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  2. Yes, OEM manuals paper for every bike I have bought or worked on. I like the paper ones because I can make notes and correct errors if discovered. I like electronic versions because I can print out key pages, get them oily and toss after. I only have one electronic copy of a bike manual backing up a paper one. Though there is something to be said for thumbing through an old paper manual, seeing coffee cup rings on pages the cup was used to hold open in the shop. Indelible memories.
  3. ken350

    RAC riding meetup thread

    Keep me posted, thanks !!
  4. No. I'm told Gas Gas doesn't have one period, available. For the Husaberg I have not needed it yet. I think it may only be available on CD, totally useless. Who has a CD drive anymore.
  5. poconovfr

    Bike for my 9 year old

    Yeah I gotta agree. It’s tough to be a 2t in the little guy classes. If he fits on a Honda CRF150R is a pretty legit bike. Have a peak. If not the Kawi is a great bike.
  6. Adric123

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Thanks everybody, I bought it. It's got some problems, some minor some very worrying. It has low compression, the air filter is dried and crusty and there is dirt in the air boot. It has a very slow oil leak, the clutch isnt engaging probably do to the cable being out of adjustment, but theres not engine knock or piston slap that I noticed. I got it for $625 and I did confirm it's a 2006 with the vin number. I'm anticipating a new top end, haveing the bore replated, possibly a new bottom end, and I should still be in the normal price range for a running dirt bike of its model and year. Hopefully operation dont get screwed is a go! Haha
  7. Bought factory paper manuals off of Ebay for both of my Hondas.
  8. Wow 240zdan, that is exactly what i was looking for. Everything i've found up till now said that the "idle adjust screw" really an airscrew is a bad fix, this is exactly what i needed, thanks so much for the link!
  9. yz dude

    250 sx question...got the scooter bug!

    7Tktm, has he raced/ridden any Jap 2-strokes? does he like the way the ktm handles?? btw, thanks for your response!
  10. BobOdenweller

    Gas Tank Float Sensor Sinks

    The float sensor in my 2019 390 RR-S does not float. It sinks and as a result the low fuel light is on all the time. The sensor is not stuck, it just does not float. The only thing I can think of is that it was a little snug fitting it through the hole in the IMS 3 gallon tank. I had to work it through and I wonder if it damaged the float. I'll call the dealer tomorrow and order a new float sensor. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Smoking 2's

    Timing A TTR 230 2008?

    That's generally a lean condition that causes backfires. Check your fuel/air mixture screw(under front side of carb) turn in til lightly seated and back out 2 turns. If that doesn't do it then a carb cleaning is due. Those valves are really hard to adjust perfect unless the motor is on a bench, try um again Did you crack oil line and make sure it's pumping oil to head?
  12. mudmixer

    New Guy

    Suicidal koolaid[emoji12]
  13. My friend has an extra v force 3 reed he gave me for working on his bike. They look like they will fit but im not 100 percent sure that is good a enough reason to try. So does anyone know if they will fit one another? The only number i could find online is vf004 and it is the same for both but i dont think that is the model number and moto tassinaris website wont let me join to ask them and they dont have their number posted. Thanks!
  14. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    Let me know how this works out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/40yqhre47qfrear/2012 WR450F 1DX-28199-10.pdf?dl=0
  15. trailwhale

    [Idaho] - Riding around Swan Valley?

    https://goo.gl/maps/ggChemmE8YS2 Multiple camp spots and trailheads along the 077 Road (Fall Creek rd) click the link for a google map. The pics I posted are the MVUM's with highlighting by local Idaho Falls club for the Idaho State Ride several years ago.
  16. I bought this bike over the winter and found this gear damaged, now it's damaged again. Does anyone have a clue why? It's a 2007 200xc, basically the same as an older 125sx.
  17. Wonderspoon

    Carbon tax initiative

    Only peasants don’t have snow blowers over here.
  18. pat22043

    Hand guards and tapered bars

    You can file or use a die grinder to adjust the fit. But yeah, it can make a 5 minute job take an hour.
  19. pat22043

    Best Dirt Bike gear website

    I use Revzilla when I can, they have a physical office in downtown Philadelphia, and I can often get stuff overnight without paying extra. Also use RMATV a lot. That said, I buy KTM parts from my local KTM dealer. I want them to make a bit of money and stay in business.
  20. I paid for a paper service manual for my Honda CRD230F. Replaced it with a KTM 250XCF and did not get the paper manual, the CD of the User Manual was enough. Replaced the 250XCF with a 300 XCW, again, the CD manual is sufficient.
  21. Pickle Yup, I'm really liking it. Tried a few of the different end caps. Not overly scientific, but using a db meter app on my phone, the quiet cap and the SA was MUCH quieter.. about 8db less. Even the more open cap was about 4 db less, so for me, that's a win. SA is mandatory up here unless on a course, so to quiet it down some, and get compliant, I thought it was a no-brainer. Fit is excellent, craftsmanship seems to be quite good. All in all, a pretty solid piece of kit !
  22. Taprack

    New Guy

    Use to ride red, just recently went orange .
  23. The Husqvarna brand was lost and wandering all over Europe in the early part of this century. Bought and sold a couple of times, maybe more. They made some interesting bikes in that period, but parts and service are getting spotty. The Blue KTMs are trivial to get parts for, but some of the BMW and Cagiva era bikes are not so easy to deal with. I'd stay away from the dark year Husqvs They were rare because of the business side confusion.
  24. mch

    Service Manual for a 2012 WR450

    I got one that is good enough. I will probably clean up some of the index pages at some point. It still looks real good. You can print and put into a binder. I'll put up a temp link.
  25. S.O.A.N.Z

    KX 125 forks

    cheaper to replace the fork tube and have them rebuilt
  26. What do you think of the Lexx? Well made? Fit well? Seem durable? How about the springs holding the muffler to the mid-pipe? Its a very attractive option at $200.
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