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Looking new quality wood riders in the N.C. , S.C. and Virginia areas that want to ride.
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  2. Regretfully I won't be able to make it this time, I have a floor I have to install. If all goes to plan, the next weekend I'll be riding somewhere. Got back on the bike for the first time since my injury in February this past Saturday. My son and I had a blast and the knee held up very well. Looking forward to getting back out with the group sometime soon.
  3. that's a bigun! ...both the beaver and the conibear trap
  4. Can you sell me a wife that gives me permission to buy it :P?
  5. Riding Moto there on Thursday , prolly won't be able to make it up there again on Sat.
  6. I need a real bike so I can find time to go noob it up. We are camping at Jordan Lake with family this weekend
  7. Was planning on this coming Sunday but might have to stay local, had some scheduling conflicts. However, Dec 11th weekend we are planning on Brushy if weather is good.
  8. Rode there on Sunday, was in great shape! I might be able to make Saturday around 1PM or so, and can do Sunday.
  9. Went out there weds before Thanksgiving was in good shape. Some of the tape is still up on some of the trails from the Beta demo day and was hard to see the trail at all from all the leaves but was a beautiful day.
  10. Buckle up buckaroos I got my first A class win today in 30 A
  11. Anyone going to this? I'll be there! It is called a Sprint Style Enduro (confusing). I called the promoter and asked him what a Sprint Style Enduro is and he said it is a Sprint Enduro with a twist. You get a start time for your first test and then after your first test you are free to do next five tests any time you want. The promoter said this is a more convenient format for both the riders and the organizers.
  12. There is a thread already started with that information on it. It would be easier for you to go look at it and there's already some people posted that they're close to that area. I would say 20 or more folks have replied. 😁
  13. Can u just tell me where you are located im in charlotte
  14. U ever ride out at enoree??? Man i love that place thats my main spot to practice for mid east

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