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This forum is for organizing meet ups with fellow New England riders.

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  2. The TD website says it’s closed. Is it actually open or does anyone have any insight into when that’ll be?
  3. Im off to NC in a few days. Def hitting it when i get back.
  4. Hey guys. I’m just throwing a ride offering/request out there. I have a light schedule in the summer. It leaves me riding Monday through Thursday or Friday most weeks as long as I plan my work around it. Ive gone all over this summer so far. Tolland, Ma with their mix of legal ohv trails, abandoned class 6 dirt roads, and side trails you see off of all that stuff. I tow my 500 out there. There’s a great parking spot at a local pizza joint out that way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_54pBluvwVY&t=354s Also, out that way, I visited October state mountain twice and road half each time. And just recently I revisited bear town in the rain. I took a spill on a wooden bridge about 1.5 hour in and I went home. That was 6 days ago and I’ve been resting since: Spill at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot4ev8f7OSw I’ve also checked out a few abandoned dirt roads in Richmond, NH just over the mass boarder. And there’s another huge riding area in Burriville, RI. I’m up to check any of these spots out through the week or fit in a weekend excursion. If anyone finds themselves with riding time, we can keep our distance if you’re concerned of covid (as I am out of caution), but still ride together and have a blast.
  5. Good deal! When are you guys wanting to ride it?
  6. Yup free to ride as long as you are plated and insured.
  7. And I don’t think Connecticut has a state ohv sticker correct? So their dam is free to ride? Or is that way wrong?
  8. I think TD is much more rocky and technical than HD. At least on the mountain side of the access road.
  9. How’s Thomaston dam compared to hodges village dam? I would usually visit hodges a few times a year. But, this summer I haven’t gotten the urge. The Hopkington/Everett trail system in Dunbarton, NH is made by the army core of engineers as well. I hear it has some legitimate hardcore single track. Im going to purchase a temporary ($40) Nh Ohv pass and ride it soon.
  10. Oh, probably not going to make it..lol
  11. If you are saying jackman Maine, then it’s about 6 hours away in CT
  12. Where is Thomaston Dam? We live in Jackman. All of our trails are open here. It's been dry so far, but good ridding.
  13. I heard it’s closes at 5:30 each day though, so i would have to wait for a weekend because of work. I would be up for taking a trip though.
  14. They finally announced the opening date last week. I have zero intention of going the 6th, but possibly later in the week. Who's in!?
  15. Factory Connection, usually 1 week turn around on that
  16. I have a nitrogen setup but i only have whats required to fill through a Schrader valve, don't ktms use a needle or something?
  17. Does anyone have experience with recharging the shock on a newer ktm dirtbike? I am well overdue for both a front fork oil change and a shock nitrogen change. I was hoping there may be someone within 100 miles of me (Central Mass) who might be able to help. Thanks.
  18. yup, but if your a NETRA or NHOVA member you get half off I believe.
  19. You need a $80 NH OHV sticker to ride that system right? Unless I’m wrong, I don’t see myself paying two states for ohv stickers.
  20. hop-ev near concord NH should be open the 23rd of this month. you ever get up there ?
  21. won't be able to make it but thanks for the invite dude. best, Burntvalves
  22. Hitting Pauchaug in CT at about 10am on Sunday. I’ve got a handful of random guys from another adventure bike forum meeting there. https://goo.gl/maps/Qf6Gnh8Ae3GiHZ3Y6 That’s the parking area. May be mobbed. Email me ahead of time if you want to coordinate a meetup. Reddy88888@yahoo.com
  23. Hey guys my names Don. I just recently started riding after 15yrs... picked up an old KDX200. So far so good. I’m always looking for new places to ride and people to ride with. I live in Peabody, MA and have to travel about an hour for anything I’ve found so far. Shoot me a msg if you’re needing a riding buddy.
  24. Nice! I'll come ride with you guys when I finally get my truck back at the end of the month.

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