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This group is for organizing meet ups with fellow New England riders.
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  2. Thanx I love it! The ktm 300’s are super sweet. I’ve ridden a friends 2016.👍
  3. Nice trails! Reminds me of what I rode growing up in Westford, ma. What do you ride? Looks like a Honda
  4. Yeah much of my stuff is techy sub 10 mph slow picking thru rocks stuff. Just very lightly traveled. Techy is the best.👍
  5. MA. Really hoping to find someone to ride with. Maybe I'm getting old but it's always more fun with a buddy and nice to have someone if something breaks
  6. Nice trails! Reminds me of what I rode growing up in Westford, ma.
  7. It’s a lot more technical though. It’s not flowy singletrack. It’s rugged. I like a challenge so I enjoyed it.
  8. Looks like what you’d expect from a place that sees more than one rider using the trails haha. Looks much different than the dozens of miles of stuff that only I ride. This pic is from my ride today.
  9. this is me riding it last year (I apologize for the music, I suggest mute): It’s not really single track. There is some. But it’s just very rugged double track. It’s a good long ride. The hardest couple trails will take a few hours and wear you out pretty well. If you’re into state park riding this is right up there with the harder stuff. Freetown fall rivers long loop is about equal to Hopkington Everett I’d say. A temp sticker is $40 good for two weeks, however, like anywhere else, you could risk it without one. The weekends may be riskier. When I rode there 3 times, the cops were there 2 times. However, they never came over to me to check my sticker…
  10. Have fun and please report back on quality and quantity of singletrack.
  11. Looks like I will be going this Sunday if anyone's interested.
  12. It's the nicest OHV park in Southern new hampshi think I've been to Justin I think I've been to just about all of them.. Jericho up North is much bigger but unless they've developed a lot of new single track it's really made for snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. I hope you can make it.
  13. Lurking.......depending on how much time is actually spent in the park, trailering up may be a better option...? See how my work week goes. The park looks nice! And different level trails? Nice! If I can make this I'll check in Saturday
  14. Only 15 miles of singletrack tho right? And “well used”?
  15. Unfortunately to far for me,Looking at it online the trails look great.....
  16. I've been there about 5 times this year with my boy who's learning so we usually do anything other than the BT or River Loop but I've been wanting to do them.
  17. I could try to get free that day. Have you been there before? I usually just ride the hardest trails and that just about wears me out for the day.
  18. Anyone want to go riding October 3rd at Clough? Dave
  19. Vicky Zaleski August 30, 2020 This loop trail is not a hiking trail. It is an ATV, ORV trail. We were lucky we hiked it on a Friday, as the ATV traffic was light. The exhaust fumes were awful and really take away from the outdoor-fresh air experience. 🤣 I guess Vicky had a bad day on October Mountain Loop...lol
  20. I would think Maine would be your best bet. I have done some snow machine trips in northern NH(Pittsburg) and the trails were always close by. You can leave the tent home and relax in a nice dry cabin with a nice bar/restaurant on the property so no need to go anywhere
  21. My buddy says it is called the Pan Mass trail(?) It runs from the Ct border to Vt. But he said it is mostly dirt roads. Would be a nice Fall trip IMO. He also said Once you reach the Vt border, you can pick up the Puppy Dog Trail which takes you all the way to Canada!
  22. I’m guessing beartown, October, or Pittsfield SF have camping on site or near by. As for campgrounds directly at the trail head or off the trails. I don’t know if that exists, I’ve never looked into it. That might be a mid west/west coast thing. I can recommend one “off the grid” spot on the Mass/RI/CT boarder, which intersects with gas lines and power lines and is heavily ridden by all sorts of off road vehicles. It also has some woods near the entrance which you can go down into and park behind some covering (overnight would be an acceptable risk in my book). PM me if you’d like details. The only downfall is it’s mainly rough dirt roads. But there is a couple hours worth of tighter technical stuff to be found there as well. All in all there’s 6-12 or more hours of riding to be had there.

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