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This is a club located in PA for motorcycle enthusiasts. For people to talk about places to ride and explore in pa and the surrounding areas or to just talk dirtbikes.

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  2. hi. joined recently and was hoping to meet other riders and swap stories and lies and talk dirt bikes and bullshit. my handle describes my riding abilities but i have no shame from calling myself allwashedup. i rode and raced for many years and enjoyed many years of winning and losing races on many different types of motorcycles. now i enjoy a more moderate and slower pace but still enjoy wringing the shit out of my 2 stroke KTM for a few hours a few times a month. i only play ride now and use a lot more caution to reduce risk of injury. i ride mostly with some old retired racers from my heyday but enjoy meeting new friends and sharing my passion for riding off road motorcycles with them. riding dirt bikes is fun but sharing it with others is a blast. lets hear your story.......

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