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Hoping to arrange trail rides around the Western New York area

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  2. Got the lady new gaskets, seals, headers, and hand guards! Anyone want to do some renegade camping off the old trolley lines tonight?!
  3. Thanks man! I got 13-16 off this month. I’ve never been in a enduro or any motorcycle race. I figured I should learn how to ride better first! Thank you so much for the links- I forwarded them to the wife. Hopefully we can get out on those dates! Let me know if your out riding 13th-16th. I really want to meet fellow riders!
  4. Not that the Sprint Enduro is a muddy event, but I wouldn't want to do it if you don't have good knobby tires on your bike. Oh and: https://demonrun.webs.com/ https://majestictrails.com/ https://www.fs.usda.gov/activity/allegheny/recreation/ohv/?recid=6083&actid=93 https://www.tallpinesatvpark.com/ FYI: Y'All Pines is very popular with "sedentary" 4X4 ATV riders that like riding through the SAME mud pit, back and forth, over and over again. It is not extremely popular with trail riders.
  5. Right on! You got a link for those? Debating on running the sprint in Newark on the 13th with my XL350R. Might be her first AND last haha!
  6. Demon run and tall pines are down by me. My old lady lets me out 1 time a year. It’s about time.
  7. Looks like the Monkey Butt Dual Sport is now SOLD OUT. There are still entries for the September 13th Sprint Enduro though.
  8. Yep, if the key board / phone jockeys spent as much time riding as they do posting about riding, they'd be PROS!!! If you want to do some local riding, there are 2 events coming up soon (due to Covid 19 both are pre-entry only): https://waynecountymc.com/sprint-enduro https://waynecountymc.com/monkey-butt-dual-sport (only 8 or less entries left)
  9. Is this group dead? I would love to get out with people that want to explore Monroe and Wayne County. Hit me up if you wanna get off the computer and go out and rip!
  10. So This winter I have to re lace my rear wheel, It's not exactly round anymore and i have a replacement rim, spokes and tire, to use. Iv'e never laced a wheel before so this should be fun. I have a few other projects to complete first on my collector cars. I haven't been able to work much in the garage since the big 500 backfired and destroyed my achilles Tendon, back on early November. I guess winter came just in time to let me heal up.

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