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  2. Id be game, im always down for browns camp/diamond mill up north, china hat may be a good central location?
  3. Where? Seems everyone is in the north or the coast. I don't usually participate, as I'm in the south.
  4. Hey what do u guys think about coordinating some kind of group ride in April or may?
  5. i live in glendale and ride on my own property or at eugene mx and we have a huge trail system down the road from where i live
  6. I ride trails on the coast and on an occasion on the alkali flats in eastern oregon
  7. Winchester bay, huckleberry flats, shotgun creek and China hat are the places I usually ride
  8. Just curious if there is anyone who lives near Salem or Independence? Matt
  9. I like my big coast range DS loops, and I ride Shotgun, Huckleberry and 3 Trails a lot.
  10. hey scarymoose, its steve, I live in florence so I ride trails and roads on the coast
  11. Lyda camp and millican are my favorite places to ride. Rode rock creek this past weekend. Lots of switchbacks and tight turns; not fast and flowy like I prefer.
  12. Oregon rocks, from coast range, dunes, to east OR desert stuff, where are your favorite places to ride?

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