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  2. Load it hard, let it engine brake a bunch, but don't bounce it off the limiter. I wouldn't wait 600 miles either, I changed my oil and filters at 300 then rode it like i stole it. I believe most mating of engine parts takes place in 100 miles or less if you load the surfaces. The transmission definitely takes more like 2500 miles to smooth out though. My bike kept making more power out to 3.5k or so. They're definitely tight as delivered. Treat it like a lady, be nice to it but keep your pimp hand strong.
  3. Fitted and valved one very happy with the result bike hooks up better and gets less out of shape. Does your tuner use a Dyno ?
  4. Value comes from Lightweight and JUST ENOUGH HP/TORQUE on tight HARD PACK Las Vegas TRACKS! Don't get me Wrong I love F1 and awesome YZ 450's Technology (Barcia is doing well) but, but, for those that have limited MONEY, "You Boys might be on the Wrong Bike"? ESR 325 (CEO Technology) Mike Allessi WINS ------- Full Race -- Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) from the 2019 Las Vegas Monster Energy Cup. Watch Mike Alessi qualify the first ever two stroke in MEC history. 🏁🏁🏁 Me, not so Fast, just having a lot of FUN with very little money!!! -----------------BEST VALUE ALL AROUND MX/OFF-ROAD Bike Available!!-------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.eddie-sanders-racing.com/product-p/yz250-325-big-bore-kit.htm Setup: Yamaha YZ Eddie Sanders Racing (ESR) 325 - 2007 Model - Similar to a 450 with a very linear power band. -ESR 325, Cylinder, Head and Power Valve with S7 Woods Porting, Silver Head, Race Gas Dome, (Use Race/Pump Gas 50/50) (RACE GAS is very good but to expensive at $9/Gal. in SOCAL) PLEASE READ SHOP CELL 805-440-1063 OR TEXT TO THIS PHONE TO GET A CALL BACK FITS YAMAHA YZ250 1999 TO 2020 YEARS AND X MODEL NO CASE WORK NEEDED WILL BOLT ON STOCK CARBURETOR WORKS GOOD STOCK PIPE OR AFTERMARKET IS FINE THIS KIT COMES WITH THE CYLINDER, HEAD, PISTON, POWER VALVE ,AND GASKETS 75.5MM .HAS GREAT POWER AND SMOOTH POWER .THE POWER IS VERY EASY TO CONTROL THE POWER VALVE OPENS A LITTLE LATER TO MAKE IT EASY TO RIDE ON A SLICK TRACKS . THE POWER VALVE IS ADJUSTABLE IT HAS A BOLT TO ADD SPRING PRESSURE . THE PISTON SIZE IS 75.5 WITH 4 OVER SIZES AVAILABLE. Recommended jetting 162/168 main stock needle stock low speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-1dUVEnKog http://youtu.be/ijKMclEPj9o EMAIL FOR QUESTIONS sanders_e@sbcglobal.net Porting S8 SMOTHER AND MORE POWER THAN STOCK KIT INCLUDES NEW CYLINDER (NO EXCHANGE) NEW HEAD PUMP FUEL OR RACE FUEL PISTON RINGS PIN CLIPS (NO BEARING USES OEM YAMAHA) POWER VALVE BASE GASKET 2 HEAD O RINGS SETS CYLINDER, HEAD NUTS AND WASHERS INSTALLATION IS JUST LIKE DOING A TOP END REBUILD HEAD TORQUE 18 LBS CYLINDER BASE 35 LBS -165 Main Jet, If you go to Lean you can burn up a Piston. - 42 Pilot Jet, Needle in the top position, to minimize any unburned oil, Riding Altitude 500’ to 4100’ -Maxima Formula K2 Two Stroke Oil – Flash Point 240 Degrees (One of the Lowest) (helps reduce unburned oil) (40 to 1) -No Fly Wheel Weight needed, but on the 250 engine a 9 oz. worked well. -Rekluse EXP Core 2.0 Auto Clutch Kit
  5. Remove the RR and the oil seperator box and it is possible to rotate carb and remove bowl with carb still on bike
  6. I got the custom Cometic gasket in. I did get them to send me two different thicknesses. The .018" and the .020". I installed the thicker .020" gasket and now my squish with the 96' head on the 94' cylinder is 1.03mm. It's about .04mm more than I calculated by it's pretty close. We'll see how she rides. Before I installed the Cometic gasket I threw the original head gasket on with the original 94' head and checked the squish out of curiosity. The original head and gasket (probably with a Wiseco head gasket) squish was around .84mm. The 96' head with a wiseco gasket was about .74mm. I also have a 2001 KX 125 and I checked the squish on that bike and it's 1.3mm. I got that bike on Craigslist and I'm telling you that thing has never been touched. Never had a top end rebuild. Nothing. The air filter looks like it was the original one that came with the bike in 2001. This bike was kinda like a barn find. Considering that, that 1.3mm head clearance has gotta be stock. I wonder why the KX's had so much stock head clearance? And I wonder when I do the rebuild on it if I should take the squish down closer to 1mm on that? Here's what the custom Cometic gasket looks like. It's got two tabs on the side because the gasket is two pieces and the riveted tabs keep the two pieces aligned.
  7. Pushing down with your hand has too many variables to determine your compression is good, bad, or ok. If you have a gauge, I would certainly want to know the number. Regardless, you can check you valve clearance. Does the bike run? Post this in the proper Kawi forum too.
  8. Silly boy...ok, im gonna go troll in another thread now...Cheers
  9. Rinse with water. Just let it dry thoroughly, either in the sun or blow it out with compressed air.
  10. That’s weird and dumb.. Still remember watching Mert on On Any Sunday cutting his tire in that movie...
  11. So If keihin made carburetor needles that doubled as heroin dispensers, could they come back into the good graces of the lords of California, deciders of things and activities?
  12. Edit isn't working, .0012" was what I was going for.
  13. i recently brought a 04 cr250r with apparently 4 hrs on a fesh top end rebuild. i took it out on the weekend and it decided to shit itself and when i pulled the cylinder head off it i found this. anyone got any ideas on what would cause this, the piston has a b imprinted on it and i couldn't see any b's printed on the cylinder but there was a A on it. unsure of what brand the piston is sorry. any help or ideas will be greatful, i am based in new zealand
  14. Cylinders and pistons don't come out of the manufacturing process to the same exact specs. The difference in a,b,c pistons and cylinders have a range that is really small. Small enough that most engine mfrs will tell you the A is good in any of them. Athena publishes their range figures on those, when I checked for a cr250 years ago three ranges spanned something like .0012. FYI C is the bigger of the three.
  15. Inner ear problem messes with the eyes it's all connected
  16. Time Left: 1 month and 23 hours

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    • Used - Like New

    -Item 1: Yamaha YZ/WR 2003-2006 PN: 5UN-2583V-00-00 - OEM Rear Brake Master Cylinder Assembly (Internal Parts) Assembly - Good Condition - $192 New - $32 OBO -Item 2: Brand NEW in package - Yamaha Renthal Front Chainwheel (13 Tooth) PN:420-520-13GP, Fits YZ/WR 250 2001 to 2008, YZ 125 2005 to 2008, WR 250 X/R 2008 - $20 NEW $13 OBO Front Chainwheels - Precision CNC Machined to extremely tight tolerances. Case hardened and core refined 655M13 Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel to give the ultimate combination of strength and hardness. http://www.renthal.com/File/product4.asp?productid=0&tabtype=1 -Item 3: Renthal Front Sprocket/Chainwheel Grooved, 14 teeth (PN:289-520-14) Renthal Front Sprockets are made out of 655M13 nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy steel for Ultimate strength and hardness. Self-cleaning mud grooves prevent the buildup of dirt. Good Condition $27 List Price - $ 15 OBO -Item 4: Yamaha OEM YZ 250 (2007) Chain Guard $20 OBO -Item 5: Yamaha YZ 250 (2007) OEM Front & Rear Brake Disc Rotors $20 OBO


    San Diego, California - US

  17. Time Left: 1 month and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    I don’t ride enough to have 3 great bikes; 2002 KTM 400/453 EXC, 2010 KTM 690 Enduro R, 2006 KTM 950 Adventure S. I’ve settled on riding dual sport and adventure so I’m selling my KTM 453 EXC. (above photo is at Saline Valley Hot Springs, Death Valley) I’ve had it 9 years and only ridden it to Alice’s, Hollister Hills, Spangler Hills and the Bristlecone Pine area east of Big Pine. I put a bunch of money into it making it a dual sport and light adventure bike. It was a blast on the Bristlecone Pine ride and I was able to ride more difficult terrain than either my previous 640 Adv or current 690 Enduro. I finally felt I got to ride the bike for what I intended to do with it, and it was great. It allowed me to do whatever I had the guts to try and was more capable than I was. Here is the KTM 400/453 EXC build. Is it rare, special, legendary? Maybe. It is a well put together, low hour, dirt, dual sport, light adventure bike. It’s based on a 2002 KTM 400EXE, the last street legal dirt bike of its kind. The short stroke 400 EXC RFS motor is famous for its short stroke and light tight feel. It has both kick and electric start. It original owner was a SoCal KTM RFS engine builder Bob Hulka also known as CAFLASH on several forums. He built it for his wife and what nice job he did. He ended up riding it more just because it was fun. My modifications are included with double brackets >> Suspension > Profession suspension modification by TrailTricksSuspension (search Facebook); super polished tubes and valved and sprung for his wife. ($1500 job) > Replaced the 2002 WP43mm fork with 2003 WP 48mm fork. The new fork has now three bushes per fork tube, which ensures a better guidance of the inner tubes during compression travel. Both wipe and radial shaft seal, as well as the bearings, were obtained from new suppliers and, in combination with a new fork oil, ensure a markedly improved response. KTM also improved chromium quality of the fork coating to prevent excessive “pumping up“ of the fork in use. > The WP PDS shock was modified considerably. A bigger compensating tank and a larger oil volume prevent premature fading. Changed flow cross-sections for the oil stream and new tuning setups provide better progression. This results in an improved response with a greater impact resistance. > The new forks required new triple clamps so he put on the latest MX Tech (MX-tech.com) orange anodized billet adjustable triples (16/18mm, set at 18mm). > Fork bleeder valves >> I had Trailtricks service and return the suspension to stock height and re-valved and sprung for a 200 pound rider with 35 pounds of gear. ($770 job) Engine: being an pro engine builder he didn’t stop there. > Small intake 2002 head > Upgraded to Kibblewhite (kpmi.us) intake valves, harder than stock, reduces the need for adjustment, every 50-100 hours. > Thumper Racing (thumperracing.net) installed their 453 big bore kit, same short 64mm stroke but more grunt. > Upgraded to a 450/525 cam to better fit the bigger cylinder in higher RPM > 2003 450 SX CDI to give more bottom end power and a little more at the top end. >> I moved the CDI under the seat to improve the lock to lock steering range. > Series one FCR 39 carb > JD jetting >> 2018 I serviced the carb replacing gaskets, o-rings and improving the JD jetting > HT Racing carb input velocity stack and output torque vanes > R&D Racing (r1dean.com) Flex-Jet fuel mixture screw > HT Racing torque pipe (smaller diameter header), welded to flange (no springs no leaks) > Upgraded to 2005 radiator replaces cross over tube with temp sensor > TrailTech (trailtech.net) light weight fly wheel > Stainless steel oil filters >> I added an HT Racing oil cooler to give added oil capacity and improved cooling for longer range dual sport and adventure use. Drive train > DID gold chain > Ironman rear sprocket 53 > Front sprocket 14 > TM designs chain slide > 2005 clutch master cylinder Tires / Rims / Brakes > D.I.D. DOT legal rims, balanced with spoke weights, straight and true > Bridgestone ultra HD tubes > Front rim: 21x1.6, single rubber coated rim lock, Dunlop D606 90/90-21 > Rear rim: 18x2.15, two rubber coated rim locks, Dunlop D606 120/90-18 > Tires have about 600 miles on them > Ziptye Axle pull > Lowered brake pedal > Moose Racing brake leash Fuel Tanks >> I swapped the black IMS tank with a Clarke (clarkemfg.com) 3.1 gallon tank, translucent, (easy to see fuel level) >> I added a Baja Designs (bajadesigns.com) 1.5 gallon rear aux tank, with fuel cut off switch, vented to point above main tank gas cap and frame. No need for a vent on the aux tank cap. >> 4.6 gallon capacity, good for dual sport and adventure use Electrical > Baja Designs dual Sport Kit, Glass lens with grill guard, high watt Hella bulb >> I converted the electrical to DC >> Baja Designs Dual Sport kit upgrade, new wiring harness and ignition key lock >> Trail Tech full DC conversion, heavy duty stator >> Baja Designs LED flush mount tail lights >> LED front blinkers >> DRC LED flasher relay >> Baja Designs brake light switch > Shoria (shoraipower.com) 9AH Li on battery, charger pig tail (04 battery box) LFX09L2-BS12 >> Full electrical drawings Cockpit / Controls > Magura Fat bars (powersports.magura.com) >> Moose (Symtek) Grip heaters, custom hi/low/off switch on dash >> Touratech (touratech-usa.com) vibration damped Garmin Montana mount (Montana not included) >> Custom billet sub mount / bar riser for MX-Tech triple >> Scotts Damper, >> Neduro Double Take folding mirrors (2), RAM ball mounts >> Extra left RAM ball mount for Roll Chart holder > TrailTech Vapor computer >> Billet Vapor protector > Motion pro longer cables with Teflon inner lining for less friction > Fastway adjustable foot pegs, set low and back (promotobillet.com) > Custom clutch lever, EE roller cam with different end Protection > CF front disc guard > Right frame and rear slave cylinder guard > Left frame guard > Exhaust CF heat shield > Scotts shark fin > Flatland Racing HD Skid Plate >> Flatland Racing aluminum radiator guards >> Fastway FIT heavy duty aluminum hand guard bars and top bar clamp mount >> Trail Jammer (trailjammerdesigns.com) case saver Body >> Fastway Kickstand for stock height suspension >> Replaced headlight mask and rubber straps >> Renazco (Renazco.com) full suede tall seat, better bike control and all day riding comfort >> KTM tail tool bag >> Moose Racing front and rear tow/tug straps >> Hadoka Guy license plate mount, swivels, horizontal for road, vertical for trail use Misc > KTM Manual for Engine and Chassis, and Spare parts >> CA DMV road plated with registration paid through February 2021 As you can see the bike is very well set up. It is a blast to ride. A lot of thought when into making it a better dirt bike with all the right modifications required for dual sport and light adventure riding. Both Bob and I are senior riders, although Bob is much better than I. The bike has low hours as both of us had other bikes to ride. I’ve ridden the bike so little that I’ve only had to change the oil. I serviced the carb after the bike sat idle for a couple years. The bike has been stored in my enclosed trailer where I swap the Shoria smart charger periodically with my other bikes. The bike is in great shape and just needs someone with more time to ride it. It’s worth more but I’d like to get $4,500 for the bike. A good deal if you know bikes. More photos available. Thanks for looking.


    Bay Area, California - US

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    Street legal conversion, FMF exhaust, Hotcams exhaust cam, YZ450 carb swap
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  20. Put an hour on that setup today and it felt great. N3EW-3 is definitely the way to go. It definitely massaged out the imperfections in the low end throttle. Only thing I felt different is that my bike was more prone to stalling out today. Could this be due to the jetting changes? I was able to get a consistent idle super low at 1100 with the 45p but I kept it at around 1300.
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