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  2. Yup my oldest boy is kicking my arse but I don’t feel too bad anymore. Cause he’s now doing it to almost everyone else out there. 😳 Time for him to slow down. Just went through surgery for knee ligaments.
  3. Oh, i thought SDR was all fresh concrete slabs that you can't ride wheelies on. 😏
  4. You have me mistaken for someone else.
  5. Yeah for sure. Use the clutch for up shifts. No clutch on down shifts.
  6. James "Lawn Dart" Stewart. Win or Augur in!
  7. But all you ride is fresh concrete slabs.
  8. The M59 is a good tire. The Goldentyre 216 is the best tire. I've ran the M59 a lot and once I tried the 216 there was no going back.
  9. Love the m59 up front though I’m running the goldentyre front fatty up front on one bike. Can’t say they’re dramatically different in my experience. Mostly I’ve been waiting on the MT 43 on the rear to wear out on my XR and just run both bikes on the shinko 505 but it’s showing very little wear after 2 years and lots of miles. What I have noticed this year is a drop off of traction that I thought was just me getting more aggressive in corners but some riding buddies swear the MT carcass goes away after about 600 miles. Anyone else notice this?
  10. Update after ensuring the cams were positioned correctly. Still no luck with building enough compression. You can physically hear air coming out somewhere when kicking it over. It seems to be primarily coming out of the breather hose connected to the top of the valve cover and running down to the bottom of the frame. If you cover that with your hand, though it seems air still comes out somewhere else? Sprayed the head with soapy water and didn’t see any bubbling around the gasket. Next step is probably a shop.
  11. The gasket leak is on the bottom of the crankcase?
  12. Check out the link above, just released.
  13. All done and back on the bike. Way smoother! Moves easy during bleed and seems to have a little less stiction pushing / lifting on the seat. I changed valving a bit too and added rebound so we will see how it feels on the trail soon.
  14. Yes, exactly like that! And I sometimes will have a tiny drop of red fluid below that gasket after a ride. Doesn't appear to be a bad leak though.
  15. S.O.A.N.Z

    XC or XC-W ?

    Sounds like you have it in for Kyle Are you jealous?
  16. What I would really like is an FE or FC 550/650
  17. Nice. Love to hear that there is still excellent customer service out there, and it seems to be getting pretty thin.
  18. FWIW I think mine are smother and better controlled with more air. Have you tried 140-150psi? I’m an A rider in Colorado (lots of rocks and also plenty of whoops). I usually run 150psi.
  19. Beautiful! Just about had one several years ago. I was on vacation, but called and was all set to buy as soon as I got home. Sold before I could get to it. Still hurts. Still on the prowl for a FE400/450
  20. Beta is running out of time for a release the first week of June... https://www.instagram.com/p/B_7_qXoHx39/
  21. Hello fellow Yamaha riders. I just wanted to share with you all the map I ran today. I already thought that the bike was ballsy as shit for a 250 4 stroke, but I ran this leaner map today, and holy cow, she REALLY opened up. No kidding, when I had the throttle pinned, it legit felt very close to a YZ250 in power band. Of course it doesn’t have the 2 stroke 46HP, but it was absolutely ripping! The whole throttle/rpm range with this map was very snappy and aggressive. I was stunned at how much more this bike can offer if you venture off from the base map options. The only downside to this map was that it didn’t seem to want to rev way out. Once I was hitting maybe 9000 or higher it kind of stopped revving. The power didn’t fall off, just the revs, and it wasn’t hitting rev limiter. I think ignition needs to be advanced and maybe fuel needs to be leaner at the higher range. Idk, will continue to experiment and keep everyone posted. Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Also, if you have map suggestions I’d love to hear them! (by the way, thanks to GP for sharing a similar map. I actually was playing around with his map to get this one)
  22. A mudder but not sloshy, 1st moto wet, 2nd moto sticky and heavily rutted. Webb is e coast, brought up in mud and ruts.
  23. Hi , I got some problems in the battery charge , the power is not enough, i changed the alternator , diodes , and every think and just I have 12.5v . Are some trick to do a bypass in the harness wires ? . Thanks 🤙🤙🤙
  24. Pretty versatile bike. You can tune the power delivery characteristics to your liking and the suspension can be easily tuned for a more plush ride. Also, tire choice and pressures can affect the stiff feel as well. Awesome bike, definitely worth setting up to your preference.
  25. I have a 2012 kx100. My husband just bought it for me. The handle bars were noticeably bent. Bought new bars , but everything is still mis aligned. Any ideas how I can fix this.
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