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  2. Not the norm in other areas.
  3. Have you checked with Thumper Racing lately to see if they are back in the "game"?
  4. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone know if the flywheel nut is left- or righthanded thread? Oh it's a 2010 but I guess all is same. Tried searching and the manual with no luck. Thanks
  5. It will hold in water like a sponge. I've seen pipes rusted through due to the wrapping, stay away from the stuff.
  6. Different tires and riding make a big difference. I run 11 psi both ends with 6 ply tires. And yes, I tighten the outer one, too.
  7. O K Well whoevers riding those bikes ride them like babies and dont have as much fun as I do. Good for you for not needing to wrench alot. That means you're a good mechanic and you buy quality parts...
  8. smart choice. Eliminate as many variables as possible.
  9. Ridden in a non-competition environment, neither bike will require much wrenching.
  10. Time Left: 14 days and 23 hours

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    Sold bike, going different direction. Used for a couple hundred miles, easy to in stall and setup. $490 delivered in lower USA.


  11. Small update. Got my adapters made and on the carb. I've been so crammed for time lately that I've just been spending the extra 15 minutes during lunch over the last couple weeks to get these done. Put the engine side adapter on backwards, but the groove should still work okay... won't have time til next week to fit it onto the bike. Gotta go get the drag bike ready for the weekend now...
  12. Oh I highly doubt your disagreement is reflective to reality. Post up a motor schematic of a kxf right now with a schematic right next to it of a cr... prove me wrong
  13. It was way out of my price range, too. But, a brand new WR165 for $4900??? I just couldn't pass it up. The KTM200's I was looking at costs more than that, and they were not even close to new. So, I bit the bullet.... Rode it around the yard a bit this morning. Sure feels small, light and nimble compared to my old KTM 250. That bike wouldn't turn no matter what I did. Always felt like I was a couple clicks behind everything on it. The WR looks to be a completely different experience..... Tim
  14. Hi there when buying a used dirt bike with ownership, do you pay taxes for registering. If yes how much tax is there, is other options if yes, What would be the best way to go about's thanks
  15. How about we examine the "impact" (pun intended) of rounds upon some sort of Guinea Pigs... Err... Sheep... https://www.google.com/search?q=sheep+ammo+test&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=The+Strasbourg+Tests http://guninstructor.net/Strasborg_Tests.pdf
  16. Dungey would be 20 points up right now and on cruise control had he not retired. Tomac isn't consistent enough, hence the 2017 SX outcome. By that standard, neither is Baggett.
  17. Hey Mr Wes79v, you want to go on a mocking spree. Ok, game on. Please describe what was ignorant about my post that made you give a thumbs up to the quote? LMAO
  18. Jetting may be the cause depending on when its detonating. Its usually under full throttle but not always. If you can't jet it out you may need to retard timing. The damage that has already occurred will make detonation more and more likely as the rough surface tends to have hot spots and the material that has been eaten away leaves more spots for unburned fuel and air to become trapped. Needs to be welded up and remachined. If you get the squish clearance fixed it will be less likely to detonate regardless of jetting and timing. If you keep running it like that it may keep detonating even if you get the original cause of the det resolved.
  19. I have a friend who bought a used 2014 2t 300 sherco. The engine wasn't running when he bought the bike, and he is a mechanic who works on MX bikes and enduro. For the life of him he could not get the bike going, so many different ecus, no kick start didn't help either. In the end he has cut and welded the frame to fit a yz250 engine in there, pretty awesome hybrid. At any rate, would not buy one due to the amount of electronics on there, they don't have great resale value, are expensive to buy initially and have no kick starter. Kyle never really opens either the beta or sherco up. Titles like 'sherco dominates the trail' lol, a bit off putting. I like some of his earlier videos, but they have gone downhill for me recently...
  20. Your not my brother. He passed away several years back. I get it. You guys are really thrive off of gang mentality. Not one of you has anwered my question. That tells me what I need to know about you and the other posters. FWIW I'd rather battle all of you in the dirt but it seems like thats where your civility comes from. Be a man, answer my question. Why did you mock my comment?
  21. good catch, i was thinking 16'.
  22. I'd check for play in flywheel side crank bearing or something with the crank seal.
  23. I was under the impression that motorcycling is dangerous sport as it is. Just trying to give a different point of view for the budget minded rider. What Beta USA's doing is nothing new at all. The only difference is the fancy internet marketing and the suspension has to be shipped out. Every bike I have bought since the early 90's has had the option of valving, springs, and any major suspension modification as mild or wild as you want. IMO, if you are going the route of major suspension modification from the get go, why not to have it done in house from the shop you buy from? Last time I checked, all the dealerships I purchased bikes/parts from had a in house suspension tuner. Never once having to send parts out to be done. Champion Motorcycles (RIP), Three Brothers Racing, Malcom Smith Motorsports, Z-Racing (RIP), Orange County Honda, Del Amo Motorsports, Orange County KTM, Get Dirty Dirt Bikes. Those are just a few shops that have guys that ride and modify the bikes they sell.
  24. One inside the rim, one outside the rim. I do tighten the one on the outside down. Never had a valve stem failure in 20 years. Tightening the outer nut keeps the stem in place so it can't be pushed down into the rim. I don't know if tube shifting is an issue at low pressures but I also don't think anyone can justify running under 10 psi for any reason. I run no less than 15 front and rear. Even more pressure for big jumps and square edged, roughed up tracks to avoid pinch flats.
  25. Tomac is almost 20 points up, agree that he probably won't leave with the red plate. But, he's been every bit as fast as Tomac in a number of races (faster in some), so he's got the speed to come away with an overall this weekend. I hope they both get good starts and give us something fun to watch.
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