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Colorado US Route 50 Rides - There are a string of pearls along Hwy 50 and a historic town every 50 miles or so. Pueblo - Canon City - Salida - Gunnison - Montrose - Moab,UT. My ,goal with this club create a base camp in each of these town for accommodations and food along with shuttle service of your non riding gear to the next town along the string. Offshoot forest roads and trails are legendary and not to be missed. I have the GPS Maps already created. Who's In? Anybody interested in making a base camp?

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  2. Hi gang - I have a little ranch outside of Salida with camp spots and small shop for bike repair etc. Plus we do a lot of riding here on the single track and more. Would be more than happy to offer a base camp. Brian 719-530-1350

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