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Dirtbikes with Dad is a North County San Diego family riding group. We do a weekend campout once a month during the school year to places like Ocotillo Wells, Superstition, and a private ranch. It is for families - moms, dads, sons, and daughters. Sign up on our email list at: https://dirtbikeswithdad.com

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  2. We'll be tailgating as a group... likely do the pit-passes and enjoy some fine racing.
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    Superstition is super-duper. We'll be camping at our normal site. GPS coordinates will be shared on the invite. Sign up on our website to be notified of the details.
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    Location is still TBD. But this weekend is on.
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    This private ranch boasts fishing ponds, SxS track, velodrome, mini track and more. If we keep this location for March, there will likely be a Poker Run, slow race or other.
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    We'll be going to our secret spot in Ocotillo Wells. Ocotillo is legendary and needs no description... a couple youtube searches will reveal its glory. For more details, get on the email list on our website.

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