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  3. I guess that’s why the Sherpa S did so well on short track, the brakes were yanked & spoolies put on!
  4. Here the pic
  5. Looks good all but that silly gastank and silencer lol 😃 youll be able to do 100 laps tho. Good job on that bike 👍👍
  6. PM'd. Need some sumo wheels for the wife's CRF, and some better tires for the 525. Something like the Conti TKC 70. I don't know if they make a 17" front though. I have to say, I'm impressed with the 525. When I bought it, it was worked pretty hard. There was literally only one tooth left on the front sprocket. New plastic and decals, a thorough cleaning, oil change and it has been a great dual sport. It replaced a plated '07 450 EXC, which IMHO was noticeably lighter and more manageable off road on tight single track. I scavenged the Baer sumo wheels (with cush drive), Fox forks and Podium shock from the 450 and put them on the 525. Then I sold the 450. The 525 makes a better dual sport machine for me, more power for the street.
  7. Holy crap the pro 6 cost a left but 😂😂😂 is that like the best fuel to get? 🤔
  8. Man, that's a great site! I'm sure I'll be using them in the future. Unfortunately, they don't have exactly the one I need-- but close. Shawn got back to me almost immediately when I PMd him on his Fast Guy Stuff Facebook account--and that was on Sunday. He suggested the '84 XR500R tank decal. I'd like to keep it the exact dimensions if I can but I may just order up a set and see how they look compared to the stock ones.
  9. David & Gary showed up at a race in Md back then. David was in my class, open A I think, might've been 250 A. Of course, sitting on the starting line was the last I saw of him. Riding Bultaco's didn't seem to slow him down any. I was at the Daytona SX , a spectator of course, in '73 or 4 & recall Gary finishing in the top 10 in the Open class against the fast guys of that day. Not too shabby, imo. RB
  10. are you after new or used ?
  11. Yes!! I looked at a few sites like bike bandit, and couldn’t seem to find the parts. Maybe I was wording it wrong..
  12. Thanks for the advise everyone! I’ll be ordering a spring and have it rebuilt, with the guys I talked to or someone else. Any recommendations on a spring brand or rebuilt kit? Definitely a good point about being the customer, but I got a feeling they were telling me because they felt it wasn’t worth the money. I’ll definitely check out the reshim as well, looks very interesting!
  13. so this well ?
  14. Yes. I need that price and the lower clamp that the steering stem connects to.. Piece not price
  15. so the whole piece in the pic i circled ?
  16. fixed
  17. Yes. The top fork bridge and the lower clamp as well.
  18. Here's a pic of my riding buddies PR4 that's about 2 yrs old. He still speaks highly of it and hasn't had any problems that I know of. I rode it once, it's light weight, but small too. RB
  19. The front wheel seems to have alot of movement especially when I put on the front brakes. Is this normal for this bike? I have not had it long and just noticed it while washing it
  20. Currently in my 3rd year back riding from a long hiatus. Bought a brandnew 250fx in 2016 and finally getting the bike really set up for me. Have always been a 4stroke rider ( usually trail bikes ). The FX is my first ever "race bike". I have been noticing even in my area that the 250/300 trail smokers are everywhere! My buddy has a 250xc KTM that is being rebuilt, and once it is, I'm taking it out. I'm wondering if anyone, with limited 2 stroke experience, has switched from a thumper to a modern trail smoker. I trail ride with the occasional XC or Enduro ride throughout the year. Not a speed demon. Ive always been an engine lugger vs screamer. How manageable are the trail 2 strokes?
  21. A list of The Red Death victims Redrider and I have been updating •Donnie Hansen won the SX title on that 1982 RC250...first ever for Honda...and it bucked him off later in the year ending his career •Hannah got pitched in 1983 and broke his wrist •We all know what that bike did to David Bailey •Ricky ending injury •Jean-Michel Bayle saw the writing on the wall and hit the road •Doug Henry - broken back •McGrath - 1996 outdoor MX, 2006 fractures C7 vertebrae and broken toes •Ernesto ending injury •Ricky Carmichael....even the GOAT couldn't hold back the inevitable in 2004 •Trey Canard....Bike practically killed him •Chad Reed - Chadapult MX, 2012 Dallas SX - left ACL torn, broken left tibia and fibula, broken two ribs and broke vertebra T6. •Tomac - 2015 MX - both shoulders •Kevin Windham - bad yard sale in SX, retired shortly after •Ken Roczen - 2017 SX - multiple serious injuries •Christian Craig 2017 - wrist, surgery •Cole Seely 2017 •Jake Weimer 2017 •Tim Gajser 2017 MXGP, MEC 2018 •Roczen - other arm that Red Death missed in 2017 •Seely - pelvis •Toni Bou - back •Tim Gajser •JMart - not hurt, but his Red Death coordinated with another bike
  22. Looks right to me. The photos SOANZ posted are not 06. Must be 04 or earlier. Notice mine tapers towards axle, and his does not... 05-08 show same part # for 125 and 250 linkage mounts completely different too...
  23. That does look like a spring loaded style center punch, designed for hand use only. Hitting that style center punch will/can break the tip off. Since you have the flat slots ground into the allen head, use the largest Hand impact flat blade that will fit the slots and your choice Harley/Ford/Chevy/rice burner tool. If you use the cut off tool method BE CAREFUL, that you don't get off your cut line and end up cutting the aluminum head cover as the bolt head is much larger than the bolt shank Using the cut off disc on die grinder (using shop air) is a handful sometimes if you are not use to them. A Dremel tool (110V) may be easier to use, but blades are thinner, don't last as long, slower and easier to break.
  24. Whats the number on that 37F60 - 37F50 ?
  25. CCullins and everyone else welcome to reply and thanks in advance, does mushroom washer do the same? On my new 2018 Beta Evo 200, the gas cap is incredibly hard to screw or unscrew, can you cc me your business contact as I would like you to sell me and send me a gas cap to my USA address. Are all the 2018 that hard to screw or unscrew? Also someone suggested to buy a Gas Gas front fender as being more solid, do you agree? CCullins, the Evo starts at first or second kick all the time but yesterday, I dropped it and it took like thirty five kicks to get going (done in a sequence of three tries as I was out of breath), what did I do wrong? When I dropped it, it took maybe 5 second to shut it down with the stop button and then I iimmediately lift the bike. When kicking the bike, there was no spark so I thought it was flooded and walk away for a few minutes between each of the three try. Finally got spark or response and got going after +/- 35 kicks. Love the way the Evo 200 power is delivered and the handling of the bike. I find the Trial riding incredibly fun as it was only my second ride ever.
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