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Anything and everything RMX. Share videos, photos, tuning, mods, parts, and part suppliers for your RMX250’s
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  2. Has anyone looked into adapting an aftermarket frame-mount kickstand. RMX2, hasn't any, and I don't like swingarm mounts enough to buy one. I blobbed a little weld on RMX1's bracket to make it a little more vertical. I was just posting a similar message here while my internet connection was going out. So, if it shows up, I haven't completely lost my marbles.
  3. New to me: 1993 RMX. Haven't had a chance to ride yet. Will update.
  4. Bought that 95' RMX. Pretty nice shape with a lot of desirable parts. New top-end with only a couple heat cycles on it. BUT starts hard, and blubbers. Sat with old gas in it. Original owner had a house fire, and had too many things on his plate. I knew Club RMX would be the most expeditious place to find this information. Will be posting photos soon. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, if you want MX, buy MX. Ignition timing, head, and pipe, will be enough for me. Not interested in this gnats ass stuff, except for tuning. As mentioned before, just bought an 18' KTM TPI that requires I start another science-fair project. It is way too lean, but due to stock low compression and conservative ignition timing, It does not ping on pump gas. None of my carbed bikes would allow that leanness, especially, the RMX. My 03' KTM 200 MXC will suck its poor little headlight out! But, I swear, I will finish the RMX!
  6. ricky it sounds like TEGRITY RMX would like it. i was just wanting a spare. i bow out Thanks
  7. Yes, for sure offer to anyone that inquired before me. 👍 I just might see if I can’t press a dent into the Ricochet skid plate to keep it from hitting and breaking off the water pump drain bolt. So it’s not a “must have” sort of thing lol Other than that, it is a nice skid plate…
  8. Waiting on an offer from MD-11. He was first to message me. Will let you know if he doesn’t want it.
  9. I’m interested in the case guard if nobody’s interested or bought it yet. My 96 didn’t come with one, and I’m not impressed with the aftermarket skid plates fitment.
  10. I'm interested in both i sent you a message thanks. what year are they off of?
  11. Man wished you would have posted these 3 days ago. Been looking for a frame guard for a couple of months and I just bought one a couple days ago. But thanks for posting these to pass on to others here looking for parts. They're getting harder and harder every day trying to find them in good condition.
  12. Have a perfect condition stock pipe for sale. silencer was perfect until it donated the mod pipe section. stock case guard also. NO dents at all! Was removed when bike was brand new. Make me a offer🤷‍♂️ Hate to scrap it.
  13. Happy so far! I want to finish tuning it but yes I would test something different. Let me know and I’ll cover shipping 👍
  14. Sweet! Can’t wait to see them installed. Post up a couple picts in the Picts thread.👍
  15. I haven’t done it, but I doubt it would have whole lot of effect. I’d be low -mid power thing… slight velocity increase, and might help scavaging some. Myself, and how long I go between top ends, I just don’t trust that the epoxy would stay in place….
  16. Is it really worth doing? Honestly. As always thank you for your wisdom and sharing it here with everyone. Fyi graphics showed up today.
  17. Well that we all know is a complete crock of shit!! Typical example of not liking, what you don’t understand… Yes, they are seriously de-tuned stock, but these are the last of the real Suzuki 2 stroke enduros ,and as I very well know, respond well to modifications… If you want MX power, buy a MX… lol
  18. Please excuse the terrible blury picts… Still waiting for my new phone….☹️ This here is the rear transfer ports he’s talking about. Top, looking down at the left side port And bottom, looking up at the right side… you can kinda see the recess at the rear of the port that directs the flow towards the exhaust port. What he’s having you do, is fill in the backside, so flow is directed towards the opposite port, following my ruler here… Really hard to get good picts, but hopefully this helps ya out…
  19. Funny how one topic here turns into another. I had to use my “Moderator” privileges (lol) here to move a bunch of Power valve info from the ‘Rear Fender’ topic, into its own new topic last week. Hope no one took offense, but who’s gonna look for PV info in the Body and fender Sub-forum… No worries here, unless a billet hub gets discovered, there’s not much to add to this topic…. But yeah, I bet he’s added a bunch of compression (OE plays it real safe there) to boost your low end power, then the combination of head shape, opening the PV sooner, and raising the cylinder is helping out your Husky’s top end power. I’m skeptical that the axial machine groves have anything to do with the power characteristics, or are even beneficial. Any air/fuel mix trapped in the squish band doesn’t contribute to power. The stock RMX heads are a prime example. The domed piston and square edged squish “ring’ traps a bunch of A/F mixture at the combustion chamber edge. RMX is so de-tuned in ignition timing, that it luckily doesn’t get a chance to ignite, but tuned lean enough, it could… Getting that trapped 2cc of A/F mixture into the chamber, by itself, adds 10-15% more power, then the swirling action of the mixture getting shoved into the chamber (using Mixxer’s anology) is like lighting a fuse in a blender. Instead of one fuse getting lit from one end, there are multiple short fuses all getting lit, and quickly burning to their ends before radiant heat has a chance to self ignite remaining mixture… There are sooo many different aspects to tuning a 2 stroke, it’s ridiculous.🤪 Endless ways to create the type of power you’re after… I never expected using the Power Jet to alter low end A/F mix would have such a drastic effect and extend my power band so low, but it does make sense now. Richer mix and adding ignition timing slows the sonic wave in the pipe down, so now it’s arriving at a lower RPM than before, and set just high enough, there’s no low end rich burble. Always wondered why the OE manufacturers didn’t consider this. Suzuki thought about it on the late model RM’s, but dropped the ball and set the Power Jet opening RPM so low, (2000 RPM), that’s it’s not even noticeable… They also set the closing RPM on the 250’s (10,300) so high, that’s not even noticeable either…. Yamaha even seemed to mess up the Power jet opening/closing on their 250’s, and it doesn’t work all that great with their N3XX series needles. To work well, the Yammi PJ needs to be opening at 1/3 throttle, instead of 1/2. Seen lots of complaints in the YZ forum about being lean at 1/3-1/2 throttle, and that was my experience with e N3CJ needle too…. When I had Zeeltronic build the new PDCIS-MX11T I wanted both, RPM, and TPS control over the Power Jet. He went overboard with the number of points, but, gotta say, it worked out extremely well…😁 I’ll be welding/cutting up a new batch of heads this winter. Got myself a new electric rotary welding table to play with. Gonna make the welding process soooo much easier. 😎 Are you happy with the head you have, or would you like to try something different? I could definitely cut you something more like the RK heads, just without the radial groves. I’d need a CNC mill combined with my rotary table to do something like his…. A narrower squish, and even raising the cylinder with double base gaskets, should add more punch to the top end power with the Gnarly pipe…??? That was the thing I didn’t like about the Gnarly. No top end….☹️ Ran it for two weekends, than sold it for a huge loss…. Last time I’ll ever do a 99¢ eBay auction!!! lol Direct head swap, test both back to back, just cover shipping…😁
  20. When I did the head and raised the cyl. .5mm it made more power from bottom to top. His design definitely works. He's great to talk to and has much knowledge. Before I learned about you I was going to ask him to do the RMX head.
  21. Never seen one in person. Photos probably make the RK machining appear deeper than than it actually is, and every one I’ve seen throughout all the 2 stroke forums look damn near identical to me. Narrow squish with a wide shallow chamber. Upper end focused power. I need to do more head testing myself. Not so sure I agree with Mixxer on the wide squish band heads for the power I’m after. or at least with my setup… Lost some top end with the last two heads I’ve tried on my 98, but I’m also not needing so much turbulence/squish velocity to make up for the lack of ignition timing with the stock RMX CDI. I do miss my old CR500 sometimes, but it was pretty impractical for most the single track stuff I ride..😁

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