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Hello looking for fellow riders in Chester County area for ds/adventure rides. I am located in Landenberg PA
  1. What's new in this club
  2. I have started a facebook group. Posting on here is a pita. Check it out -Chester County Motorcycle Riders. All Welcome- https://www.facebook.com/groups/497117954946185
  3. I'm going to try to get some riding in today later this afternoon maybe around 4ish. Probably Oxford area LMK if your around that area or want to meet somewhere. My num is above
  4. Working on bike today, but I’ll keep watching these posts
  5. I'll be out riding today most of the day. Probably West Chester area / Southern Chester County. HMU 302-358-5563 all welcome
  6. I'm down to get together sometime but I don't have a DS, I have 2 bikes that are SS (single sport haha). Let me know....
  7. Welcome all I didn't get much riding in last summer with healing and all. I swapped myx4 for dr650 and am liking it. Definitely going to be out when weather 60+. I try to ride for a couple hrs on weekends. Ill start posting when and where I will be riding on the Ride Dates & Times tab. I encourage you to do the same. If Im not working and its nice Im riding. Feel free to PM me anytime. Eventually I will figure out how this blog works.
  8. I've been there once and only got to ride for an hour but I plan on going up a lot more this summer because I bought the yearly pass. I ride dirt (yz250f) and street (CBR 600rr) and always willing to meet new people and go for rides.
  9. Would like to get a ride in this weekend if anyone wants to join. Sat or Sunday. Preferably am or late afternoon when sun is not roasting. Lmk.
  10. I bought a membership last year and didn’t make onto the property, though my hopes are much higher this year. Drove around the edges and it looks like a wonderful place to ride, and now the membership is actually good for a year, not just until December
  11. I haven't ridden there yet. Ill look it up
  12. Hey guys! I'm from Coatesville and just stumbled upon the group here. Does anyone in here ride at Famous Reading Outdoors?

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