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  2. From an agronomic standpoint, soil actually does wear out. The good stuff in the woods will have a high organic material level, since it's under constant growth and biological decay. Moto soil is constantly tilled, releasing carbon and mixing with clay, which has little organic material.
  3. I went the Dyno route, the 2021 has a plug where the air fuel screw is,,,, the kit gives notes and the tool required. It comes with needle, spring and jets,... https://www.dynojet.com/jet-kit-for-1992-2021-honda-xr650l-stage-1-1148/ Daves Mods do work, but you need to do them correctly..................... its also non-reversable (as you must drill the slide) (this is to improve throttle response) Dynojet provides a spring to replace the stock spring,.... this improves the throttle response without drilling the slide
  4. Understand your thinking but your filter is oiled so the chances of anything harmful getting to your throttle body must be fairly remote. Worst I've seen is a dark mark on the outside of the filter adjacent to the breather hose entry. Best reason I can see for putting the breather as high as possible is to avoid the engine taking a drink if you do really deep water crossings or get a bit over enthusiastic with the washer and put a fair amount into the airbox.
  5. Most of the dirt around here is clay. It's decent when it's first tilled and watered, but once it dries out it's like concrete and the ruts are unforgiving. Get a little rain on top of it after it's been packed down and dried out and it's slick as snot and sticks to everything.
  6. The large black one in the picture is the engine (crankcase) breather hose. The black one at the front going to the ground is from the radiator.
  7. I had to unload a truck and was right next to a guy for 2 hours. The next day he was out with the chinese flu. He ended up really sick and was out for weeks. I never got so much as a sniffle.
  8. Ive enriched to main jet, I'm sure I could lean it out and squeeze a bit more out of it. Do you have any tips on getting into servicing and upgrading suspension? It's been an interest of mine but I've always been a bit intimidated.
  9. Hubert, Thanks for the useful info. I will test some more when I ride tomorrow. Lacking the wiring diagram I just dug around the area under the tank and found a wire loom labeled FAN. Followed it and found a fuse blown. Replaced fuse and tested the fan 3 ways. 1. Wired fan straight to battery and the fan does indeed work. 2. Disconnected the temp sensor and started bike, no fan running 3. Disconnected the temp sensor and jumpered the sensor, no fan running. I suspect, as you said, the Fan is controlled by the ECU and perhaps the logic is such that it runs fan in a range of temps and with signal present. This would prevent the fan from running full bore and all the time in the event of a sensor or wiring fault. I am curious how often the fan runs. I have no experience with it yet as rode it once and it was lean so I rejetted. I suspect that the fan fuse blew when it was running lean as it was running a a lot. After re-jetting I was not aware fuse was blown until I became curious as to why it was not running so a good ride will be needed. Temps here are going to be 50/60F this weekend. Curious if it should come on in some slow going single track. Side note- Where can I download the 2022 250/300 SE service manual? There have been changes to cases and other "stuff"
  10. Thankyou I'll have a look at it soon either way, got a couple hopeful quick fixes first. Okay cool the hotcams stage 1 is definitely of my list, I'll start with a few small holes in the airbox and see how I go
  11. They never used to work/till/water mx tracks. Then as the means to do it came along some started tilling/watering. Then the riders came to expect it and it spilled over to all the other tracks to keep riders coming. Now they till them really deep to get water way down in so that it doesn’t evaporate and dry out so fast. Takes less water at intermission on race day. They then till it up and it brings the more wet soil to the top
  12. Yep you probably got it. My son, daughter was last to have it here and they had a bad head cold essentially. My brother had same symptoms and went to the doctor. I said why did you go to the doctor? He wanted to find out if he had it for the second time, then what, nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️. Well guess he did get 10 days off work 🤔 Edit - tell Steven he looks sexy in blue 👍
  13. The whole reliability argument is pretty much void IMO at this point. EFI has been around too long now. That being said that there are still riders out there who don't understand how EFI works and that creates fear. When you start comparing the EFI system on a dirt bike or street bikes they are much simpler that what is being done on modern gasoline and diesel engines. Personally the last to bikes to leave me dead on the trail were a DR650 (pickup coil) and '13 KTM 250XC (stator). All the EFI bikes have been flawless reliability wise.
  14. Looks like the generations are: 22-present 18-21 14-17 09-13 04-08 What about suspension & handling between them?
  15. I had better luck finding very fat girls at the local bowling alley. No roller derby around here.
  16. Agreed. Ignition timing is big part of ride-ability and performance. And the OEM's can use the same sensors that determine fuel metering and timing to adjust the ignition timing for different situations. A definite plus of EFI.
  17. I’m stating what the manual says 20k valve adjustment this is on a WR250r not the race one I had a race built XR 680 by XRs only it was a great bike had it for years
  18. Not sure I bought the bike from the original owner may have been 680 had the big fin kit ported head flat slide carb bike hauled azz!!!! I sold it because I wanted a smaller around town trail ride so I got a mint WR 260r heres one photo of the XR 650
  19. Brain fart, my bad. I've edited my post. Sorry for my error. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.
  20. Today
  21. Yes, that's what i think. I just don't want to purchased items simply for tryouts.
  22. This for sure. But also try to find a replacement sub for say a Husaberg, I guess there is always a 3D printer though right ? Lol
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