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  2. NAH! That was ALL YOU DUDE! You laid out ALL the pertinent info in that last post.
  3. It's not trolling when you point out the 2010 to 2017 bike was a pile of sh.. It's not trolling when you say for years in sx tomac could not handle the pressure You try way to hard to prove something you don't even understand And on the 3rd point your wrong ,as usual You honestly bore me more than any other member , your like a nat that buzz buzz buzz , you serve no real purpose than to irritate
  4. Tried to send you a PM but the website won't let me (a notification pops up saying that you cannot receive PMs). Let me know where I can reach you (email preferred).
  5. BIF

    Mikuni tm42-6

    I realized how much people appreciate information written up the way you do so that was my goal to be more informative than just throwing things out there thanks boob we all learned something [emoji106]
  6. Alright so here is the long version in case it sparks an idea from someone: Unfortunately my bike has been living outside as i'm in an apartment for a few months. About two weeks ago i went to go ride and it wouldn't start, it was turning over and sounded strong, just wouldn't fire. That weekend i drained the carb thinking maybe it was flooded and it fired right up, but i couldn't ride. A few days later i go to ride it and it dies before getting out of the parking spot multiple times. Weird. This weekend i had some time in a garage so i cleaned the carb and jets, had the bike on a battery tender, and replaced the spark plug hoping it would be an easy fix. This morning i went to ride it and it still dies once you try to go. Under extreme feathering, i was able to get it going down the street and at the low speed/minor throttle inputs it felt okay until i stopped and it died again. Afterwards i was messing with it in my driveway and noticed that oddly enough, at a standstill, if i turned the handlebars left it would die, but not to the right. I think this seems like an electrical issue, maybe a corroded wire/connection? Any inputs or past experiences?
  7. I was doubtful at first but my buddy liked his so I ordered one. I thought the back would be a problem because it goes down so far but it never bothers me. Movement is good but it is HOT and smells like a whores meat sleeve after a day of riding The mesh keeps the elbows in place which is the main reason I never liked elbow guards
  8. Unless you have a gnarly pipe go 45. A richer needle setting offsets the leaner pilot and power jets and makes a better balance. rtv is correct, J to W only difference is in the starting diameter, that's it. N3CW-3 (N3EW-2.5) would be a conservative change if you think N3EW-3 is too rich.
  9. Good info BIF. I know that was a lot of work getting to that point. Re-connecting the AP will surely get rid of that momentary lean spot. GOOD JOB DUDE!!
  10. I just took my 501 for a fun ride in El Dorado Hills. I love the big bores. I am keeping it for sure. It's my big play bike and the 350 is my white lightning Enduro bike...………. more wine!
  11. Forums, ALL FORUMS, amaze me. There are always the IKMTY comments. TT is not exempt. The very first response to my post should’ve went like this: #1 "Man that’s cool that you care enough about our sport and riding in our State/National Parks/Forests that you want to tone it down a bit but why not put the stock muffler back on?" Me @ #1: "Well I bought the bike used and the stock fart whistle did not come with the bike.! LOL." #1 "Gotcha.! " #2 "Pro Circuit coulda prolly helped with inserts or end caps." Me @ #2: "I did check and my T4 already had the quietest end cap and spark arrestor they offer." #3 "I'm wondering how ya came up with this kind of mod.!" Me @ #3: "This area is a hot bed of automotive industry suppliers. One company in our industrial park makes SS exhaust tubing and another makes the perforated tubing components that go in truck/car mufflers. I own a rigging company and we work in these plants and I have seen thousands of muffler components with these same decibel-eating inverted flow pockets. It works." #4 "Well good luck with your horse power.!" Me @ #4 "Didn’t do it for performance. In my OP I said I needed it quieter. My crowd pleasing motocross and hill climbing days were over some 50 years ago.! LOL.!" Yep.! THIS is what posts should look like.
  12. Yes, but! Moving from 5.0 to 4.8 is drastic, effects all settings. My opinion and strategy is to set a baseline with springs,oil level and rebound stacks. Then to move over to BV and MV changes. From what I read you’re close. Don’t f it up by doing big changes.
  13. But would help much in motocross? I am genuinely asking because maybe I would get one. I am not so much talking about road crash and bruising...more serious stuff. Does it go under Jersey pretty good? I used flaks in the 90s and just getting on board again and trying to decide on new protection. I already have knee braces covered. Have decided against neck brace. So my main decision is torso. I might get new Flaks if nothing else it is what I was used to. I like kidney belts too.
  14. BIF

    Mikuni tm42-6

    Today was FINALLY the day I had time to wrap up my carb tuning man I'm slow but I nailed it so power is all in and smooth but Idle 12.8-13.2 Just off idle a little lean spot it hits 13.8-14 just for a sec Cruising is mid 13's And wide open 12.8-mid 13's 1 3/4 turns out 25 pilot 96 needle 3rd clip down Y5 needle jet 155 main This is with the AP disconnected but I'm going to reconnect it and have it come on as soon as the slide opens hitting the needle and off at 3/4 I think that will be a good place I hope this can help anyone trying to jet this carb I'm at sea level 70 degrees 60% humidity JE advertised 10.5 to 1 comp 102 bore hotcams stage 1 pocket ported and runners smoothed FMF power bomb header DG O slip on Air box opened as much as I could without creating some adverse turbulence KnN filter with the preafilter enjoy and safe riding
  15. @mog and @redrider144 have been sniffing each other's farts for too long and it is making them crazy. They need to get out of the basement and get some fresh air..
  16. Hi all, what Tusk or other brand gear shifter will work on the 2020 300RR? Are they the same as a 2018 or 2019? Reason I am looking is I like to ride with the gear shifter rotated down 1 notch. The stock gear shifter on my 2020 will not work because when I move it 1 notch down, it touches the bottom frame rail when trying to down shift. The middle of the shift lever arches down. It's the middle of the arch that makes contact with the frame. No grinding will work on this. I need a new shift lever that does not have the downward arch. Thank you
  17. Nope. He took kens line at the bottom of the take off face. Watch it again. Not dirty, just smart.
  18. This is what was in bike and this is what came with new plunger.
  19. Agree, it looked like smart race craft to me. It's not like they were side by side in the air or anything.
  20. I have one of these that I only use when it's under 60 degrees and it works better than anything else I have owned. Falling on rocks doesn't hurt as bad as it should but It's just too damn hot When it gets warm I just wear a hydro pack with elbow guards
  21. Actually it has ,but for you being wrong is the norm ..... It was spoke of earlier in the year ,it was only about 8 minutes into a main event This is what bores me I've never once said the 2020 was a bad bike Tomac is riding like a different person I saw it how it is ,you just make up bs day after day after day after day lol... Are you really this clueless? You validated two of my three points with this one reply alone. Point one...the 2020 bike is good...so you don't have that to bitch about or troll with anymore. Point two...Eli isn't having his normal meltdowns and is kicking ass in SX...so you don't have that usual troll bait to fish with. Point three... I didn't see any smoking and really don't care so I'm not going back to look. 2 out of 3 is enough to make you look silly.
  22. How does that make any sense? In one sentence you accuse me of playing contrarian and taking the opposites side of arguments. And in the very next sentence you claim I defend dirty riding constantly which implies consistency and not playing contrarian. You have been hanging around @mog too much and are becoming just as airheaded.
  23. shrubitup

    2015 RMZ450

    Seen some very low used 18s for that. RMZ is a great bike but perhaps not so good for a novice? Really friendly power below .75 throttle but above that - danger if you're not ready for it. New bikes for $5K makes sense though but low hour used RMZ450s exist and very likely no damage done - durable bikes! What's your height and weight? May need a rekluse auto clutch if you're riding slow stuff. 12T counter shaft sprocket helps heaps but it really depends on your average speed. RMZ250 may be better. Track or trail or both and if so, what percentage for each?
  24. Most likely. Certainly, the right angled connector is for the flasher relay.
  25. I have to agree with this at least as far as shoulder protection goes. My last two chest protectors have had nice netting over the shoulders to suspend the pads and spread the load rather than just foam against you. It's a far better system than most use today. The downside (at least on mine) and probably a main reason why people don't like them is because the protection is so good it really restricts your free arm movement. If I put my arms over my head or straight out from me and then bring my hands together the plastic pieces between the shoulders and chest will bind. I don't notice it off road too much while riding, but I could see how an FMX guy wouldn't dig it. And no getting it under a jersey unless you have a super big jersey and don't mind looking like an NFL lineman.
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