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Riding Club for SC Dirt Riders - Private, Public, Whatever. Just like to ride some dirt legally and responsibly. Family friendly open and welcome.
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  2. Hey all, try and find yourself here and post up the pics. Click each pic for link to full albums of the race. The format of this race seemed amazing. Perfect for me (OFS racing) tbh. Check out some photos from the GTR Sprint Enduro, courtesy Joshua Krug Photography
  3. Thanks to everybody for adding their comments about the trail. I'll try to get over there in a few weeks and give it a try.
  4. That's the magic, I make sapplings my biatch! Watch out, the bulldozer dirtbike coming through!
  5. “Recommend” doesn’t sound strong enough😄I clipped one pretty good yesterday but handguards made it no big deal. Even better is you don’t really have to care about the smaller stuff anymore. Just run over it and keep going.
  6. We go down to Florida and take the bike about every time the sand is hard but make a difference in your riding style on other Surfaces!!!
  7. Yes get back stand up get as much weight off that front end as possible but when you turn dont cut that front wheel it’ll pull you down kinda turn just a little and gas at the same time
  8. In soft sand I have found it helps to keep the front end light by standing and keeping your butt back. As Bryson said it takes good leg and upper body strength to maintain for an extended period. When you get tired you’ll find yourself moving forward. This puts more weight on the front and makes it plow in, tuck in turns, etc. If the front is light it’s free to float and move around.
  9. Is sand you have to have lot of bike control and upper body strength
  10. I have ridden Wambaw twice in the past two weeks. Due to the lack of rain, the sand is horrible. As a new rider, I am on the struggle bus trying to maintain control, but have become much more comfortable with the feeling of being in semi-control as the bike floats around in the sand. On each of my last two rides, I have wiped out. I have no idea what I did wrong, but one second I am cruising along with a big grin on my face, and the next second I am on my back looking up at the trees blowing in the wind. It makes me wonder if there are things hidden under the sand that is snatching my front wheel causing the crash. Can any sand riders chime in with hints that will help? I am riding a CRF 250F and am a 58 year old newbie. I seem to be in 2nd or 3rd gear for the most part and am spending quite a bit of time on the pegs rather than on the seat which seems to help. Friday's wipeout resulted in bent handlebars and some damage to my upper leg which made the last five miles no fun to ride. No biggie to fix the bike or my leg...parts are already here and my wife is a former ER Nurse. LOL! Also, I really appreciate how everyone on the trail checks on stopped riders as they pass. Finally, every single piece of safety gear has already done its job since I started riding in July of this year. It has been interesting to get up from a crash and notice what piece of gear took the hit. I much prefer to ride on the packed dirt at Enoree, but it is a three hour haul. Is this as good as it gets at Wambaw, or do things get better with rain? It seems if we get any decent amount of rain, the trail gets shut down, so I must be careful for what I wish...
  11. I would absolutely recommend bark busters for any woods race/ride. I remember a few spots yesterday where I got to jump through some really tight trees, yeah boi!
  12. They absolutely will. That’s a gripe I have with GTR. To many arrows / ribbons left from previous races and is confusing to ride unless it’s a race. Luckily not a lot of people ride the off road stuff so that helps a lot. I’m always paranoid about myself or somebody else getting turned around and having a head on. As Trailrider22 said it’s mostly more open with a few tighter sections but overall there isn’t that much tight stuff anywhere there. It’s all beat up and rough but it’s great training / practice. I thought the overall format was fantastic and they did a great job of running the race.
  13. There were two sections (5-miles and 7-miles) and we rode each of the them three times. Everyone started on their row (minute) for the first section only. After that, you could start sections whenever you wanted as long as you were in the last section by 1:30. The part that was nice was you could go to your truck after each section. Yes, there were a few “stop and wiggle” places and some tighter single track but it was mostly faster, beat-up double track. I would bet they leave the arrows up until the next race so you could easily go ride what was laid out to see what it was like.
  14. Would someone please tell a little more about the race format. I heard weeks ago that it was something like 3 miles of woods and 3 miles of grass field. Is that anywhere close? I ride a stock YZ 250, no bark busters, was the trail so tight that you need to wiggle the bars to get through some of the trees? Thanks, glad it sounds like everybody had a good time and congratulations to those that placed.
  15. 👍I agree. Great job on second place. I had fun and nobody got hurt so I’ll call it a win too. I liked that format too.
  16. Heck yea that was a fun race! I could do that format more often. That yz200xc is awesome. for the other club members it is a KX frame, KDX200 engine, and a Yamaha front end. i got my first A class win today. Yeehaw
  17. I finished second in 45b. Had fun and didn’t break anything so I’ll call that a win. I really liked checking out the YZ200Xc, great build indeed!
  18. I enjoyed meeting y’all today. I hate a flat took me out and I see they stuck me in the wrong class anyway (50A instead of 50B). Great ride Honeybadger! First in 30A👍👍. Trailrider22 and Brysonprinz - how’d y’all do?
  19. I’m parked at the first little shed on the left
  20. I want to check out his YZ200xc as well. I’ll be in a black Tundra and looking out for y’all.
  21. What the heck is that!? I want to park next to you and investigate this combo. I’ll be in this truck and bike combo please flag me down. I’ll be there at 8:30
  22. I’ll try to get out of your way😄. I’ll be the only YZ200XC there😉. Clay
  23. Have a good ride! I am going to plan for later in the week. Possibly Tuesday or Wednesday

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