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  2. DRZ400inthe818

    Where to get rear/passenger foot pegs

    Hey! I just jumped back on the forums myself. Been a while since ive been on here. I know, i tried to find a set of passenger pegs myself. They are a RIP off even used ones! What I did was made my own. Just got some steel from lowes/home depot. Id say about an 1 1/2" wide or so and whatever thickness. I just drilled a hole in the steel cut to length how far down i wanted and drilled holes to attach the BMX bike pegs to. I can take pictures and explain better with the pictures if youd like. Its a little peg set up i rigged up using a few dollars worth of material. Basically just the 2 small pieces of steel each side with holes drilled and pegs bolted on with everything to the existing passegner peg brackets. Simple to do and cheap and works.
  3. That would be fun Anyone have any idea how I can rent a suitable bike? Or maybe buy a nice used KTM450 and then sell it a week or two later? There is pretty much nothing near Lone Pine that I can find. I mean, its a two hour drive from Area 51 🙂
  4. The Plvis

    WR250R Killer

  5. Is it possible to put a 150F top end on a 230F bottom end? Asking for a friend.
  6. The Plvis

    CRF250F how its made

    By the sounds of the revs, it sounds much stronger than the first generation. Actually it sounds bad ass. Down low I think its going to be stronger than our bike. Notice how instant the throttle response is.
  7. jaah

    Husqvarna FC 250 2016 dies whiles riding

    I am having same problem i check the wiring dont find anthing it seem like a loose electrical connection but cant find any bad connections ? I put the wirees back and starts right up only to do it again 5th time i dont know if i should change harness or efi ?
  8. Mauiboy

    Looking for DR 350 rear spokes

    I just bought a 1994 DR 350 rear 18” rim to swap onto my 2004 DR 650. problem is three of the sprocket side spokes are missing or broke. I researched and rear spokes from a DR-Z 250 are the same, I also measured the spokes on my stock 17” DR 650 rear rim and the brake side appear to be the exact measurement and length which is 7” tip to tip without the nipple on. IF ANYONE HAS SOME OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED SPOKES PLEASE LET ME KNOW ID BE HAPPY TO BUY THEM OFF YOU Just trying to avoid buying a whole set. THANK YOU
  9. sixdaysoffun

    Good 10 Year Study On Neck Braces

    I never leave the truck without my leatt. You're an idiot if you think surgery and recovery is gonna be cheaper than a $250 brace. And all the crap about it breaking your collar bone or sternum is a stupid argument vs snapping your neck (and probably wasn't fitted correctly in the first place). And people complain that it straight up breaks in a crash means it did its job. The whole point of a brace is to slow down the movement/limit the movement of your head and to disperse energy into bigger/more sturdy bones and muscles. Do yourself a favor and buy one, after 5min you dont even know its there and if its limiting normal head movements, its not fitted right. And neck donuts aren't a suitable substitute.
  10. jaah

    Dead new FE501

    2017 husqvarna 501fe dies out during running no blown fuses take not seat check wire find nothing put wires back and it starts only to do the same thing again cant find where the damaged or loose wire is ?
  11. DRZ400inthe818

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    Daaaaaang that was crazy! Hey you guys still do the rides? I havent been on the forum in a while. Back on it checking yall out again. Cool video!! Rider gots balls! haha looked crazy
  12. Seldoff

    Beta bendix question

    Sorry, CCW when looking from which side? When looking from the pinion gear, when turned CCW it extends (and indeed do rotates freely until fully extended). My question was about when turning clockwise looking from the pinion side. I talk about this side. Could you please clarify?
  13. Sierra_rider

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    I'm kinda surprised you had issues with the RK Tek head. Assuming it tightend the squish up, it should of made the jetting easier with the possibility of better economy. I don't really have any first-hand knowledge with the RK Tek other than one of my Ktm friend's like it. I know just by the measurements that the S3 should provide better performance.
  14. Seldoff

    Beta bendix question

    Thanks for you help! I wonder if I can source same bendix somewhere while not paying 100 bucks for it. As I assume it's a standard part shared with other vehicles. And it should cost like 20-30$ max.
  15. Sierra_rider

    S3 Performance Low Compression head Insert

    Slavens "mule" kit with 0-6k' AA insert.
  16. agave248

    Does Yamaha make the engines used in the Grizzly 700?

    I am pretty sure it is a minarelli motor derived from the xt 660 motor. Minarelli is an oem supplier for yamaha. They make engines and transmissions and sell to other companies too.
  17. shrubitup

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    I’ll check out the S3 head possibly (not needed). Had an RK Tek on my 300rr which made it horribly unpredictable jetting and idle wise even after following their jetting spec. Certainly didn’t improve fuel economy either.
  18. I'd say the rg "gamma" 500, or tz750. The fastest Dirtbike argument is dumb, as any of the bike bore dirtbikes can be geared to the moon and have the power to pull beyond 100mph. I found the Dirtbike mag article to be silly. Any 500 geared super tall will have the same result. I guess stock geared bikes, to top speed would be more of a decent argument.
  19. agave248

    Crank seal won’t come out

    Another way that works sometimes is radiator hose tools
  20. Sierra_rider

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    Friend of mine with a CB 300 has spent much time and money trying to get to the point where Beta's and pre '17 Austrian bikes are stock. Plenty of top end and smooth, but even with a lectron and a head mod, didn't have the low-end of my 300. Now with the head, it's a no contest.
  21. agave248

    Crank seal won’t come out

    What I usually do is use self tapping screws, easier and safer then drill bits then pop the seal out with heel bars.
  22. oldsoldier173

    rebuilds and mods

    Busy winter so far. Got 2 230's to rebuild and 'clean up' for friends, plus a few more mods for mine, rebuild a Suzuki 70 'donated' so grandson 6 can start, as well as some cosmetic work on grand daughters 150RB. Getting the friends craigslist finds back into shape with just exhaust, airbox and jetting issues upgraded. Friends riding not really 'racers' all back into riding at late age 45+, KISS for now to see what the got before letting them go wild and paying for things they really will not need. Deal is they pay for parts I do the work and $250 per bike labor. Looking for a Honda XL 250 circa 1973/74 for 'vintage' racing, memories of back in the day when the Honda XL's were the 250 4 stroke class, strip the lights on Friday, race em on the weekends, lights back on when you got home on Sunday, and back to commuting on Monday....repeat as required. Mine is keep playing with the 230's suspension, still too stiff 'bunny hops' on landings, rear just dances at times rather than tracks. I am no longer 'fast' at 70, but would prefer a less teeth jarring ride when I am out there. Grand daughter's 150RB is getting pink plastics and a girl themed grafics package. Stock is good enough for her right now as she rides Women's B now and places, she is 12. few female racers in area. XMas is pink themed riding gear as well, she wants to make statement. That 14 to ride 250's in area is frustrating as she rides a friends girlfriends YZ 250 and scares me to death on how fast she goes, and under control. The donated 70 is inbound here soon, my guess is total teardown and rebuild as it sat for over three years, and Suzuki 70;s have a reputation of bad runners to boot. And finally is the project KLR650 lowering, 2in lowering links, dog bones and bar risers also inbound. Doing some adventure rides as well as long distance overnights next year, Wisconsin and New York on the list, and possibly a California and back just because. Its the camo version, so have appropriate rider jacket and helmet in mind, already have my combat day ruck in tan, and a pair of those really comfy new issue GI boots. Play the part. Now do I hard mount my Sirius radio or go with phone and earbuds. I ain't quiting till they plant me..........
  23. Red800rider

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    Why kick with cap grounded?
  24. Carlos Thomas

    WANTED People to Ride With, East Bay Area

    I went to Hollister Hills on on Saturday, December 8th with a few friends and was great. There were a couple of muddy parts, but all in all, the conditions were ideal.
  25. shrubitup

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    Rode 19 ktm 250xc. Nice smooth CB but power felt soft compared to beta. No redeeming reason to go there yet.
  26. Mcsaucywalrus

    East Fort Rock OHV Conditions

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, anyone know the conditions out at east fort rock? I’m going to be in Bend tomorrow and thinking if it’s worth it to bring the bike. It’s about a 3 hour drive for me . Thanks in advance
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