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  2. I have nothing against the cardinals who are an average team so far, but really I have just tuned out football this year. Maybe the superbowl will stir up some interest, in a positive way!
  3. Yup all cycles completed and new tranny oil This vid is a lot better .. the motor has cooled more so it’s louder ... clutch pull didn’t stop the noise ... however it does lessen engine vibration a little bit .. wondering if I should pull the clutch and have a look
  4. I'm not that familiar with the 600. I was looking for either a DRZ400 or an XR650. Both are similar enough to me. The edge went to the DRZ because SM wheels are readily available. I'm short and may be forced to use 17's to ride comfortably. That was the only "edge" I found.
  5. Did the height of your bike's front end get taller or shorter when you did the fork swap? That matters, because it changes the bike's approach angle, which changes the angle that your swing arm is at (relative to level ground) while you're riding. For an easy way to think about it, lets say your swing arm used to sit perfectly level while accelerating. So when you hit a bump, the rear portion of the swing arm would be higher than the front portion of the swingarm, and that means that the wheel would travel ever so slightly toward the middle of the bike, because it traveled to higher position on the swing arm's arc. When the shock rebounds, it actually travels away from the bike slightly as the swing arm returns to the level position. Just like your hand moves away from your body when you move your elbow to 90 degree angle. When the swingarm is level with the ground, the wheel will move backwards 180 degrees away from the direction that the bike is moving. Think of the swing arm's arc as something that moves the rear wheel toward and away from the ground at a certain angle. If you raise the front of the bike so the bike sits 3 degrees above level, it makes that swingarm angle steeper by 3 degrees as well. So the shock is going to kick the rear wheel back down, and the wheel will still travel away from the middle of the bike, but since you're bike is riding steeper, the wheel will not move 180 degrees away from the direction that the bike is moving.
  6. Very interesting. Would be curious to see what adjustments could be made to flatten out the power curve on the 2t side of things however. ie, porting, head geometry, crank,carb, reeds, pipe and timing, could all be adjusted to shape the power curve and favor a particular rpm distribution. TBH, I've never driven a detuned 325, though I'd love to know what's possible in terms of power curve distribution on a big bore two stroke.
  7. I hear a slight hiss ring sound at the end of shut down. It almost sounds like a tight bearing without lube but you have got all the heat cycles in, and you did put in a measured amount of 750ml in the trans? Try and listen when the clutch is pulled in and you shut it down. Could it be a starved throwout bearing?
  8. It fits
  9. Wouldn't worry about how it looks honestly, I'd just use what works with the bike/terrain the best.
  10. I would like to know who you purchased it from so I don't give them my business. And to be perfectly clear, was it shipped to your house or the dealer and picked up?
  11. Good gas non ethanol or use an additive in gas.
  12. The bias between brands on the forum is quite entertaining. I am sorry your son is having shoulder issues. Hope the specialist can help him. Try and stay positive. Have a happy day!
  13. I'm thinking of getting a 2017 KTM 300 XC (or whatever the Husky equivalent is). I'd like to see if this counterbalancer thing and all the 2017 updates are really worth it over a '12-'16 bike and just see how they handle in general. I have property at a good riding spot near Rosamond. We can ride there and get a good loop in of any difficulty you'd like, and I'll bring the beer in a cooler for afterwards.
  14. That was my goal, thx for noticing! Lol
  15. It's not fouled. As mentioned above a fouled plug is usually a black fugly mess. The pink tint on your plug is the AMSOIL Dominator oil. I ran Dominator in my 2016 Xtrainer with both oil injection and premix. It's great oil. I agree with the previous post that you might be running lean. Your ground electrode is really white in comparison to the center electrode, which indicates it's been very hot (sign of a lean condition.) For reference, the photo below is my plug after 60 hours or so with Dominator oil. When my plug color looks like this my bike is running great.
  16. Mostly the parts situation, but it also stresses the rest of the motor out more (albeit slightly). It would be better if it weighed 20lbs less and... You know what, nevermind
  17. Lectron don’t have air screws .. idle, power jet and then the metering rod
  18. California

    My new gucci gear bag showed up. Extra large and has wheels and a removable lid. Cost a whopping 12 bucks though
  19. That would be great if you could measure and post it . I never got a KYB in my hands and I would love to see these magic damping curves on Restackor !
  20. Just realized it's a mirror image of the chain guide...A-+ [emoji106]
  21. TW200 1987- currently in production. But it's not the longest I forget what bike is.
  22. Bathtub full hot water and plenty of soap maybe even some laundry soap. Work the soap into the thing and give it a good long soak and a couple rinses. Worked well for me for gear that got left muddy dirty and pack away for months.
  23. Other than making you beholden to aftermarket parts what is the down side to BBK a WR250F? This bike would be great with more cubes.
  24. Have some old soft saddle bags like that. Tried a bunch of stuff to no avail. Think it's the plastic or rubber itself deteriorating not something that can be washed away or disinfected.
  25. Can it be tuned away using the air screw?
  26. Hey doc .. I think this worked .. turn the volume up and you can hear it Really appreciate you taking time out of your night!!!
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