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  2. Great choice. You will love the air striker! On my RMX with air striker I have the 1468 needle with the clip on the 4th notch, 178 main, 50 pilot and about 2 turns on the air screw. That's just about spot on for my setup. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Update. I ordered a pwk air striker. Thank you for your input, I was leaning towards doing this. It gets very fustrating when I keep hitting road blocks with this build. I have to keep reminding myself how the bike was when I received it. I am bringing it back from dead.
  4. @TEGRITY RMX The guy I got it from had a son who did motocross, apparently he was pretty good, ranked in the state. Driving home on a quad after drinking with his buddies he got hit, and spent a while in the er, he wasn't supposed to live, i think he did something to his spine or something, but he made it through and had to relearn how to even eat. He's doing okay now, but that was the end of his riding. Anyways, thats why my RMX isin't as nice as the other ones on here, restoration speaking, because he turned it into a motocross bike, the guards, the number plate, i didn't realize there was different forks, hmm looks like the bike had a bit more work done on it than i thought. Lightly rode, barely been out of the garage XD
  5. Thank you for the reply Jeremy. I was pretty sure that is what you were talking about in my SM post but I wasn't 100% sure. I'll be sure to seal 'er up. Time to go hack off the ears and install this bad boy. Thank you for confirming the right part though. Hope y'all are having a killer weekend!
  6. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the Guts Racing covers. I bought one too. Worst fitting and stitched cover I’ve ever seen. I think they sell the defects to the public, then toss that handy note inside saying “no return after opening” The soft foam was okay, but next time I’ll try Ceet soft foam. The thin front part was like trying to cover whipped cream. Definitely didn’t help that the front of their cover is way too narrow. Been a couple years since I’ve checked, but looks like Ceet does have the one graphic kit for all of suzuki on their website now. Says RMX is available anyway...
  7. The PJ is not a terrible carb, but due to the #5 throttle slide, you don’t have a good selection of needles that can lean it out enough as the needles ‘jet’ wears. I ran mine up to about 2007, then the 1474 needle I had swapped in was beginning to get too rich again. I do a lot of single track, so it was important to have starting diameter large enough so it didn’t load up and foul plugs. Something else to consider, is if the float seat o-ring is bad, the jet block gasket probably is too. FrankMX does not have them back in stock yet. This is the only place I’ve found so far that has the PJ jet block gaskets. https://www.frankmxparts.com/epages/62910900.mobile/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62910900/Products/1327 My vote is the Air Stryker too. Better throttle response, and excellent selection of needles for the #7 slide used in the aftermarket PWK A/S carbs. 👍 I ran 45, DDL-4, 178. FMF Fatty, 40:1, pump gas, 60-80*, sea level. This was also with a RAD valve, and a extremely high compression ratio (245psi). Less compression could have gotten away with a leaner clip position and main.
  8. Nope, you got the right one. The RMX boot has a funky flap that goes inside carb on the top. Can’t tell from pict, but that might be the only difference. I mentioned in your SM build that the reed cages, and the opening to them is a bit different. Here are in indented parts I was talking about earlier. Be sure to put a dab of fuel resistant sealant in each so you don’t get a vacuum leak. 👍 Normally the boot seals to the cage on the raised lip, but the way the V-Forces are made, that won’t work...
  9. Thought I'd also add that I have the best luck finding aftermarket clamps on Ebay when looking through all the triple clamps for the 92-95 RM's most of the ones I've seen weren't actually listed as aftermarket clamps so wouldn't come up under a search for aftermarket clamps. Theres currently an applied top clamp on Ebay for 80 bucks that's listed for a 92 RM then theres also a complete set of top and bottom aftermarket clamps haven't heard of the brand though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-RM250-92-Applied-Top-Triple-Clamp-Steering-1-1-8-51410-43D01-164/114149296217?epid=3019628221&hash=item1a93d40859:g:KiYAAOSwHVFej2Hg https://www.ebay.com/itm/suzuki-rm-1992-1995-triple-clamp-berg-racing-works-factory-style/283889515102?hash=item4219223a5e:g:MWgAAOSwwDdek0iJ
  10. Thought I would post a little info on aftermarket triple clamps. I spent a bit of time trying to find an aftermarket top clamp that moves the bars forward a little and I like the solid mounts. I know these fit the showa 93-95 rmx250 USD forks I'm not sure about the earlier forks you would have to check and see if OEM clamps are the same then make a decision. The only one available "I hope" that I know of is the applied racing top clamp for 92-95 RM125 and RM250. But it's no longer listed on their website unfortunately I couldn't find it. Alternatively you can look for used on Ebay from any one of the 92-95 RM models I've got a little collection going from ebay finds. Seems like the top clamp was a popular upgrade on those bikes. Also if you like the stock bar position but want solid mounts some 92-95 RMs came with solid top clamps. The only modifying I did to the clamps I used was drill and tap 2 m6 bolt holes to mount the top brake hose guide with some little spacers. I'll attach some pictures of what I did with the hose guide. Also I'm not using the stock odometer but I think similar mods like I did for the brake hose guide could be done if you need to use your stock odometer. I got lucky and found an applied lower RM clamp NOS on Ebay if you do manage to find a lower clamp there is no modification required it bolts up using the stock brake hose guide steering stem and everything. I got super lucky and found an applied top clamp that is the same color as my lower on a different ebay ad so now I have a matching set instead of the new applied silver and older colored one. Applied racing is only selling the new clamps in silver. Like I said earlier I looked on their website and can't find the 92-95 RM top clamp but I purchased one from them around a year ago hopefully its still available. I'll attach some pictures of my setup on both my bikes. I'll also attach a pic of 2 other aftermarket top clamps I found on ebay, they were really beat up but thanks to TEGRITY RMX machining a little material off the top they look great! Top 2 clamps in photo are ones I found on Ebay and I'm not sure of the brand. You really can move the bars forward with the middle one. Then the clamp in the bottom of the photo is another applied top clamp. I like the pro taper bar mounts part# 022822 they are a little offset too so you get a little extra adjustment forward or back. I think most aftermarket mounts are offset a little for adjustability. These mounts are supposed to be for rubber mounts but work great for solid mounts on the aftermarket clamps. I'll attach a photo of those too they are super common. Also a quick tip on these pro taper fat bar mounts when using them with the stock clamp with rubber mounts the bolts are too fat to fit through the rubber bushings you can get a skinnier bolt kit from pro taper to work with the stock bushings. Hopefully this information helps someone looking to upgrade their clamps. I spent quite a bit of time looking into something that would get the bars moved forward and I'm very happy with the solid clamps I prefer them now and the applied clamps put the bars forward just enough to where I'm happy with it. I'll try to answer any questions if i can.
  11. Thanks! I have a bronzeish color boyesen flywheel cover on my 94. I ordered the silver vein one for my 95 and they sent me that cover that is unfinished I kinda like it though but it's hard to keep clean. I've been thinking about getting another bronze colored one for a spare I think they call it magnesium color?
  12. The air striker is the way to go if you don't want to stay with the PJ. Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller. I got mine from classic cycle parts. Great price and was definitely a real one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/193101830641 My RMX was like a totally new bike with it installed. I recently got it tuned perfectly and couldn't be happier. Any jetting questions, let me know.
  13. I am seriously looking at the PWK38 air striker. I will have a new bike by the time I get to ride it. My bike came in a box.
  14. Speer, If you're interested in going with the same carb, I have my PJ for sale on ebay. It just doesn't come with the top cap or spring. Works perfectly fine. I just upgraded to the PWK 38 air striker. I would do $80 shipped through paypal if you're interested. PM me if so. I highly recommend the PWK if you choose to upgrade, and yes go genuine Keihin. It was the best $ I've spent on my RMX!
  15. My vote is for a Keihin PWK 38. You can either buy used from eBay or spend the money and buy new from JD jets and it comes with a full jet kit. Just make sure you get the one without TPS sensor and a screw top. I just slapped a new one from JD jets on my 91 and it absolutely rips. Night and day but I was also coming from the Mikuni which was a hot pile of crap. Nothing beats a cheap fix though, but that is beyond my knowledge. I'm sure Jeremy will tell you how to do it with your eyes closed.
  16. I started back on my RMX build I found my carb would start pouring fuel out of the over flow with engine off, anytime the fuel was turned on. That was new, I took it apart again And inspected the needle and seat better, needle is good seat is not. I put soapy water around the seat and blew 3 psi of air in the fuel inlet and it is leaking around the brass body I looked at rocky mountain and I can get the float valve set for around 40 bucks. I am stuck, if I replace the carb it would not be worth spending the money on this, and I heard that these carbs are not very good. I have never removed the seat that is pressed in, is there a way I can get it out and replace the oring? If not what carb should I be looking for. Not Chinese!!!!!
  17. Hey guys, I finally was able to find a used 93-98 intake boot to position the Keihin PWK 38 more forward away from the rear shock. However, I wasn't paying attention and ordered a stinking 95 RM250 boot, part #:13150-28E01. The part number of the RMX boot would be: 13110-28E00. The internal diameter is still 38mm at the circular portion, but the opening is way different. Should it be used or sent back? In all honesty it looks like it will line up with my Vforce cage just about as well as the stock one did. RMX reed cage is on the right and ebay is on the left. Also, just to add to the conversation, my Vforce cage is slightly warped on one of the pedals allowing the slightest amount (I'm talking barely noticeable) of light through but it is too late for me to return and it absolutely rips for now. If I were to start from stock I would send it on the RAD valve 100% just from a quality of product standpoint.
  18. Those look awesome as well. Likin the boyesen flywheel cover too!
  19. The yellow frame covers actually came on it when I got the bike I really like them they are acerbis. I have works connection aluminum ones on my 95. The one with yellow guards is my 94. I've looked here and there for another set of NOS acerbis frame guards they are hard to find though I just try to take good care of mine. Heres a quick pic of the aluminum guards on my 95 I found them on ebay and cleaned them really good. My 95 is still taken apart from testing heads with tegrity/Jeremy.
  20. Where did you get those awesome yellow frame covers??? I've been searching forever and can never find them. I do have a purple set, that I'd like to somehow make black or yellow. Painting plastic sucks though and it always peels or chips!
  21. Heres some pictures of the guts racing seat cover with hard foam. I just couldn't take it apart after how much trouble it was to assemble. I wish I would've paid the install fee Haha. Then the 2 tone cover on the bike is an Ebay cover with soft foam. Their a bit dusty with little greasy paw prints from me moving things around haha.
  22. I like the Ebay covers from pit replica, I have a 2 tone one from them and have purchased many other covers through them with good luck. The ceet racing covers are nice too. I have their 2 tone gripper i used for a while but i moved away from gripper seats. I had a terrible experience with my guts racing seat cover though you couldn't pay me to try and install one of those again. The guts seat foam is nice though I have their soft and hard foam currently using the soft foam and really like it. I think the hard foam adds some height too if your a taller person but it is too hard for me. Just a heads up once you open the package you can't return guts products they have a nice little card inside the package that says so... If you do get a new seat cover I'm very interested in your old cover I've been looking for that specific cover for a long time and haven't been able to find one. So if your willing to part with your old cover let me know please! haha I really like the 91-92 graphics and seat cover.
  23. Great input guys. I guess it seems to be all personal preference. Lots of people have been getting warped cages from Vforce too huh? I ended up keeping my rad valve and returning the vforce. It looked like installing the Vforce would push the carb back towards the airbox a bit as well.
  24. My vote is for the rad valve I have one on each of my RMX's. I really like boyesen products. I haven't tried the V-force setup on an RMX but have experience with a set on a 2003 RM125 and they didn't work out well, they were warped out of the box. This was an old neighbor/friends bike and he thought it looked cool with the little logo that said v force 3 or whatever on his intake. That might be some of the hype?? maybe they have a high end product line and low end line I'm not sure but I really like the aluminum construction of the rad valve. Even boyesen's pedals that work with the stock cage are good reeds I've used those on multiple bikes.
  25. I got my graphics on Ebay just the shroud graphics though, I really like the blue 91-92 graphics I just need to find the seat! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-RMX-1991-OEM-Replica-Graphics-NOS/332862565541 I also just found these on ebay they are 93-95 replica graphics these are really cool too https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUZUKI-RMX250-1993-1994-1995-Complete-decals-KIT-graphics-gloss-thick-NEW/324166537327?hash=item4b79d4d06f:g:pqcAAOSwHDVevcIc

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