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About This Club

A group of intermediate riders eager to share their knowledge of the Walker Valley trail system with both local riders and riders visiting from other areas.

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  2. Meet at the north parking lot around noon. Let's head up Pat's trail, cut SE and pick up Centennial, possibly head back down Short Timer and back to the lower parking lot and make another loop around the perimeter of the park? https://www.dnr.wa.gov/geo/walkervalley.pdf?c6froe 20% chance of showers all weekend long, so it should be cooler and slippery!
  3. Beautiful day for a ride! Muggy at the lower parking lot but much cooler up in the woods. Trails were dry and dust free in the sunshine but still slippery in the woods. Made it up to the NE boundary of the park and located the head of the larger creek that runs slightly NE of the lower parking lot.
  4. This week's I Love Mondays trail ride will start at the north parking lot and proceed down Jam Trail to the entrance to Muddled Meanderings. The goal is to get to the upper east section of the park and then head north towards Short Timer's and then............. https://www.dnr.wa.gov/geo/walkervalley.pdf?c6froe Weather will be warm (75f) with a 40% chance of showers. Perfect riding conditions. Showers over the weekend should make for no dust and occasional puddles.
  5. Beta300recat

    Pat's Trail and beyond

    Beautiful day for a ride. Overnight temperature was 41f and daily high was closer to 88f. Inspecting Pat's Trail from the lower road shows some improvements made for drainage so the trail doesn't turn into a creek bed when the cold rainy season arrives in a few short months. Looking up Pat's Trail from the bottom shows no real changes. Halfway up there are a few large boulders that correspond with the drainage flumes cut into the side of the hill, but other than that, the entry way has lost none of it's original rugged charm. Again, any talk of making the challenging trails more amicable for riders that may congregate on Jam trail doesn't seen to have happened. This chunk of Pat's trail is where it crosses Upper Mainline and then cuts hard left. As you can see, the more challenging features have been left in tact for the faithful. This section actually makes for a nice loop if you complete the obstacle, cut right onto Upper Mainline, and loop back onto Pat's trail. I ran it twice before heading down Upper Mainline to connect to lower Tooler. I wanted to run Tooler in it's entirety without breaking my rhythm to photograph the new bridges (See last Monday's ride).
  6. Well, with the weekend rapidly approaching, time to plan another ride. Like last Monday, meet at the north parking lot of Walker Valley ORV Park around 10AM, head up Pat's trail and admire whatever work has been done and then head to either Upper Mainline, Tooler or who knows? https://www.dnr.wa.gov/geo/walkervalley.pdf?c6froe
  7. Beta300recat

    Tooler trial ride

    Ride went as planned; Tooler to Coyote, looped around Kim and Monika's and returned to the North parking lot. Two bridges had bee replaced on Tooler, with the second one being moved slightly, making room for an off the trail picnic spot complete with picnic bench. Really nice work and good planning. All of the roots, rocks and ruts remained undisturbed, so the trail still has all the charm it had before the shutdown. Temperature was a welcomed ten degrees cooler today than it was Sunday, with a high of 85. Trails were mostly dry with the occasional puddle and very little dust. Saw one other rider on the trail going down Tooler as I was going up. I love riding weekdays! I may have to make this a Monday regular.
  8. Leave the North parking lot around 10AM, maybe swing by the practice pit at the entrance to Tooler and then go see how the trail pans out after it's recent facelift. Maybe hit Coyote next and then on to Kim and Monica and who knows? https://www.dnr.wa.gov/geo/walkervalley.pdf?c6froe