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Looking for anyone in the middle GA area wanting to find new friends to ride with. Mostly trails but I have never done MX but open to try it.

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  2. Hey I can’t figure out how to make an intro, so I’ll just reply to this one and hope everyone sees it. My names Colter, I live near Statham. I have a 2002 XR80R, that’s in pieces in my shop right now, and as soon as I get it fixed I’m selling it for however much I can get out of the worthless piece of garbage. I like trail riding and ride on our hunting property in the off season. I also really like MX and have a small track at my house with berms and whoops and jumps and all that fun stuff.
  3. Gotcha, i have not ever been to a actual riding place. Might have to meet up there sometime.
  4. planning on going to durham town this summer that about it I ride a few trail be hide my house .
  5. You know of anywhere up yonder to ride? I have one spot but it isnt anything special.
  6. Hey this Ron glade see a club that near me Iam bout a hour or so from Macon in Stockbridge Ga. I ride a 2001 XR400 stock on the dirt and a 98 1100 blackbird on the street
  7. Howdy, My name is Bradley and I have a 1998 yz250 and 1999 yz125. I ride trails and around my grandparents fields. Now that its getting warmer and drier finally we can see about getting bikes out sometime.

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