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Riding Club for SC Dirt Riders - Private, Public, Whatever. Just like to ride some dirt legally and responsibly. Family friendly open and welcome.

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  2. Haha no, I don't ride a SXS or 4wheeler but I do ride horses, so a multi-purpose trail would be best for us. I also have a lot of downed 3ft diameter poplar and ashes that need to be moved and no matter how hard I try to get a pair of loppers through they just won't budge. Yes, I have chainsaws and the like but my property is very dense with growth and steep creeks etc. I guess if I had more time I could make ample progress with ribbon and loppers, but for now I am using my tractor for larger passes where I can. I have too many irons in the fire and use what free time I have for riding. But your point is solid, some additional trail time could go along way.
  3. You need a roll of ribbon and loppers and you can make yourself a couple mile trail for dirtbikes in a day. In 15 minutes of messing around near my house I put in a 1/2 mile loop.
  4. Rode all weekend but only on my own and some neighboring property. Close alternatives would be great, but so would a back hoe or dozer for better trails . Oh well, things will dry out soon enough. I just hope things are open in these crazy COVID madness times.
  5. Welp we're up to 8 members. 👍Glad to see it. Welcome all.
  6. Change of plan. I'm headed to southside VA to ride the VCHSS rd 1 racetrack, Rivers Edge.
  7. Nice. That looks fun. Great to have a close place to get out for a rip or two.
  8. I rode the mountain behind my house. Its not public property nor is it my property but nobody seems to mind as its large and where I ride I'm sure not many can hear me. I found a fun gas line hill climb that goes straight up the mountain, see picture below. I also played a game in the woods loosely called "can I get to the top of that mountain". Its all about throttle control and switchback turns to gain 5-10' of elevation at a time. I didn't make it to the top, the mountain got too steep. At the end of the ride I made a tiny loop that I tried to wear in. It was all hard enduro style riding on a mountain that is consistently at a 30 degree slope. Most of the workout is from picking my bike up from highside, I must have picked it up 100 times.
  9. Absolutely and looking forward to it. I am very close to Enoree.
  10. Its a two hour drive from me. Enoree is only 1.5 hour drive from me. We should ride sometime!
  11. Brushy is tough for me unless I make it a multi-day trip as it's 3 hrs each way. I'll probably be riding around my property attempting to make some better trails. Need some more heavy equipment 😕
  12. I am planning on riding this weekend and I'm looking for people to ride single track with. I'm in Asheville NC and am willing to drive a few hours for a good time. I am available any day this weekend. My default will be Brushy Mountain NC on Saturday. Will
  13. Welcome and fine choice of bike Thanks for joining and looking forward to riding with you as well.
  14. Whats up guys. I'm out of Greenville, SC on a 2019 KTM 300xcw. Looking forward to meeting new riding buddies.
  15. I have an FZ09 as well for twisty pavement and track days.
  16. Excellent. Nice TTR230. I have a TW200 goat that will go ANYWHERE lol. I also have the KTM for more spirited rides. Both are tagged but I usually avoid pavement if I can.
  17. Thanks, I’m in Lexington SC. TTR 230. Looking to ride some trails and single track. Down to drive wherever.
  18. Welcome Honeybagder and forkdrip. Hope we get some traction and rides here. Cheers.
  19. Welcome Will. Thank you for the list. If all goes according to plan, I will be racing a few Enduros (definitely NOT class A) this year in Union.
  20. Hello, Thank you Sthrnromr for making this group. My name is Will Nauta. I am in Asheville NC and figured I am close enough to SC to consider the trail riding there. Unfortunately I am new to the area so I have no insight to provide. I do have a list of woods races races within two hours drive from Asheville NC for the 2020 season and there are 35 of them, many in SC. I have provided an image of that list below. I am an A class woods racer and a C class mx racer. I have been riding and racing for 5 years now. I ride a 2019 yz250f. I love single track, hard enduro, mx, and sx. I do not like riding wide fast "2 tracker" trails, or riding places where 4 wheel vehicles are allowed to ride (dangerous). I am willing to make a drive to ride and party with anyone. I'm willing to ride with beginners if you are willing to push yourself hard. Lets party! Thanks, Will
  21. Hey y'all - I wanted to start this group bc there was no group currently in SC. I live in the Jalapa/Kinards area and usually ride Enoree. I am in my early forties and have kids that ride as well (sometimes at least - they are always busy). Would love to get to know some new people who like to ride in the area and perhaps even ride a few new places. PMs are open. Welcome and I hope this turns into something great and useful for many. Cheers.

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