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  2. shrubitup

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Rotella 128:1 plus trials tyres but keep oil off the tires.
  3. What about the stupid young people on this thing? Rock'n black plastic, warp 9 wheels, asking can I mount the newest 450 plastic on my blown out 02-08.
  4. GreenMT_Rider

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Electric, that's the future.
  5. slowgs2001

    Anderson down!

    I have a relative in the industry..
  6. SmokinJoe

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Is that fake news?
  7. TigerTanker

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Please, call me Don...Don King.
  8. cougbike

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    Nice Tiger. Right up there with what’s the best oil and what’s the best tire
  9. Havingfun

    Who's out? Who's in??

    shi$ did not know he broke a arm...
  10. KTMRider4Life

    Anderson down!

    yes he does. yes he does. yes he does.
  11. ohiodrz400sm

    Light switch

    Last I heard Eddie had gender reassignment surgery and now spends his days painting by the seashore in Patong. He doesn't visit us any longer[emoji2958]
  12. gartchen

    Anderson down!

    Bummer - I do not care who wins - I just absolutely love seeing the field this deep. ANYONE of them hurt is a big bummer! I want all of them to be healthy. Mookie - what a bummer, Anderson, Osbourne, Barcia......what a bummer - I want everyone healthy and racing!!!! It is so fun to not know who might or will win every weekend! I hope CR22, DW15, KR94, Brayton, BB4, JB19, #7, MM25 , Savatgy, Hill, Friese, Tomac, and the 722 get a win this season! how exciting!!!! i cannot remember the last time i was this excited about Supercross racing!!! - a season with 10-15 different winners...... Yeah man!!!
  13. galligar

    CRF450R- 500cc Big Bore Kit?!?!

    17-19 with a pipe and remap 60. Athena used to make a kit , had one on my 05. Stock my 17 is more everywhere vs that bike.
  14. mrdsee

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    To help keep the lever from being ripped off and broken in a crash etc. There called a brake snake.
  15. sixdaysoffun

    The next light weight e-start?

    People have been doing super capacitors forever. I had it on my old bike, no battery.
  16. ss-racing

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    True, I guess I got carried away with my WCS 😁 ...I still I doubt the MC (and actuator rod) was designed for that pulling force.
  17. Vsack

    Western WA trail explorers group

    Thats the problem though. Many of us refuse to use fascistbook
  18. Tahoe Gator

    taming KX100 for woods & 1st two-stroke

    Thanks for the tips! The SST doesn’t seem to be made any longer. Presuming I cannot find on eBay, re the Fatty, did you sense an overall increase of power across the rpm range? I ask because not trying to make it more powerful everywhere, at least not yet!
  19. 74jimbo

    stock exhaust mod

    Wth is that? Good luck riding it offroad without the spark arrester! And your exhaust should not be shooting out flames....
  20. Vsack

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    If i where you id wait till this new tech comes online.
  21. 74jimbo

    Spark Plug Question

    It's fine. Run it
  22. GreenMT_Rider

    Riding the Cascades: 2 or 4 stroke??

    It really comes down to what you like. There is no correct answer and there will never be one. Each as it's advantages and disadvantages that probably cancel each other out. If one was vastly superior the other would not exist in the numbers they do. When the modern 4st came about in the early 2000s it was the latest and greatest thing. The bikes in general we're easier to ride than a 2st and soon became more popular than the 2st. As time went on 2st was abandoned buy the Japanese ( except Yamaha) so your only option was a 4st or a Euro bike. KTM and the others kept refining the 2st over the years making them more like a 4st in power delivery. Now the shift is going back to 2st. Generally lighter, simpler and less costly to rebuild. After owning a couple of high performance 4st bikes I like 2st in general better. I just feel more at home on a 2st when the going gets tough. I still like 4st bikes just not 50hp high reving waiting to blow up bikes that give off tremendous heat that flame out and handling like a garbage truck on a icy road.
  23. Keneds

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    Curious...why is there a cable attached to the pedal? (Sorry to go off topic)
  24. mrdsee

    New tires OR used dirt bike

    When it comes to dry deep sand there's no replacement for displacement. Light weight and torque/HP are the things one wants for deep dry sand.....and a paddle tire can be fun too.
  25. merlinthewiz

    What caused this damage?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll order a new intake cam then, along with the bucket, and I'll inspect the oil passages & the valve spring for damage once i'm in there.
  26. redhurricane

    CHEAP Beta 250rr's for sale

    51 yesterday, and now the sun is out and roads are clear. It's all good. when the 909 gets the summer brown haze we will be looking at true blue skies.
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