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People that want to ride trail in Northern Cali. Sugar pine, Hollister Hills, George Town, Stonyford, Deercreek, Chappie-Shasta, etc. Open to new places too. I'm available to ride two weeks each month. That's Monday morning (am)-Sunday afternoon (3pm). I know most people ride Saturday. Open group. My wife rides quad and really only likes Hollister.

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  2. its the time of year for that ride from what I hear but I’ve never been. Yet. 😊 👊
  3. Anyone end of going to moon rocks? Keep hearing people around here (Sacramento/Auburn) talking about it. Sounds like a great place to camp and ride for a long weekend.
  4. Thanks GT is my choice lately. The soil has been prime. We hit MaceMills and took 9 across last week.
  5. Nice. I probably have one more ride on the back tire I’m riding right now. I too bought the tires deal from RM. I couldn’t pass on it. Good to know you like them. Spring in George Town and sugar pine will be perfect testing grounds for me.
  6. Newbie here i did try out the Recon. Bought two for 106 to the door when RM had a sale. So far so good. I’m impressed. On the last ride one guy with a sticky tried a few times to get up this gnarly hill to no avail. It was a little moist that day. I had bout 4 psi in my Recon with tubeless system and went right up it with Very little trouble. It wears good yet it’s sticky. Soft knobs and I like the way it corners.
  7. Hello all, So I'm pretty sure everyone knows whats going on with this 19 virus. Stay away from other people, wash hands more frequently, etc, etc. So on that note, I will not post any rides. This is just temporary. This will not stop me from riding, I just will not post anything till this over. Last ride at Hollister was Russell, David, and I. The weather was perfect, cold in the am, not hot in the afternoon. So again I'm not posting anything till this passes us all. Hollister is closing for red sticker anyway. Sugar pine is scheduled to open April 1st. I will be there April 8th, not saying show up, it's a wednesday. I bought a tusk recon tire i've been wanting to try. As soon as this blows over, I'm hoping to make a desert trip, and I will be posting rides again. Stay healthy.
  8. until
    Hello everyone, Doing another round of hollister. FEB 28-March 1. This is a weekend trip. I know two guys are in for sure on this trip, plus me. I know its a pain for people to get the middle of the week off. My schedule is booked out till then. If anyone wants to set up a George town ride in March I can do weekend of the 13th or 27th or anywhere during the week of.
  9. until

    Sorry for the delay on the hollister trip. Conditions were good. Soft, but not swampy. Sadly the east half of the mountain they had closed off. So Russell and i rode every trail that was open. We had the park almost to us. We saw or heard someone every now and then, but mostly just us. We rode 30 miles first day, 20 miles second day. The third day is was windy and started to rain hard, so we had breakfast and packed it in. If the whole place was open to us we'd probably rode the third day. We literally rode everything that was open. At one point we thought about going back wards on some of the trails on the second day, but figured that might not be cool if someone is coming the right way. I just want to ride.
  10. until
    Hello everyone. January 14-16 will be the first dirt ride for me and anyone that shows up. Superstition states that you ride in January (technically January 1) and that sets the tempo for the year of riding. I have a special needs child and can't always fallow that. So the invite is out. Yes sadly its the middle of the week, but the park will be almost empty because of that. We will meet this round at the fault line store in ohv park. 8am, roll by 830. White nissan titan, blue bike (YZ250FX, sold the old girl and riding the new one). Happy Holidays to you and yours. Remember you can live or you can sit on the bench. Up to you. Yamaton.
  11. Hollister was a good trip. Returning in January. I will post in December. I had to cut out a day early. Russell and i arrived Thursday and I left Saturday afternoon. I had 5 teeth pulled that Tuesday, so i wasn't at my best. Still a good time.
  12. Going to ride Metcalf Saturday the 23rd. Dusting off the YZ250FX. She got parked for bit. Kids always take precedence over fun time. Just a day trip. I'll be on my Yamaha and i do believe Russell will be on his Honda. Neither of us have ever been there. I know it's not that big, but gotta check it out. Anyone want to ride George town the first week of December? I'll have the 2nd-7th available.
  13. Counting the days. Opens beginning of October and runs through May. This will be my 6th year straight to be there for opening month. I will continue to be there every October as long as I ride. So 10th-13th lower ranch, camping @ Walnut campground. Going to try to go once a month this year. If you've never been it's a great place to ride. Gets a little crowed on Saturdays, but still do able.
  14. Ask "NV desert exploration" group. I think that's in their wheelhouse. I follow them and plan to ride with them also.
  15. Anyone ridden moonrocks or bull ranch creek? I was on rider planet.com checking them out. Hoping to hit both places next weekend
  16. Forgot to put this down. Last ride i did. Tried out the nitro mousse. I have the standard ones. They are supposed to feel like 10-12psi. To be honest, feels more like 15 to me. Now I'm still getting used to the new bike. So it could be just me. I emailed the mousse to just ask some questions. They said people drill holes in them to soften them up. I'll just keep riding on them and let them wear. Looking forward to riding the desert end of this month. Hollister opens soon. . Going to try to get a ride out on Saturday. Anyone want to ride? Open to suggested places.
    got to try the nitro mousse today (finally). i put the standard in, not the soft. that's like having 10-12 psi with no tube. freaking great. rode till it got hot. place was empty, didn't have to worry about two way traffic. rode about 3 hours. dust wasn't bad, didn't have to fallow anyone either. cheers all, yamaton
  17. I'm going to ride sugar pine August 29th. Weather channel says high of 85. Now that's a thursday. I personally like week day less trail traffic. So I'm pretty sure I'll be the only truck there. I usually park near the round about or trail one entrance. Just in case. White Nissan Titan, and I'll have my yz250fx. If you show, bring a lunch. I always have extra water and snack stuff(fruit, chip, etc). Gotta keep hydrated and up in energy.
  18. I know they are fairly new, but has anyone tried or thought about trying the Tusk recon hybrid? I mean for the price I'm thinking for ordering two. Couple laps around sugar pine trail 4 will eat a tire.
  19. No worries. Family always comes first. No matter what. The wife and i leave for Lake Shasta Thursday morning. Next window i have will be the week of the 26th (August).
  20. Sorry, I won't be able to make it on Monday. We have relatives here from Chicago and I need to be here on Monday. Maybe later in the week might work.
  21. Ah yes, Worton's. Nice place. I like the deli there. It will be dusty, sadly. If it's just you and I shouldn't be to bad. If there was five or more people, the wait would be awhile. Russell, my cousin, and I were up there a few weeks ago. We came across a group of 8, they were waiting for people so we took off. I had to google TM125. Very nice.
  22. Sounds good. The only problem with Foresthill (Sugar Pine) this time of year is the moon dust (silt) on the trails so we will be doing interval riding where one rider takes off and the next waits for about fifteen minutes to leave while the dust settles. I'll be stopping at Worton's Market for a sandwich on the way up. I'll be riding my modified TM125 Enduro.
  23. We're getting closer to red sticker season. Yay. That means Hollister. Until then I'm going try to do a couple sugar pine rides. I'm going to be at sugar pine August 12th (that's a monday) early before it gets hot, 730 would like to leave staging area. My bike is a YZ250FX. Going Shasta lake area to show the wife chappie-shasta 15-17. I might ride sugar pine on the 18th. So if interested leave a message and we'll go from there. If anyone has suggestions on some trails, I'm interested. I've never been to moon rock. Thinking September on that one. Shade is most ideal.

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