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Looking new quality wood riders. I have some trails and would even like to get together on rides in other locations like va and sc.

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  2. I'm riding at the house Sunday, the 26th. Hit me up if interested.
  3. Sorry for late notice. My son & I are headed to NCMP today (Saturday). It may be slick back in the woods as it was pretty tough last Saturday. We ended up riding on the older (drier) trails late in the day and hitting the main trail backwards for extra fun. Probably do the same today. Should get there by 12p and will ride til closed We usually park up next to supercross track so I can plug into power for grill. Will be in White Sequoia and gray trailer. KTM200’s and YZ125
  4. I think I'm going to ride NCMP tomorrow since the Denver race has been postponed, anyone else gonna be there? I'd be happy to go somewhere else though if we can get a group together.
  5. Riding brushy this weekend the 19th will be taking 9c 9c extension 11c and stages 1-4 on enduro trail if anyone’s interested.. also NCHSA denver classic team race will be the 25th
  6. Gotcha, may try for a Sunday at CF Mx. If anybody is interested gimme a shout.
  7. I’ve heard good things about West Craven, so a buddy on a 350xcf and I were thinking of heading up early sat morning. I plan to call in the morning and see if they’ll allow us to ride the GP course since the race was rescheduled.
  8. My Son and I were planning on doing the Denver team race but both of our team partners were injured last weekend. We may still do the race as father/son team (if he will allow me to slow him down) or we may just ride locally like NCMP.
  9. Probably be riding here next weekend if it dries out.
  10. Fair enough, I'll get back to ya on a two dayer. Might be wise to wait till apr1st and do a multi day trip to brushy and brown.
  11. It's almost 4 hours drive for me. So if I go it will be at least a 2 dayer. I'm getting to old for that.🤣
  12. Probably a day trip for me. Id stop at my folks house the night before to get out there earlier. Than drive back that evening.
  13. Depending on weather weekend of 1st or 8th of feb
  14. Anybody up for a brushy trip in the near future?
  15. R Did you have anywhere particular in mind? I live in Leland. Have a Husky 300.
  16. They were supposed to have the GP race at West Craven, would have gone out and done that but due to conflicts with the Denver NC race they rescheduled for next weekend. I'm moving this weekend so I'm out for this weekend:(
  17. I'm planning to ride the 4 hour race in Denver but there's a good chance it will get rained out. If it does I'm in to ride!
  18. Hey gents, anyone planning to ride this weekend (Jan 18-19)? I’m new to the group and would love to meet up if anyone is planning to get out. I live in the Wilmington area and ride a KTM 300.
  19. Looked like a good time, that course had a little bit of everything...mud, water, roots, ruts, jumps.
  20. I had a good time also and that sand is definitely something I need more time on. It might be easier the faster you go but I ain't going but so fast. Good meeting and seeing everyone. Maybe next trip we can find the rest of the trail.
  21. Had a good time for sure. I like how there is a wide variety of skill levels in our group. Someone to go as fast or as slow as you want.
  22. The Cape fear ride was pretty good and got to ride with 8 club members. The sand was definitely something to get use to, but pretty much the faster you went the more stable it was. Weird huh. It did rain just a bit on us, but it really helped the sand settle some and made it more ridable imo.We did cook some hotdogs and better cheddars ( Sam knows what they are now)🤣 ,then rode some more after. It was a 2 hour ride for me from the house, but if you want some nice soft sand to ride with some single track throwed in, it works. Not alot of single track and some of it not tied together well, but after getting pushed by a couple of quick riders, my old tail needed the rest. Hopefully we can get down there again and hit those whoops. 😎😁👍

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