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Chadwick, Missouri riding area. set up rides, closures, news, etc.

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  2. Use area closure section due to the fire.. ..
  3. Seen it on the news. The high winds blew electric poles down and it sparked a fire. Wow! Hopefully I doesn't burn for very long!!
  4. *Update* (Old post)That's weird. I live about 5 miles away and haven't seen anything. Also had some friends out there Sunday and nothing was going on then. I'm sure as wet as everything is some ground brush like leafs might burn, but I can't imagine much else.
  5. I haven't heard anything about it either, Interesting.
  6. Was there a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised how wet it was. Seems crazy there could be a wildfire now.
  7. U.S. Forest Service - Mark Twain National Forest 2 hrs · ACTIVE WILDFIRES on Mark Twain National Forest 1.) The Camp Ridge Fire was last reported at 10 acres, but was expected to grow quickly due to high winds, and is probably much larger in size at this time. It is in the Chadwick area of the Ava/Cassville/Willow Springs Ranger District. The smoke column from this fire may be visible from Springfield and nearby areas if it continues to grow. The wildfire was caused from downed power lines due to high winds. No known structures are at immediate risk from this fire. 2.) The Flint Hill Fire is north of Berryman on the Potosi/Fredericktown Ranger District. This fire is suspected to be 100-plus acres in size. No known structures are immediately threatened from this fire either. The cause of this fire is under investigation. Resources are on scene for both fires and more resources have been ordered in case winds continue to cause the fires to grow into a second operational period.
  8. Lol, no fires here. It's rained so much and everything is so wet it'd take 5 gallons of diesel to start a campfire.. Though I am hearing some more of the possibility. Blown down power line starting it and the high winds fanning it. Camp Ridge area. I can't imagine it being much though. It's been around 6-7 days since it's rained, that's about the longest we've went without since early November. It is plain soaked all around here.
  9. I haven't heard about it myself. Where is it located?
  10. Anybody know anything about the wildfire? I just heard 10 acres and still burning.
  11. We didn't make the cut to ride with Ud. Thanks for sub leasing some of your campsite for a couple sqatters. Here is a vid of the big 500 xr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhXzY1s7PTQ
  12. Great trip. Met a number of new people, sorry I didn't get a chance to ride with Gary but got a few miles in with Dave, kcposty. Also a few days with Dave, aussiestrider.
  13. Nice! Literally just got back from vacation with my wife and kids, and glad to see the weather is looking good. I'll try to get out there also.
  14. Yes Kays has passes now. Bought an annual pass at kays last Friday.
  15. They should. I'll be down Friday. We're in sites 31-32.
  16. Weather forecast looks good for this weekend. I'll get down there about noon on Saturday. Anyone know if Kay's has annual passes?
  17. We were there today! Trying out the trials bike and teaching new riders!
  18. Change of plans, We are going to go this next weekend, and will ride Saturday and Sunday. @Ud_Luz I will look you up. Are you still on schedule to be there this week?
  19. I am already planning on being down in Arkansas that weekend, but if something changes with that I will come down to chadwick. Put 43 miles on at chadwick yesterday!
  20. Tried to tag you and Fujitsu, any idea why it didn't work? Is it a closed group thing?
  21. We've reserved 29 and 30 from the 18th through something like the 30th. Might wind up in 31 and 32 since we're headed down the 13th or so. If we get those we'll get the camp host to just change our reservations so we don't have to move. White RAM dually with a fiver and a white RAM single with Work and Play tow behind.
  22. Hey Fujitsu, we are tentatively planning on being at Chadwick the 23 and 24th to ride. They are predicting rain but this far out the forecast is unreliable. If everything holds we will be there and you are welcome to ride along. Hope to run into and ride with @ud_luz as well if it works out. I will post as this gets closer. Kramerkid is welcome to lead the pack if he's around. Gary
  23. Leftover 2017 wr250f. Now if things would dry out a bit. Looked much better down south compared to the KC area

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