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  2. I remember it [emoji106]. Think of it all the time lol
  3. I have been using them for 3 years. I use the bucket as well, clamps on the front but not rear. I just threw 3 in the trash. I think I ruined the liner just now taking it off. I found the hole. It was from the last tire iron used on the tubliss. The problem I have is getting the tubliss on and off the rim. The tire is no problem. I do it in the correct order knowing that the beads need to drop into the center, thus the valve areas last on the tire, but first on the tubliss. I ordered 4 bladders overnight from 2 places hoping it to come before I leave for vacation. Now, I need to order a red liner because I will never invest time into a deformed red liner.
  4. california

    My wife says how come I can’t go on the back of the supermoto bike? I told her it’s not for two people. She says well then we need another bike. I said ok I’ll buy two more bikes.
  5. Doc, That'll buff out. Moral of the story, it pays to verify the engineering of aftermarket parts before installing.
  6. Same reason we ride bikes, it’s fun [emoji6]
  7. it does not the shock fits the inlet, but the dog bone length is different, and the knuckle may be different (which may be what I am after...I will check when my linkage comes off for servicing)
  8. California

    my s3 head is still perfect with 40000 hours on it
  9. Quit my job this evening. Been grumpy all week because of it, so when my boss came into the shop at 5pm I handed him my letter of resignation. Feels great!!!
  10. Try a dt 1 filter to, they even have a tripple layer.
  11. @OnPipe situation is exactly why folks need to know and go after KTM for bad parts on brand new bikes. Especially after the 6 months is up but the emissions stuff is still covered by EPA mandate. If KTM doesn't go through the pain and expense then they will not get better... and folks will continue to pay for expensive repairs they should not. You chose to go outside the system for your own reasons... but the fact that dealer service departments don't even know about the emissions warranty requirement unless the consumer makes them contact KTM Corporate is a HUGE issue. And worse yet consumers have NO IDEA they have protection against these expensive repairs. ECUs... sensors... exhaust pipes... fuel pumps... gas tanks... all this stuff is part of the emissions system. SPREAD THE WORD FELLAS !
  12. I have seen few arthro surgeries on the TFCC in which the person was actually any better when it was all over.
  13. It's true, 625hp and 1200lbft is all i could really afford. It's my daily driver and gets over 18mpg combined.
  14. California

    Gotta be a joke in there somewhere... something to do with riding orange and flaking.... [emoji38]
  15. California

    Did you use simple green?
  16. After I finished serving my customer, I hightailed to Ryan Field. Security is pretty lax there. I got up to the fence about 100 yards from the B-17. It was just idling, I just kept thinking there goes $100 then a second later there goes another $100, etc... eventually they taxied to the end of the strip and powered up a couple times then finally started the takeoff run, lifted off right into the sunset and did a slow bank to the north. It was a truly beautiful thing...
  17. I have a question, What is the logic behind adding ATF to the engine oil?
  18. But i shouldn't have rode today dumb lol
  19. I've seen way over that on my truck.
  20. Thanks for posting the fix
  21. I wanna ride i wanna ride i wanna ride 🎵🎵 remember that commercial 😃 prob not but song gets stuck in head 😀
  22. Washington

    I made up a heavy broad axe head on a short hatchet size handle that would fit in my pack. In many cases could cut through smaller stuff way faster than any handsaw.
  23. California

    What's the problem? Anodizing just started flying off of it. Just annoying not really a big deal . I hope there is clear under there and the rest of the orange will flake off perfectly .
  24. I know lol. It’s basically a drag car, just a truck instead. It’s about as useful as a top fuel car [emoji1].
  25. Man that amount of $$ and effort to avoid tubes is crazy in your case. I’d just go back to tubes lol. you guys are having way more trouble than I ever have with tubes. But then again you went tubliss for a reason so I don’t know, carry on.
  26. Been running them since 2010. Youve gotta be doing something wrong. When you get home pop the hood, chuck you tire on top of your motor, close the hood onto the tire, Remove the valve core from the bladder. Get your tire off, grab your new one, soap it up jam the wheel in there, ALAWAYS start opposite the rimlock/bladder schrader, they will be at 11, and 1, start at 6. The first side should be cake Now heres the real trick. Get some c clamps or vise clamps (vise grips that are set like c clamps) Again start opposite the bladder and rimlock. Work it on, once its about half way on put the c clamps at 330, 6, and 830. This will push the tire into the rim drop and allow you the slack to install the tire, apply more soapy water, proceed with caution. Once you get more on move the clamps to 3, 6, 9. Another tip, do this on a 5 gallon bucket or 30 gallon drum that is also the shop trash can. Also With the tire iron, jamm that trucker in there, but pull it back out till its barely got a bite I use 3 differet tire iorns.......
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