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Looking for anyone in the middle GA area wanting to find new friends to ride with. Mostly trails but I have never done MX but open to try it.

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  2. Yea. Rode there about a week ago. It was my first real ride in a long time and it beat me up. Had a great time but probably rode over my head in a few areas but made it through haha. Cool place. Probably gonna hit durhamtown next. Try to ride somewhere different each time.
  3. I tore my achilles 3 months ago but plan to start riding again next month. Have you tried Highlands? Gus
  4. Hey guys, just recently got back into riding dirtbikes. I’m getting ready to turn 40 and I have an 08 YZ250F. I’m mostly a trail guy but not afraid to hit the Mx track at my own pace. I rode bikes growing up and when I was about 20 switched to street bikes and more 4x4 ATV stuff. I’m usually up for meeting up and riding with other people in similar situations. I’m in Senoia and have only been in GA about 3 years. Originally from Upstate NY. Rob
  5. I am new to Atlanta and looking forward to riding with fellow riders. I tore my Achilles tendon but it will be good in a month or so.
  6. Hey I can’t figure out how to make an intro, so I’ll just reply to this one and hope everyone sees it. My names Colter, I live near Statham. I have a 2002 XR80R, that’s in pieces in my shop right now, and as soon as I get it fixed I’m selling it for however much I can get out of the worthless piece of garbage. I like trail riding and ride on our hunting property in the off season. I also really like MX and have a small track at my house with berms and whoops and jumps and all that fun stuff.
  7. Gotcha, i have not ever been to a actual riding place. Might have to meet up there sometime.
  8. planning on going to durham town this summer that about it I ride a few trail be hide my house .
  9. You know of anywhere up yonder to ride? I have one spot but it isnt anything special.
  10. Hey this Ron glade see a club that near me Iam bout a hour or so from Macon in Stockbridge Ga. I ride a 2001 XR400 stock on the dirt and a 98 1100 blackbird on the street
  11. Howdy, My name is Bradley and I have a 1998 yz250 and 1999 yz125. I ride trails and around my grandparents fields. Now that its getting warmer and drier finally we can see about getting bikes out sometime.

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