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  2. Fan first then coolant and lastly higher pressure cap. Why subject you system to higher pressures all the time.
  3. A 16” to 18” side by side comparison would be very interesting. I would be concerned the 16” would want to go in and out of every little hole on the trail, kind of like a mini bike like a 110 tends to do. On the other hand, as mentioned, the 18” may eat up power on a bike that doesn’t have any to spare. Please keep us posted as you guys experiment. If I was normal height, I’d have a Light Bee X in the garage already. I may still get one, waiting to see if the Storm Bee or any other regular size e-dirt bikes ever hit the market.
  4. I just de-pinned the switch side connector housing and bought new terminals and seals for it. I terminated the new hydraulic brake light switch with the new terminals and seals, then reused the original connector housing. See my posts about it on page 16 here: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1283401-crf450lrl-mods-what-did-you-do-to-your-450lrl-today/page/16/
  5. there is an ajustment on the push rod wich i wasn't aware when i replaced the clutch pack. Maybe that could fix my problem I'll take a look tonight
  6. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion on this. Yes, the price on this is more than fair.
  7. My Race Tech 5.3 fork springs, 6.3kg rear spring and full set of Gold Valves came in today! Hopefully I can get everything installed ASAP. Super excited since this bike is SO SO soft. (Well for me at least) I’m 6’2 245lbs with out gear. I’m setting it up for desert/moto. I don’t plan on riding much on the street since I live in a very urban town (San Pedro) with terrible drivers
  8. this post might help.... Chest Protectors In my opinion nothing as beefy as the Leatt chest protectors. Definitely hotter than average but if rib protection is important it was the only one that I found that actually offers decent coverage in this area. The fusion offers best bang for buck because you get the neck brace built in. The new Alpine Stars airbag gear looks neat but not sure how they would fair in a light tumble where the bags don’t deploy as for neck braces I use the Leatt 5.5 and you do not notice it is even on until you spill, even gently and realize how it stops your helmet from wrenching your neck ! Aside of cost I am surprised so many guys ride without.
  9. Xplor forks are almost an inch shorter then AER. This would require the AER high up in the clamps to maintain design geometry swapping out the Xplor. Bar/guard clamps will interfere making you get risers. Then if you shorten the shock it just amplifies this. Many have just compensated their set up and added AER on the Xplor framed bikes. Just some things to think about. Personally I like the XC gearing over the extremely low first on the XCW. I ride some tight hilly trails and my 250xc handles it nicely. As for the forks,,, if you don’t like them, there are plenty of options out there from a couple hundred to thousands. TPI works really good in 2020-2021 and for the most part gas and go. Some bikes are too rich and require air idle screw adjusted but then idle is high. Flip side are leaner bikes have low idle that are prone to stalling. Both these conditions can be solved with idle screw mod. Simple and cheap if needed. I wouldn’t rule out a 250 since you’re coming off a 200. Racier motor compared to a 300 but lacks the low end and mid torque. Just rode 2021 300 and it was a really good with smooth power delivery. Not like 300 of the past with aggressive hit and power.
  10. New xcw, dealer sent me a plate in the mail. You have to know which dealer to use.
  11. Bro its a race bike, it needs to be ridden wfo bro.
  12. That's why I used the phrase "for me", as there are many variables involved. And yes, my Honda's were the early to mid 2k's.
  13. I might just have 4 fingers. Thats gonna be messed up fir riding.
  14. Not to be a dick, But maybe spend more time feeling out your bike and get acquainted with it.
  15. 1999 yz125 complete frame up restoration and I did the SSS front end swap. Motor was rebuilt with all oem parts, full hinson clutch. Just a few little odds and ends and its done. Cant wait to ride it
  16. So I tried this the other day and it worked most of the time. But it still worked better that nothing
  17. here is what it look after sanding
  18. Sorry it took so long. But I installed the hot start last night. I will be testing it out one of these weekends when I go riding again.
  19. Roger. So yeah, no negative chamber adjustment which is really the big driver to how much an air spring really replicates a coil. EDIT: I'm using their mid-valve/revalve. Pretty happy with it.
  20. How about an irrigation pipe of sorts
  21. Why wait 20 hrs? PM me these if you like. I have a stock set I would like to compare to my MX Tech set up.
  22. Definitely. You can wick the throttle, pop the clutch and you'll be fine as long as you cover and use the rear brake. Do this in small steps, bring the front wheel just off the ground and brake to bring it back down over and over to get used to this process. You'll get confident quick.
  23. You have adjustment in volume based on riding type. Then you have pressure setting to tune these chambers via pump. Together it works really well especially with their mid valve and a revalve. Mx Tech is focusing on their Lucky systems and National shock. This cap kit is a direct competitor to the Lucky’s netting very close same end results. Lucky’s are said to be better but at 2+x cost.
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