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  2. If you can't find another frame, you could have that one straightened and strengthened with gussets for peace of mind.
  3. are you saying youre after another frame and forks ? you can get those straightened
  4. the difference is the frame and cases - different part numbers so different size - not rocket science
  5. Yeah looks good the 18 too
  6. Hey this thread is about 125cc !
  7. Yeah thanks mate I might just do that hopefully they look after me. I change the oil after every ride It will probably fall apart now after they let the jap air out and the salty Aussie air in Oh well
  8. Knipex we have in the UK actually, anything German is solid usually. We have Snap-On here as well but it's overkill for a part-time wrencher like me. I just opened up the clutch again and made a video, here's the link: Clutch Issue I think maybe my cable is stretched, but does the range of rod motion and other assembly parts look normal?
  9. You can get really good results with keihin brass and Suzuki triple taper needles from a 2004-2008 rm250
  10. Got an issue that's doing my head in. Any advice will be gratefully received! A few days ago when riding on the road at around 50kmh on my KLX, I noticed that the bike started weaving from side to side quite badly. My initial thought was that I had a flat tyre. Visually both looked fine, but I went straight to the servo to check pressures. Both tyres were within a couple of psi of where they normally are, so that wasn't the issue. The bike also wants to fight back when going around a roundabout or corner at slow speed. I had a new set of Kenda 270's fitted approx 1000kms ago. I did notice that they are a bit squirmy at highway speeds, which I found out after purchasing can be an issue with this tyre. Today, I went to a 100kmh road and the weave/squirm also appears worse at this speed. I've visually checked the tyres and also had the front wheel off the ground to see if anything appears out of place with the steering. Could this be a wheel balance issue? If so, could/would this have caused the problem to appear out of nowhere? The tyres were fitted by the local ITS and I'm not sure if they were balanced. I really need to get this sorted as I don't feel safe while riding at all! Cheers in advance.
  11. Yeah I said only "differences" , what I really meant was handling , how does it compare , pre 2008 it is a 125 with a 200 engine , but now that they are both in the same frame is the 200 still more nimble ? I guess it is because they made the 200 with smaller wheel base , @kxrob , the wheelbase means axle to axle so tyre size does not influence wheelbase at all @kxrob "only 4mm which is not even worth worrying about" : Well i do worry , as i come from an EXC 400 , and I can tell that the CRF250 and the KX125 are much closer in geometry and feel than the EXC400 @theBIGnaud : man that is exactly what I am afraid of :)))))))
  12. Did the same thing a couple weeks ago except it was my boots that I forgot. What was supposed to be a quick evening ride ended up being a giant waste of time lol
  13. thank you for your reply. I guess that sooner or later a bad english phrase appear... :-P Yeah...Every additional shim would make it stiffer in any way. I don't want to go with thicker shims to prevent destroying the shims. So the question is still there how...which effective way makes the stack stiffer? As an additional information: I have a clicker range of 25klicks. to compensate the energy of the spring i have to go down to 7 clicks out with fresh oil. The goal is to keep it at 10 klicks out, but...I am not 100% sure whether the needle design/assembly allows it.
  14. Hi all.. My daughter went head on into a 4x4 fence post on her PW50 last week and bent the forks and waffled the frame behind neck tube... Thank god she is ok, but I need to get her bike fixed. Please let me know if you have one. I'm located in NJ. Here's some pics of the damage....
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  16. What did you do or not do to the clutch? On pliers, we have Channel Lock in the USA, Knipex from Germany. I have some older model Craftsman Professional that were made by Western Forge in the USA.
  17. On rebound stacks of 0.1mm the face shim often contacts the base plate , this adds alot of damping at high speeds , on yours that's not going to happen , you could add 13.2,12.2 to the taper, you could add a face shim or add a larger clamp , all with give more damping , if you add face shims or a bigger clamp it does a similar thing. Your English is better than most people . I recently went to Amsterdam and they spoke English better than my home town .....
  18. Here's the original report , the subframe is a real concern as well http://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/17-CRF-linkage-snapped,1326777?page=1
  19. That is my first reply here...yeehaaa! We've used a RSV in a Z1000 with a ZX10R-Shock...So this is Superbike and Naked Bike Stuff. Honestly it was a experiment which comes up very good. We've recognized that changes either on the compression and the rrebound adjuster always had influences on the other. In a worst case scenarion you have to adjust the spring preload to get travel or to reduce travel...always circling around this problem. The RSV made a massive change for the owner. Simply because he can adjust to less compression on a bad day or to more if he wants to go more aggressive. Then he also doesn't deal with a passive change in rebound and on the other side a change in the springpreload isn't necessary.
  20. Long time since I've been here No more CRF, but Husky, Freeride and Hypermotard for now
  21. He just needs to run at 60:1
  22. Where the Joker lane re enters looks super dangerous?
  23. Hello @all! I am new here and I was looking for a thread to tell you I am new but I can't find one. So I will introduce myself in this thread. I am a german engineer, 32 years old. My english isn't perfect but I am always trying my best. I am riding sportsbikes since I am 18 years old and I was riding different german bikes from 16. You might wonder why I am riding a Suspension question in the dirtbike section, while I am riding sportbikes...I am reading silently different threads around here but at this point I decided to sign up cause I need your help. And what I've recognized is that a lot of people in the dirtbike section have experience with revalving forks and shocks. So in regards to my forks...I have to stiffen up the rebound stack - by the way the ports of the pistons do not restrict any flow. They are wide open ;-) So my Rebound Stack is this: 3x22 x0.15 20x0.15 18x0.2 16x0.2 14x0.2 11x0.25 +BackingPlate Alright... I know there are several options to stiffen the stack. But I wanted to hear your advice...Should I use a bigger clamp shim. More face plates...and so on I am looking forward for your replies and suggestions.
  24. A few points , he took off the front mudguard to save weight , it was still a bitch to pick up and he needs electric start , if he had a sxf he would have gone lower with less energy and could use the starter even whilst mid drift [emoji3]
  25. His reeds are no doubt fine And reports are the 'kuni once jetted works as good or better than a Kee-hin.
  26. Yeah. He doesnt wanna smoke that joint.
  27. Lol you had a spy cam installed , i just reply to red " you bought one " or how are your reeds ? [emoji3]
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