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Looking for people that want to get together and trail ride in the bluegrass state. Single track, double track, any kind of track as long as its off-road and involves dirtbikes.

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  2. Thanks a lot. Road dirt bikes my whole life just getting into dual sports. Hope to move on up to an adventure bike too soon.
  3. Just curious if anybody knows of a decent hidden practice area. Looking for something with at least decent dirt that ain't gonna shred my tires in a day like that places I usually go to. I've been cutting in practice tracks at places like Mine Made (Knott Co) and South Fork (Breathitt Co) that have open fields but they're on old strip mines with almost no dirt, just jagged rocks and gravel beneath a thin patch of grass. There's a spot on a riverbank in Perry County that's pretty awesome, I've attached some pics of it to give you an idea, folks just kind of know about it and all is good with no troubles. I live in Lexington, work in Morehead, so I'd love to find an area closer to central Kentucky that I could hit in the evenings during the week. Is there anything down around S-Tree or the London area? Something along the Licking River? Anywhere closer to Lexington? Just looking for a patch of woods or maybe a powerline somewhere that I wouldn't get ran off of before even unloading.
  4. Happy to have you! I think your bike would be great for some trail riding. That's most of the riding I do now days anyway.
  5. Hello guys. I’m a Hoosier but no clubs near me. Insert Hoosier joke now! I have ridden dirt bikes for 30+ years. I now have a 1986 (yep almost new) XL250R. I’m not sure the kind of riding you all do but would my XL be suitable? I’m looking at a few strictly dirt bikes but none as of yet. Thanks a lot.
  6. I was registered for the Sprint Enduro this weekend in Bristol but the hurricane canceled it. If any of y’all are around the Hazard area I’d like to ride Sunday before heading back to Lexington.
  7. Yeap watched that one and also watched this one... The trails do appear to be in much better shape compared to what we ride. Much less rocky too which is nice. Looks like a fun place to mess around at for a day. We may check it out sometime soon.
  8. Wildcat I've heard is pretty well kept and a good place to ride. Here's a video of someone riding it
  9. I don't mind that as long as the trails aren't all completely tore up or destroyed.
  10. Wildcat is more Buggy, 4x4 and SxS riding in my opinion, there are some "ok" bike trails (at least when I went, but that has been a couple years back)
  11. I literally just got released from Covid, I have Asthma, which made it pretty bad, double pneumonia, on the mend now, but may be another month before I have my strength back and ready to ride, the guys I ride with, usually ride Redbird Crest Trail, sometimes S-Tree and Turkeyfoot, a few other short local places when we have short days for riding. I'll try to keep up with the new group
  12. Dirty Turtle is too far for me but Wildcat isn't, wonder if the place is decent for bikes? Can't do this weekend as we will be riding at Windrock on Sunday but maybe we can set something up for the following weekend.
  13. Anyone riding in or around KY this weekend? Was thinking about riding this Sunday at either Dirty Turtle or Wildcat. I haven't been to either but Dirty Turtle is decently close with only being an hour away. I've ridden out at SaddleBack East once but currently don't have a membership.

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