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Looking new quality wood riders. I have some trails and would even like to get together on rides in other locations like va and sc.

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  2. I'm at my folks place in Winston but I be sure to always travel with at least one dirt bike anymore, so the KTM is on standby. 😆 I'm gonna try to make it out to ride Saturday.
  3. So true! Happy 🦃 everyone! Wish I could be riding with y'all in VA this weekend, Edgecombe! Hope y'all have a blast!
  4. Very true...happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. Hope everyone has a great one. Be thankful we can ride in the dirt and have fun.
  6. Rivers Edge Outdoors Thanksgiving Feast 2020. Come join us for an awesome time of riding, camping, food and fellowship. Riding and camping Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We're having a huge potluck feast on Friday after Thanksgiving, November 27. 2020 You MUST be a member of Rivers Edge Outdoors to attend. We are a club and DO NOT offer day passes. If you've NEVER been here before, you may purchase our onetime Trial Membership for $25 to try it out for the day and see if you want to join. (If you race here, you've been here.) We offer a Long Distance Membership for a smoking deal of only $80 annually with Free camping. If you're over two hours you qualify for the long distance membership. This event will be staged form our back entrance or our (race entrance), 1170 Oliver Road, Sandy Level, VA 24161
  7. I'm rolling solo on this one. He's got family in town and has to entertain them. I guess we can send him videos of us having fun and riding our dirt bikes. You know, so he feels included and all that stuff. LOL
  8. Yes,its great for a day trip. Start riding Saturday morning by 9 am or so. When we get there Friday I'll shoot you a text and fill you in where we're parked at. Alpine coming with?
  9. I got all my chores done today, so I have a free weekend to ride dirt bikes. Never been to Rivers Edge. Is it good for a day trip? What time ya’ll Planning to start riding on Saturday? It’s a 3hr haul for me, trying to plan out my schedule.
  10. I love the bike and still think its the best option for dual duty. I have a rekluse clutch on it that I can use just like stock or dial in as an auto clutch if stalling becomes a problem. Have been thinking a lot about an 18" wheel and maybe some suspension work. Stock suspension isn't too bad, I've had much worse, but could be better I'm sure. Looking into having 2 in the stable, but then I'll probably have to let the wife have another dog...lol.
  11. I am hoping to be able get up there on Friday after the holiday. Seems to be the most favorable day for me based on the forecast and my schedule. They have a pretty decent intermediate track that isn't too busy usually. Isn't nearly as loamy and rutted as the big track, but still fun to ride.
  12. My job (LEO) has a pretty funky schedule... I also can take off days when I need to or feel like I need to 🕵️‍♂️ I figure the best day for me to be a n00b on the track would be during the week when I'm not getting crushed by 5 year olds on 50cc bikes making me hurt my old body. Unfortunately, i'll be in Colorado that whole time you're off!
  13. What's up with going during the week? You on vacation or does your job let you be off? I'll be taking vacation December 18th thru January 3rd,so I can hit ncmp during that time with you. I'm no track rider but I do pretty good on the trails and know them pretty good.
  14. Still waiting to hear back from them if they will be open on Tuesday. But anyone in here want to head to NCMP during the week this week? I'm going for my first ever track day, if they are open.. Or if anyone has any other ideas, i'm open to hear them 🕵️‍♀️
  15. Fyi, going up this Friday morning after Turkey day and staying till Sunday. Be leaving around 10 am Sunday to get ready for the karios trip the following Friday. Going to be a party Friday night with a live band. Come on up and ride the Edge.
  16. Thanks guys...told him we'll put him in a side by side if we have to. He didn't like that too much. 😆
  17. Dang. Tell your dad to heal up and he can take a ride with us soon. White rice is supposed to do a day trip too. Hopefully you can come up and show us that hill climbing ability. 😁
  18. I'm still TBD boys...pops went down on his XR650 and broke his hip so I've been in Winston all week. He just got out of the hospital today. I may do a day trip, really unsure at this point. Hopefully I can make it up.
  19. Xtrainers are cool but their limitations have been mentioned, so it may or may not work for you. I'll tell you what...I'm a retired MXer as well and kept my last race bike...2003 CRF450R. Started riding trails on it back around 2007 (for many of the same reasons you mentioned) and I'll just say...it sucked. Bad. Beat the absolute hell out of me, not to mention the stalling issues. But any bike can be made a trailbike with some money... Put a flywheel weight on it and it was night and day better (that may not be a problem with the Yamaha but the 450 would absolutely not lug). A few years back I finally bit the bullet and had Chad at Total Control do a revalve and respring (I raced the bike in high school and let's just say after college those springs were...insufficient lol). Told him I wanted it to be an XR with a bad attitude. And that's exactly what it is...rides like a lazy boy. I cannot believe what it'll soak up. Last year I laced up an 18" wheel and went with Tubliss front and rear. I run the rear at 6psi and that effectively gives you a few extra inches of suspension travel to soak up the small choppy stuff. The thing just floats. So that's what I'd suggest if you want to keep the YZF...bite the bullet to get the suspension valved, switch to an 18" wheel, and throw a flywheel weight on it, depending on the engine characteristics. Running a Tubliss helps not only with traction but like I said...soaking up the small choppy stuff. All that said, I've got a bone stock 2007 300XC-W that all I've done is adjust the clickers and dialed in the jetting. It's pretty much magic in the woods...but for high speed stuff or just being a fat lazy man, the CRF can't be beat. Really you need a two stroke and a four stroke in the garage. 😀
  20. Hey everyone, been meaning to introduce myself and my business Pit Lane Moto LLC. I run a online motorcycle retail store and a trackside store for few track day organizations on the East Coast such as N2 Trackdays and EvolveGT (Superbike stuff). We don't have any dirt stuff loaded on our website yet but we carry almost everything, from gear, VP race fuel, parts and much more. I do have 100% price match guarantee and will give you the best deal. I am located in Wake Forest, NC and do offer local pickup or delivery at local track "NCMP" as well along with shipping. If you all need anything please email me at zeb@pitlanemoto.com or call/text me at 919-337-8667.
  21. No, thinking about heading up there today though
  22. I have the same bike, I swapped the stock springs for ones to match my weight with riding gear and it is a blast to ride.

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