid in New Mexico. I just picked up a 97 RMX250. I have have been to EL Mirage dry lake. Going again next weekend. Gives me just about anything if feel up to. My kids are 8,7, and 5. All want to start riding and looking for anyone that would like quick weekend day trips of overnight.
  5. Hey SoCal! My name is Billy, I am 48 and new to MX. I ride a 2018 KTM SX-F. I have an annual space at an RV park in Palm Springs and I'll park my moto here for the winter. I work in LA once a month or so and commute. I have a Skidoo and Canam SXS in Squamish, Canada where I live. I am looking to ride trails and track. If anyone wants to get out on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday let me know.
  6. Thinking about riding McCain Valley on Sunday morning like 630-7ish, if anyone is interested.
  7. yea it is very fun riding up in mammoth, make sure your bike is jetted for that elevation.
  8. I haven’t rode up in Mammoth Lake yet. Only Occotillo. I want to try it especially since it’s getting too hot to ride in the desert.
  9. I go to occotillo wells often and glass creek near mammoth lakes.
  10. It will be dry and dusty by the weekend... Trying to get out there with Matt around 7:30-8 this Saturday morning.
  11. The more the merrier. I've heard about that Pine Valley ride, but I've never done it. Are you looking to go to McCain though?
  12. What's up everyone, My names Matt I live in Ramona (San Diego not Hemet) I've been riding for about 8 years, I ride a CRF 450x usually at ocotillo wells and superstition and make the trip up to dumount on the big holidays. I'd love to check out some of the other local areas like Corral or McCain, in need of some new riding buddies since almost all of mine have moved out of state. I'd say I'm an intermediate rider definitely favor tech to jumps but can't beet going fast in the desert.
  13. hey guys, my name is Trino and i live in Rancho Santa Margarita and i am looking for other 690 riders to hit the dirt. btw, i am riding this Saturday Jul 17th around lake arrowhead & big bear!!!
  14. Rode Nate Harrison Grade today...well, it's something...
  15. I just moved to the Acton area. I'm familiar with Rowher flats, but I'm wondering if there's other access to riding areas closer to where I'm staying (Californian RV Park). If anyone here is down to ride in the next few weeks...
  16. I was just wondering if there is a way to see the dates of the upcoming roads so I could potentially schedule to go riding with you guys
  17. Randy here, from Huntington Beach. Sold my KX450 since my favorite tracks closed. Bought a new FX350 and want to do more exploring the off-road trails.
  18. Chuck here, I live in Santa Clarita. Most of my riding buds hung it up. I’m in decent shape and decent skills. I can ride track or trail. Hoping to meet other riders in the area. I took a 3-4 year hiatus, but used to frequent Rowher, Drinkwater, LPNF etc. braap....
  19. Hey everybody! My name is Jacob I'm 33yrs old, been riding dirt bikes for about 5 yrs and street bikes around 8 yrs but currently don't own a street bike. I live in Long Beach and looking for new people to ride with! I own my own business, so my schedule is flexible, can go weekdays or weekends. I ride a plated crf450x and mostly go on single track trails. Some places I've been riding is Hungry valley, Santa Clarita, Big Bear, Kennedy Meadows... Looking forward to connect and meet up with some riders on here, make friends and explore new areas!
  20. Hey Everyone My name is Josh, and I live in Norco. Been riding for a couple years now but only able to get out a few times a year so I’m no expert. I ride a 14 WR450f and love it. Ride mainly desert but want to try some more enduro style riding. Stoked to join the group.
  21. Hi Everyone! My name is Bryan (Username is based on my truck license plate) and I am 31. I have always been fascinated with off roading and riding dirt bikes. I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself my first bike. I have a 2021 KTM 350 EXC-F. I want to ride trails and have to ability to ride where ever since it's platted. I am a total newbie and need to work on my riding. I live in Brea and always down to meet new people.
  22. Hey guys, I just joined the club finally. Name's Manuel, and I live in Hesperia. I ride a 2012 KTM 500 XCW. I bought it new, it was and still my first and only dirt bike. I rode a lot of Cleghorn/Silverwood Lake when I was learning. I've tried Juniper Flats single track a few times. Ocotillo, Gorman, Stoddard, Johnson Valley are the usual places I go. I would say I'm between beginner/intermediate, I am willing to try a lot of stuff just slower.
  23. Right on Greg for sure getting ready to pull the trigger on the bike I’ll hit you up when I get her

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