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Forum used to find people to ride with in the North GA area.
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  3. Not much mx at iron mtn. Single track is good though. We're usually out there on Sundays if you ever want to ride.
  4. Wish I could have gotten away… never been to iron mtn has anyone been to monster mountain? I hear good things about it
  5. Yea I just try riding a little bit of everything, I’m usually lap traffic whenever I go out on the track though haha
  6. I'm more of of a single track guy but I would def try the mx track...very slowly 🙂Haven't tried it yet though.
  7. Wish I could, been wanting to make a trip up there from Lagrange for a while now. Have you rode the new mx track yet?
  8. Iron mountain. Ill be there around 9am if anyone wants to join. -Matt
  9. Going to Highland Park tommorow. Late morning +-.
  10. Definitely agree. Actually Durhamtown was not that bad. I rode over the entire thing on the main trails and didn't really get lost. Nothing takes you more than about 15 or 20 minutes to get back to the main starting point anyway. I actually had planned on having somebody with me that had been there before for my first time something came up so I ended up going by myself but I wasn't overwhelmed. Also, given I did go on a Wednesday in the middle of the week, I only had maybe one or two times where people passed me on the trail. And the main Trails were wide enough where I could pick lines and didn't feel like I was going to hit a tree. As far as more experienced Riders that's what they have Motocross tracks for and they have steering so they can go around me. The rules actually say no one's supposed to be flying on the trails anyway. I look at it like playing golf. I'm not real good but I'm out there with everybody else having fun.
  11. I didn’t get any pictures as my GoPro was on the fritz. It’s kinda hard to find too. This place has several downed trees, some have routes (lines) around them but if they don’t they’re pretty simple to just drive over with a little momentum in 1st or 2nd gear. My problem with Durham and Iron Mountain is that I’m still new(learning) and why should I spend more money to ride somewhere that s either so big I can’t find my way around, see everything it has to offer, or it’s too difficult to ride the majority of it. Plus I don’t like being overwhelmed by four wheelers and side by sides. I need to just have a place to learn and not feel pressured to fly through trails like most of the people who’ve been riding for a while. I also don’t like feeling like I’m in the way of more experienced riders. Plus, I can throw that $20 -$30 for entry fee toward my bike maintenance costs. Once I get better at riding I’ll feel like I’ll be able to get my money’s worth and the bigger parks.
  12. Sounds like a great place to ride. That's what I need. I'm not planning on jumping or flying through the trails in 6th gear. I don't think I got above 4th at Durhamtown. I pretty much stayed in 3-4th gear most of the day. As rutty as it was there it seemed really fast to me. I definitely want to get better and "faster" (I guess) but unless I get a trophy for getting back to MY truck first, speed won't be an issue. LOL. Did you get any picks of the trails? Also, you talked about "obstacles". Are there downed trees to go over? That's is something I have no clue how to do. Racing BMX as a kid taught me balance and body English but those don't have suspension. I don't know how to bunny-hop a 350cc trail bike so I haven't even dared to try a single track trail. Maybe you could school my old butt on that this summer!
  13. I rode Town Creek OHV & I gotta say for someone that’s only been riding trails since January it’s fun and an awesome workout. It’s an hour from my house so I plan to go frequently now. I need to go ahead and get the annual OHV pass for all the Chattahoochee-National Forest OHV. Great place for novice recreational trail rider to learn some flow and work on riding technique, stance, picking lines, roots and other obstacles, sand, gravel, and more. It’s a real good training ground for me at least.
  14. Meet at check-in lot, 900AM
  15. Sure man, np. Join us next time we go up there.
  16. Thanks. I rode Davenport Mtn OHV about a week ago, I should have tried to hit that while in the area.
  17. North GA, Young Harris
  18. Where is Rockcrusher Farm? What part of GA?
  19. Hey bud, I live in Winder and we can talk private message. I can’t share my spots publicly unfortunately.
  20. Meet at check-in lot, 9AM.
  21. I’d be down to make a run to monster... need a couple weeks notice tho... got a life that’s NOT on the track 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
  22. Haha it’s all good! Yea monster mountain is one of the nicest and most legit motocross tracks I’ve been to. I’ve only been out their once but need to make the trip again. Apparently they’ve redone or added a bunch of trails out there but I haven’t rode on them before. I think they have some videos on YouTube of one of the harescrambles they did a few weeks ago.
  23. There is plenty of easy trails too. Atv and sxs trails plus outer loop(road).
  24. Thanks. I would definitely like to hook up with some of you this summer and hit Highland Park and Iron Mountain too. I have watched the YouTube videos of Durham Towns beginner trails. The whole time I'm watching it I'm thinking, "Yeah, I could probably push the bike out of that if I got stranded." LOL. I'll let you know how it goes!
  25. I appreciate the offer but cant go to Durhamtown currently. Im 20 minutes from Highland Park so its much easier and better riding for me. Youll enjoy Dtown. Good place to wet your feet. Have fun!
  26. I'm actually planning on going to Durhamtown tomorrow. As an SRO I'm off for spring break. It's actually a little closer to me. I live in Winder. Everything I've researched says I'm an hour and 10 minutes from Durham town and about 2 hours away from Highland Park - Cedartown. Just want to hit some easy trails to see how she does. Not ready for anything gnarly yet. The only riding gear I have is a helmet gloves and some tactical boots. If you feel like making the hike out to Durham town let me know. I'll meet up with you and we can hit some trails. 678-520-4923.

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