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  2. numroe

    new dirt bike plastics on a old bike

    Nice job Krypto. Also good to see when a man works on his dirt bike before his garden patch. BTW. If you want some motivation to cut those edges, then use castor oil in your 2 stroke whipper snipper. Works for me. I'm into my leaf blower too. As a bonus you can use them wide open throttle all the time and they never wear out. Sure you do Wolfy. Now we know you're trolling.
  3. Shane Galvin

    What model have I?

    I am almost certain that it's the original engine there is no sign of any 2 stroke brackets or any thing and no modifications to fit new engine also engine looks same as the pampera but that has right way up forks . So I'm still confused
  4. Landy-Pilot

    GasGas or Beta

    Hi Guys, I’ve been contemplating a purchase of a beta xtrainer for a while, I’d heard a little about the gassers then never investigated further. Various things have been holding me back on a xtrainer mainly regarding the oil injection and capacitors corroding etc. I know the injection can be removed but still was nagging at me. Also the suspension didn’t sound very good but I’m used to that on my crf! I’m new to 2 strokes btw other than my stihl chainsaws! From what info I’ve managed to find in the last few days these gassers look really good and there doesn’t seem to be much of, if any issues with the ec300. I know they are different animals in terms of seat height and gasser having better suspension but other than that would me as a newbie to 2 stroke enjoy a ec300? Seems from what I’ve seen they can lug and stuff? Most of my riding would be done at slower speed, we have to share our very limited number of trails over here (UK) with a lot of other users. In terms of maintenance/piston replacement would the gasser be similar to what I’ve seen for xtrainers? As noted above I’m a calm trail rider not a racer. Though with such a bike I may consider some enduro practice days. The bike over here would be road registered from the dealer which is necessary for connecting our limited trails. Also I can’t seem to see any info as to whether these are pre mix or injection? I presume premix? and what ratio would this be out of interest? Thanks in advance guys for helping a potential newbie to the 2 stroke crowd.
  5. numroe

    Do I need a new bottom end?

    DOC, Maybe you like these ...
  6. what is the english version of simple green as i've never heard of it ?

  7. hawaiidirtrider

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    One of Pagabins vid from a couple years ago riding central Oahu trails a couple miles away.
  8. Today
  9. engl

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    I d like to; but 10000miles away....
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a 2005 husqvarna te450 as a bit of a project. i’m almost done fixing it all up and getting it ready for a blue slip. However, I have a light and wiring issue. My brake light works fine when front lights are off. Brake switches work and it goes from nothing to on when I hit brakes. But when I turn any of the front lights on, it goes to a bright light permanently even when brakes are not applied. How do I fix this? I have a multi meter and a wiring diagram. I opened front light switch and it looks fine. I know both brake switches are working fine and are not stuck on. i have no idea re electrics. Do I simply have the brake and light wires in contact somewhere? Ie due to insulation worn through? How do I go about fixing this? Have been trying for days. The brake wires voltage was ac 9.9 when bike on and brake pressed. Didn’t check voltage through tail light wire yet Cheers ben
  11. kxrob

    What model have I?

    https://bikez.com/motorcycles/gas_gas_halley_125_2009.php should be a 2 stroke , has someone installed a different engine ?
  12. Romney1

    Rmx250 1995 project

    No i havnt tried messing with the screw yet i did back it in a fraction to 1.quarter like you said tbh iv never had any luck with turning the mixture screws on carbs always seems to sound the same to me lol. Ill get some pictures when im next out on it i cant bloody wait . This weekend has Been mental so not had time .. im going to use this tank of mx5 putoline oil up then swap to motul 710 with the lower flash point
  13. ok i'll pull them apart again and have another look (done this about 8 times already)  is there a diaphram in them that could cause the problem as i'm running out of places to look on them   i cant replace them as they are made of unobtanium  unless a twin carb swap from a different bike thats known of  as ther'es no spares where i am     and i'm not sure what to soak them in as i've only got brake and clutch cleaner  

    i'ts starting to give me the grumbles  £2000 spent 14 years scraping it back together and i've only got 60km's out of it.........thinking of binning the motor and wiring and find something else to squeeze into the frame  

  14. Mx-Wall

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    Acerbis. Works great. No scratch on the frame
  15. Black-swan

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Hi, please see the TPS circled below, it is the 3 pin plug, this is on the opposite side of the throttle cables as you've mentioned, but is not clearly shown in the diagram. I'm just not sure which type of plug I'd need from you or how to adjust the voltage with this setup. Hi, #13 is the baro sensor I think, the TPS is on the left hand side of the throttle body, but now I can see it is not clearly shown in the diagram. Thanks for your input Here is a link to the parts manuals, it's the 300 fi engine https://tmukonline.com/manuals-2/
  16. To check if your powervalve is operating you need to do a couple of things... with the engine off, pull up the rubber cover which is to the right of the cylinder. Under which is a shaft which rotates and opens and closes the powervalve based upon engine speed. On this shaft, you should see a couple of dots which should be in alignment with each other when the engine is off. Next, start the bike and look at the shaft under the rubber cover... when you rev the engine you should see the shaft rotate at higher revs. Therefore, - if the dots on the shaft aren't aligned with the engine off, then the powevalve governor requires alignment and/or - if the powervalve shaft isn't rotating with an increase in engine speed, then the powervalve mechanisms are inoperative Both of the above can give you bogging symptoms. Yooj
  17. eXc

    Spanner wrench??

    you mean like this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Motorcycle-ATV-Dirt-Bike-Shock-C-Spanner-Wrench-Absorber-Adjust-Tool-Suspension/331953237286?hash=item4d49f46d26:g:mxcAAOSwqs1b66Id:rk:8:pf:0 I have a c spanner left over from when I used to drift, came with my coil over shocks. only moves a small amount at a time, but works well to get lock nut undone. after that, it's easiest to spin with two hands.just get rear wheel off the ground and away you go.
  18. Bernie Nottelling

    Rekluse clutch cover on 2019 ?

    maybe boyesen do covers for the 19 ? otherwise, get a spacer machined and use longer bolts and 2 gaskets, probably cheaper than a new cover either from recluse or boyesen.
  19. Bernie Nottelling

    Kx450f 2017 or 2018

    I think, a tad steep that price... I sent a pm..
  20. Bernie Nottelling

    Rekluse in down under for sale

    got a core exp 3.0 with 17 cover in Melbourne for sale, not needed, bike sold...brand new, never used ..offers taken
  21. MANIAC998

    2019 SX Champ

    That's because it's true, now that I'm on this end of the bell curve.
  22. Did yours come restricted or unrestricted ? Aus is the same as UK I seem to remember Yes I think if you keep it STD you are not going to have major issues ,if you modify it with a head etc and don't take it to Dyno and make sure it's running safe you are going to have problems, if I had a tpi I think I would leave it STD , it has good afr and 47hp which is enough in reality ,an rmz450 only has a few hp more and weighs loads more
  23. Mx-Wall

    Change gear yz250 2013-2015??

    Hi I ride mostly woods 13-49. But when I hit the mx-track It feels to short. Maybe I must change to 14-49 Cheers Thx
  24. timmyp8823

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    To me,the red line signifies the point in the rev range where the engineers have decided that the motor may become subject to damage. Yes your Toyota will rev beyond the redline,but you wouldn’t drive it at that RPM for an hour straight(I hope). If you did and the engine failed,I doubt it would be fixed under warranty. I’ve always figured that rev limiters kicked in slightly below an RPM level that isn’t physically sustainable for the engine(floating valves,etc). Just because a vehicle didn’t come with a tach doesn’t mean that the range between redline and the rev limiter doesn’t exist,it means that you need to be smart enough to tell where it is on your own.
  25. I see the DR650 is about 45 pounds heavier than the DRZ400 and granted it is not the end of the world as a monstrosity but I was tryin hard to keep the weight around 300 pounds. And YES ABSOLUTELY to getting OEM recommendations on maintenance.... like for instance for the Honda CRF450 the mfgr recommends changing oil every 15 hours! That is less than 1000 miles at 65 mph. Also valve check every 1800 miles. What does the Suzuki owners manual say about oil changes and valve checks for their DRZ400 models and the DR650?
  26. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Pro Circuit A kit forks $1400 Showa A kit forks. SFF Air forks, Kashima coated upper, Ti nitrate gold lower tubes. Built by Pro Circuit. Forks are in good condition with no leaks. The scratches on the upper tubes are mostly covered up when mounted in the triple clamps. Lower ti nitrate coating in great condition. The gold colored billet lugs have a big wear spot on the outter fork leg side where the brake mounts. Could get them hard anodized for around $75 if you'd want to. These forks will fit both KX, and CRF A kit clamps. The CRF and KX use the same axle. Just have to make sure you run the appropriate brake hanger. $1400 obo plus shipping and PayPal fees. Robinmac82@yahoo.com


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