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  2. So how did this work out?? And how does the RK head run? And what kind of head design did you choose? Elevation? Pump gas? Etc??? Etc.
  3. That is a nice Sherpa or Sherpa/Alpina hybrid? If it is a hybrid you will first know the differences when you riding the bike due to the different gearing. That model, the 159 and the 199b are the nicest Sherpas ever. Here my 199b which is road legal too and a racing conversion like the Pumas. Some modifications especially to the suspension too. (Sorry for the double posted photo, that was a mistake)
  4. With all the gear talk can any one confirm where the thrust waster goes? before or after the gear manual shows it before the gear ( on the seal side ) but when it passes over the spline it's loose on the crank, would that not create a balance issue when the engine is running
  5. If we can find another machine shop we have some made up...but we need to spend over £1000 at a time otherwise it's not cost effective.
  6. I finally installed my Boano Sachs forks and fastway link yesterday. Installation went smoothly, but i made a huge mistake. I did not take enough measurements before I started. Now that the link it s lowered a little I don't have enough data to get the front and rear ride heights adjusted properly and in balance. It is hard to tell from feel because the sachs forks ride a lot higher in the stroke even though they are lowered (brand new lighter springs). Note: the axle is different on the sachs forks so my brand new BRP red front disk guard will no longer bolt on. Now I need to sell it and order the guard for the 300rr. Could one of you with a stock xtrainer give me some ride height measurements for front and rear? Preferably sitting on the ground under it's own weight, no rider.
  7. HB3andC nailed it, I have one for the old lady and never had to use the decomp to start.
  8. Wouldn’t be surprised if the previous owner ran that thing out of oil if it “needs piston and rings”. Those are oil injected with the oil tank under the seat. When I was 10 my two friends and I got rt100’s and one of my buddies fried the bike by filling the oil tank with 10w30
  9. A while ago there was a thread of someone saying they put a ktm head on a Beta 300 . Maybe in that thread ? Idk but I haven’t found it. Maybe it’s at Betarider threads? . It was a while ago. I remember a reference to asking slavens if they could try the ktm threads.
  10. Stock length for 11” travel 5wt BelRay oil 110mm from top .38 kg spring .024” of shims on compression stack added .016” of shims to rebound stack I’m 6’1” very plush ride I will ride more tomorrow after 150f flywheel install. Followed Dwight Rudder off road sag suggestions and really like how it feels.
  11. Nearly as satisfying knowing forkner is going to go on and win some 450 titles before he’s 28
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  13. my kill switch is not working and i had bought a new one , My problem is that , i cant disconnect the OEM kill switch . is it a trick to disconnect it !? plz Help
  14. You can use oil weights ,but it affects rebound as well
  15. Yes I agree 1/2" staples are too long, especially if you cut down your foam. I used 3/8" staples and a pnuematic stapler, I've tried a electric one berfore and it still was a pain in the ass. I have always had to cut down my seats I'm only 5'6" on a good day.
  16. Bummer.. wish you a fast recovery...such horrible luck.
  17. Watching Forkner eat shit under pressure from Osbourne made for some extremely satisfying racing. And then coming together with a lapper hahahhahhahaha. Maybe karma is for real. Cross jumpers get your comeuppance.
  18. Thanks chaps I made the move back to blue ! I actually got an 18 WR250F as I got a great deal and then removed lights etc to give me the spec I wanted, everything on this year’s WR is basically the same as the fx now but the map is apparently designed to lug super low added an Akra pipe and Lithium battery and by removing all the other unwanted parts, clocks, loom, switches, licence plate bracket, headlight etc we saved 7kgs on the scales, now the dry weight is comparable to a Ktm or husky Enduro around 103kgs dry. just need to get out on it now 👍
  19. I live in Serbia. A new xtrainer is about 6500 eur. Thats with no guards and no extra equippment. There is one used 2015 xt being sold right now for about 5k. The only other bike which I am seriousley looking at and gave an offer to the owner is a 2014 300 exc. Its 4.5 k euros, has lots of eqippment but it has 180h on it. The guy who rode it is an A class competitor, so mechnically he has taken good care of it, aestetically its ok, and its not too tall for be since im 186 cm and longer legs. The power was there when I tried it but I kept in low rpms since ita not my bike yet. If he lowers the price I think I might buy it.....most of the other comments even here were get the 300rr ( which even used is too much for me right now) or the exc. But maybe you have a point...idk, the problem is I cant really know what really auits me until I buy the bike and ride it a few times...and by that time Im commetted to thw bike since. Also, selling the KTM would be much eaaier here...
  20. Personally never felt comfortable whenever I tried an Airoh. Chin is in chewing distance, padding is very thin and while the M was extremely tight the L was loose (normally I wear M). That was an av 2.1, I tried an already broke in 2.2 and it felt better both in fit and finish but still not very happy with it. But the part I really don't like is that the shell is very flexible. I am no fan of Arai like rigid shells but this is the exact opposite. My humble Kali AATMA fits much better and is quite cool on warm weather. My old TLD SE3 also fit better and was top quality but could be lighter and certainly not the best for warm weather. Bottom line is that you have to wear a helmet before you buy it. A question for 6D owners. Are they still so heavy? I remember that when they first appeared on the market, their claimed weight was above 1.5 kg....
  21. Every time I've been there, whoever doesn't have a spark arrestor gets a ticket. Its great weather now so its popping off. Red sticker and spark arrestor. Its a park. They love making money. But plenty of fun. Whatever displacement. But its very open. 450f is better than a 250f there for sure. Lots of top end.
  22. I wish quick and full recovery. It's true that most injuries occur when you are cool not when you are pushing. Anyway, when you start repairing the bike, make sure that you will give a good check on the subframe's aluminum downtubes. They may be slightly bent and you may catch this from the seat not feeling aligned to the bike but the most critical side effect is that it might misalign the air box boot which will let dirt into the carb.
  23. The best part about tonight's race was watching Tomac ride. Impressive and holy corner speed batman
  24. I've been running a Moose plastic skid plate for over a year now and it works quite well, slides on rocks better than aluminum, access holes are fine for oil changes and it protects the front sides of the motor and water pump. An added bonus is that annoying resonant vibration is gone, don't see any down sides yet. Hope you find a solution that works for you as we all have our favorites.
  25. Well did the Revolution Trials training day today and focused on leaning slow tight turns in a marked out section and off camber turns , learnt a lot now just need to keep practising
  26. Full length of swing arm is 57 cm
  27. THAnkyou all for the help, I got the cover back on and the silicon adhesive works great!
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