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  2. Thanks, that was very helpful. I think I'll pull the trigger on a new 300 in the next couple weeks.
  3. It would be sweet if you could post a few measurements from that rear suspension build. Like distance from the shock heim to the swingarm pivot, distance from wheel axle to swingarm pivot, and what angle the shock is at when the bike is on a stand. Im trying to do a similar build, but im frustrated trying to find the measurements! Lol
  4. Continuation of slides from the "In Search of the Holy Trail" presentation.
  5. Thanks I’ll give it a try. I was concerned because the rebound adjustment is on that bottom piece which is why I thought removing it would release the oil.
  6. It may be important to note that some of the most common elements of Best Practices OHV trail layout and construction are often overlooked by professional trail builders. The most common mistake I see with new trail design is attempting to drain water off the trail tread in areas where the OHV tires are turning and creating side force on the trail tread. Always remember to drain water off the trail in areas where the tires do not create any side force on the trail tread. Side force quickly dams up any drain you attempt to create on the outside of a turn and in a short period of time most turns will not drain to the inside either for the same reason. Always make Turns High & Straights Low. BTW, the Single Track ST230 machine tracks are only 24 inches wide when at their minimum width. The 6 way dozer blade is also only 24 inches wide. This is the only machine I know of that can create true single track trail with a tread that is initially only 24 inches wide in steep, difficult terrain. I am going to attempt to place the slides from my presentation, "In Search of the Holy Trail" in this thread. The files may be to big for one post so look for a subsequent post for continuation of this presentation if it does not all fit in this one.
  7. Oh baby!! This tire's dimensions are perfect. I can't wait to ride this thing. I had to cut out those triangulated frame pieces that I previously bent into position. They were just getting in the way, and I have a better plan that involves this sweet upper shock mount. More on this tomorrow.
  8. The rear shock ln this bike is a very weak point. What do you guys think about a KTM style PDS rear shock setup on this bike? I could probably find a used shock for cheap, and I can't imagine it would be worse than this stock shock. Think I could get the angles right?
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  10. I’ve tried various oils, motorex, maxima and no toil all by submerging the filter and not cans
  11. I’ve tried motorex,maxima and no toil oils. All by dunking filter into oil and not spray cans.
  12. What year and how many hours ? Does the berg use the same engine ? Did you find the cause ? It's possible we might actually learn something if red doesn't come in and ruin it as usual
  13. I agree with gsa, our 2009 did this until I got the jetting dialed in.
  14. As usual red your trying to lump in all bikes together ,it's a mixture of failures your using to make it appear worse Some of the bikes are not even from the engine type you claim have the "design flaw " I'm not playing your silly game any longer I might go into the Yamaha forums telling them about the SSS design flaws ,I'm sure they will find me helpful ....
  15. You think they are deciding to prep a 250f just for a mud ride ?
  16. I have clearly said based on the fact every pro rider has said it's a huge improvement,that Yamaha seems to have finally got a decent base to work from ,it's still not impressing any testers but it's no longer a turd
  17. Kevin knows the 4cs better than anyone ,why would you not use him ?
  18. O.11
  19. I really thought Roczen would be the only guy to threaten Dungey's #'s as far as consistency and avg finish. He's got all the tools but just crashes way too much or has those nights where he's struggling...
  20. Listen to what Goatse said and go with the CX, not the standard radius. If you find a good deal on the Core 3 id still go with that over the standard radius. Reason being is the clutch pull. The radius X achieves its free play gain at the clutch perch and it results in a stiff clutch pull. For me, I still use the clutch lever 95% of the time and this would definitely not be an option for me with how stiff the pull becomes. The CX and Core keep a relatively stock clutch pull with the CX being slightly lighter out of the two. This is because of the medium clutch plate springs the CX uses (Core uses half heavy, half medium).
  21. I have a 2014 Crf450r. i was looking to see if they made grey plastics for it because i feel a grey/black combo with hints of red would be badass. lmk asap if you know anywhere i can get them
  22. Those 2 parts will separate from each other allowing you to put a new stopper on Loosen off / remove the the spring - grip the shaft in a vice with plastic jaws / 2 bits of ply so it doesnt mark the shaft - wind off the bottom of the shock Its probably loctited on
  23. Find a way to access the search reason to recreate the wheel here, again....
  24. Hi folks I'd agreed earlier today to buy a new for me 2014 yzf250. It's to be my first ever bike. So I'm excited... Then I was told this afternoon the 2014 model has a history of exploding their little ends due to insufficient oil pathways. This puts a proper damper on my enthusiasm... My question is , is this problem a common thing to happen or is it just a random few that were affected but word of mouth has meant it sounds more common than it is? Second question is, how would you go about preventing the problem in the first place?
  25. Quality engineering there mate, love Franken-bikes & reading about them & understanding em' especially Yami's, I just bought my self a 2000 model WR200 here in OZ, road rego'ed & I would like to know if a blaster 200 V-Force reed block will bolt up to it? Cheers Andy.
  26. Do you have any idea what shipping would be to Las Vegas?
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