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For adventure riders in and around the Adirondack park in New York.

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  2. I have heated gloves and grips but that’s it. Need proper boots for real.
  3. You have heated gear? Went out today but it's cold.
  4. Rebuilding the dual carb on my XL350R. Still riding the GS straight through the dead season however.
  5. Bike is on the stand for the next several months. Great time to tinker.. I don't have anything in mind for my primary bike, but 'll be rebuilding the top-end on an old TT350 I pulled from a farmyard. Actually 2 TTs and an XT all 83-85ish I think. Got a "complete" one(no headlight or speedo) running last year but smoking bad, so ill tear it down again and hopefully just some love, cleaning and gaskets will get it back to good enough for a trail rider. By the way that's a custom bike stand and I'll sell you the plans cheap. What are you winter project plans for the bike?
  6. Not sure if any of you are up for it.. and it will probably wait til next season, but I thought playing tag with some of the great access roads in the nothern park would be fun. The DEC has Access Area/Parking Area signage all around, and some are in great spots. You can find all of them on their map, https://gisservices.dec.ny.gov/gis/dil/index.html?REC and if anyone wants to play, let's start with Terry Mountain - Military Pond. Capture a shot of your bike and the military pond sign, as well as your own target for us to find next. Tips/hints are optional, I've included a screenshot showing MudPond and Military Pond points just south of Terry mountain.
  7. I haven't, but probably will do more rides up north now. It was a check off the bucket list for this season.
  8. The land I took the pictures on is part of the campsite we stay at, privately owned. Anyone who camps can ride too- coolest campsite ever! It's mostly old logging trails, overgrown and wet! Some of the mine roads are nice, but need clearing. I'm seriously considering shorter gearing for my 650, as most trails are crawling speed. The last ride I took the pictures of, 'Fred the dog and I put about 12 miles on in the course of the afternoon. I'm done for the year up there, but next season I hope to expand some of the trails up and over Standish mountain, and maybe decend into some man ways of the mine. Good fun!
  9. Beautiful shots! Lyon Mountain is not far at all from me, I ride through there on tarmac every now and then but know nothing about what's off road up that way. Are these all your land or shared? Also these damn leaves.. beautiful in the trees but do a great job hiding those big rocks right now. Went out yesterday and got surprised more than once by some well-hidden hazards.
  10. I'm up in Peru. Know this spot well. I spent a few years living in LP, but I also love taking "the notch" up through Wilmington and I'll either come in north through Saranac Lake or this way when I come south from E-Town Keene. Do you frequent up here?
  11. What did you get? I might be able to do next weekend but we're trying to close up an outdoor building before snowfall so it depends how far we get this weekend. I snuck out yesterday for a 90 mile road cruise because I don't think we'll see 70 degrees again. Ranthrough Saranac lake and back and it was just gorgeous.
  12. I just picked up a Dakar! I need to get up there before it’s too cold. Anybody want to meet up last weekend in October? I’m in Palmyra. The pictures look beautiful! Thank you!
  13. Some scenes from the last ride of the season up here for me. Gonna close up the camp tomorrow
  14. I live in the catskills, but camp and ride in Lyon Mountain. Not sure if this weekend will be our last up there yet or not
  15. Just discovered your group..I went to lake placid last weekend. Lots of traffic and peepers. I'm south of Syracuse, where are you guys located?
  16. I'd follow you on that first picture! I'll be up again this weekend, hope to see new things with less leaves on trees. Found some diamond drill hole sites last week. Prospect drilling for the mine.
  17. Anyone have "one last ride" planned of any interest? Any common roads will be jammed with leaf peepers right now, but such beautiful days.
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