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This forum is for organizing meet ups with fellow New England riders.

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  2. So having time off is good for getting the bike ready....lol. Hopefully they don't keep the trails closed any longer for health reasons (never thought I would say that).
  3. Just joined. Used to ride as a kid and picked up an old KDX200 for short money. I live in the N. Shore but grew up in Bristol county MA so that’s usually where I ride. Anyways I’d be interested in a midweek ride however I’d prob consider myself a newbie still. Let me know because I’d be willing to drive a bit to ride new stuff.
  4. Hey john I live right next to fitchburg also
  5. Nice, I might be close to you, I’m just South of Fitchburg. What bike(s) do you have? I’m currently riding an 02 KTM 400 EXC
  6. Thanks for the invite to the club Im in North central mass on the NH border. western mass to bostonians and eastern mass to williamsburgians i guess My bikes plated so like bob i mostly rideout of my house and hit a mix of dirt roads, trails and as little pavement as possible
  7. Thanks for inviting me, I live in Western Mass. Any rides out this way?
  8. "Here's some friends of mine out on the ice this weekend. " hello Adam - depending on location it may be getting a little warm for that but - where is that wonderful playground located? I wanna play!
  9. Im in Freetown. Most of my riding buddies have a hard time getting time off during the week. I work at sea and only get two weeks a month on land. So weekends are jammed with family time. I ride during the week when kids are in school. I ride a plated bike so usually just ride from my backyard to the forest. Could meet up at the parking lot any day around 930am when they open back up.
  10. Thanks for the invite, all my old friends ditched riding or only do quads. I'm in Dighton ma, I'm definitely down for a midweek ride. This great commonwealth gave us sick days for a reason. Haven't been to Franklin or Wrentham in 10 years or more, down for anything though.
  11. Freetown is easier than Franklin and Wrentham state forest as well from the trails I’ve been on anyway. Freetown gets wicked busy when the weather is nice though so I usually take a day off during the week to go. I’ve gone in the rain as well and it’s not terrible
  12. You would like the west side. It can be fast and fun. Plenty of dirt and some sand, hills and rocks. A good mix.
  13. "New england punishment" Gees, I just want to ride my dirt bike on dirt, or sand. Have some fun. Maybe use the other three gears haha
  14. There is about eight? ish miles on the the west side of the forest that is a little more flowing. Most of it would be suitable for newer or more intermediate riders. The remainder on the east side is good old New England punishment. Those pics are from the nasty side. My favorite part of the forest.
  15. thanks for the club invite, John. I'm pretty close to the Franklin/Wrentham areas. Old rider but new to MA. does Freetown have less rocks, more flow/fun?
  16. Damn I just moved from Franklin up by the NH border or else I would say yes because I used to go to the Franklin State Forest after work all the time. I might take a few days of during the summer to hit Freetown again so once it's nicer weather I'll get in touch with you. Thanks for joining the group
  17. This is the answer I received: "Here's a quote from the hare scrambles rule book. Both riders in the equation have a responsibility. If you're not able to hear, is there another way to be aware? Small trail mirror? '
  18. Im in the southeast. Would need to be central or southeast for me. Legal trails as soon as they start opening back up.
  19. Any one else interested? My weekends are jammed but I usually ride mid week a few times per month.
  20. I’ve done Clarkies enduro, but will be at sea for it this year. Might try the king Phillip this year and perhaps a turkey run or two.
  21. Can’t imagine there being an issue. The guys trying to pass you might get pissed though. Lol
  22. I might have overlooked it, but will NETRA allow hearing impaired riders to participate in hair scrambles and etc? I'm not deaf, but I'm very hard of hearing. I have "driver is hearing impaired" stickers on my helmets. I can't hear bikes or anything behind me while I'm riding. I can't even hear my buddies while we're out on the sleds.
  23. The Triple much more mellow if you take out the heros but in general the runs, from what I understand are more like untimed enduros with the Classic being esp. brutal. I don't really know what the others are like but I've never really heard of an easy trail ride type event. Northeast Dual Sport Riders is something I used to belong to. It's much more of a dirt road big bike thing. It used to have some offroad stuff but that group split off. Here's some friends of mine out on the ice this weekend. I also own a '90 Tansalp and will be hosting the 21st annual New England Transalp Rally this spring.
  24. Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure how casual the turkey/dual sport runs are so that's good to know.

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