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  2. oh, so you are still a rotella fanboy. I thought you left us
  3. So if fewer miles are driven, less gas is consumed, less tax is generated AND less road maintenance is required. No? We need to maintain roads to the same level as previous traffic levels? Right, cuz errrrbody gonna rush back to their offices/restaurants/sports stadiums when covid is over and we'll be right back to where we started.
  4. That's what I use for daily use. I have 2.5 with the quick dump that is easy to haul, doesn't leak ever, doesn't have vapor problems, etc. People that are worried about vapor pressure obviously has never used a quick dump system. I love watching noobs with their flexible spout and wishing they had three arms while they spill gas everywhere.
  5. I scoured Craigslist for a coin operated horse for over an hour after seeing that. Set it up at the local university, point a game cam on it, profit.
  6. 1983 called. They said that design was terrible.
  7. I took a chance on it and ordered the guard and plastics should fit. Got some fork skins to go over the new seals and a couple relays. Gonna try a new one to see if it does any better.
  8. I just remembered a terrific TT thread on CRF250F parts, including a plastic skid plate. All parts fit with no mods... CRF 250F Anker Armor Kit https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1317102-crf-250f-anker-armor-kit/
  9. Plug fouling, spoooge, and erratic idle were a temporary phenomenon caused by the mod. Easily reversed. I am on the periphery of a "mod buyer" because I only purchased it to gain fuel economy. Only contributed to show that one's dogmatic view of how a bike should be tuned isn't necessarily widely appealing. Oddly, the legacy lectron that I had compared against a Keihin with an improperly set float produced no better fuel economy. Best yet is adjusted float and either Suzuki or JD needles producing 22 MPG.
  10. That garbage can is for filling bikes that win races.
  11. The value is there, but below the mid-range is much more powerful. It only requires the correct gear selection to tame it. There is greater use below the "PB Hit". If aggressive on the throttle it will rev quickly with that light weight crank. Great for your deep sand. One guy I talked to that had your preferences. He found it smooth and controllable. I tune mine more for incredible roll-on power. That comes with a touchy throttle in lower gears.
  12. Haven't heard any reports of the temp sensors going bad.... but having 1 or 2 CCPS on hand is a good idea.
  13. infcat i was used to rivet and if link, hjust ordinary one. When I tried to pull out the link, it was super hard, didn't know about pressfit links. 😉 Agree with you, problem is link deformation, or forced, during bad installation.... .....
  14. ok. I found it. It mounts in the rubber boot between the throttle body and air filter on the right side. I'm going to order the two temp sensors, a pressure sensor and a spare plug...I have an OBD2 scanner. Looks like the 300i uses a cheapo BR7ES...but my 150i has a shorter, much more expensive spark plug in it if I pick the one off the 150 (carb bike) schematic.
  15. I like it, and I'm sure it's easier on some of the privateers. These are both reasons why I don't expect it to continue next year. Basically, I think the bottom line will be (lack of) ticket sales. Pretend that there's no virus scare, everything is as it was before. Houston 1 might be full, but Houston 2 / 3 may have significantly less tickets sold. Just the nature of things.
  16. Yes, technically right. You know what I meant!
  17. I think the shifter bs was all smoke. The bike was actually electric, being tested in race conditions. But it had a gas engine just idling to fake out the officials on the starting line. Cold temps made the battery drain real fast.
  18. I think social media is causing a degregation in society , it's one of the biggest problems of our generation We have all the conspiracy ideas and we are missing the obvious
  19. It's definitely an unfortunate situation with Beta getting a bad batch. Now, as these bikes have moved into the used market, these situations are going to pop up as previous owners may have been unaware of main bearing failure or chose to ignore it. There's always risk in purchasing a used 2-stroke, but the main bearing failure is a well documented problem for those few years. Thanks for sharing your experience and once you've replaced the main bearings you'll have many hundreds of hours ahead of you without that being a problem.
  20. Thank you very much I thought it would be something with the air/fuel screw I’ll have to go out and mess with it for a few minutes I appreciate you taking the time to respond!
  21. Then why can't it fill your empty head with knowledge?!?! Sorry, couldn't resist....
  22. Did your local shop have the comp ecu for a 21 wr250f? I'm in Wenatchee and they said its still a long ways out...
  23. I usually have a buddy who removes the dents. He has a whole setup. I've heard too many pipes splitting from the freeze method. Yeah dents don't bother me, but I like to have a spare incase I really smash it.
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