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  2. It might be the seal betwixt the tank and petcock, loose bolts or something. Snug up the bolts, if it sill leaks pull the part off and replace the seal...
  3. Just added 1000$ to value with that works part 👍👍
  4. I got caught by the wife watching two women do yoga on the beach early one morning. She snarled at me and said, “What are you looking at?” I replied, “If you gotta ask, those women’s butts.” She stared at me with one of those looks. So I followed with,”I couldn’t help it they were right there. I may be married but I ain’t blind. If I didn’t look you should be worried about lack of testosterone.” She laughed then slapped me on the arm.
  5. So what do I need to get the readings for my Beta RR430 2020 model? The OBD2 wifi, and any cable?
  6. I rode a nice 88-89 KDX 200 that was FMF equipped, and it ran like a top, Is the 220 any better?
  7. "I do that shit at work."she's been threatening to hire a contractor to finish some stuff for 6 years.
  8. Looks good in pic. They don't like to shift sometimes until oil up good and spinning. Spin shafts while doing it should be fine 🔧🔧
  9. Yeup chevy orange is pretty darn close..
  10. Ok... ok.... I believe the salt over my shoulder, drinking a margarita and 50 hail Mary's... but all the other stuff you mentioned, I know when someone's pulling my leg! 🤣
  11. Yea it’s getting everything new from crank up
  12. Dangerous territory - it's one thing I learned over the years, never let her know how good you are at doing stuff around the house or to the house if you have the skills....the project will be ongoing.
  13. Chevy orange. Run up to Napa auto, grab a fender and bring it along. They can match up a rattle can for you, and you can match it up..
  14. Never mind it's the correct bearing! Btw my gasket for my cylinder doesn't fit at all and it's OEM.
  15. I’m currently rebuilding my shock on my 2000 CR 250. My shaft was pitted so I ordered a 2001 CR 250 rear shock off eBay. After taking the 2001 shock apart I found that the piston is like aluminum and gold in color. I knew they made the dampening a little softer in 2001 but didn’t think they would change the piston from plastic to metal. Can’t find the exact image on race tech.com but I’m thinking this is a gold valve.. anyone know?? There’s like no information on the inside of the showa shocks anywhere online. I included pictures the 1st one is out my 2000 the second 2 are out the 2001 shock.
  16. Out of interest how long have you had the 35mm film negative for and what are you doing with either the pictures or film? Otherwise you COULD try using some thin plastic but IMO just buy some Seal Mates and try cleaning the seals as they instruct cus they can work in my experience.
  17. Doesn't matter if in neutral you'll be able to put in after together. After you tighten segment can put it in then while have socket on bolt easier that way. Segment has a neutral spot on it the arm wheel goes in. But you don't have to put in neutral for it to go together you'd be able to after all together with shifter🔧🔧
  18. And bolted up to the magnificent YZ 1405 🤣 And I forgot about the upper caliper guard I printed last year
  19. That (1st bike) is a plated DRZ400, not a street legal DRZ400S. Also not to be confused with the electric start DRZ400E. It's the kick only bike. That bike is around 50 lbs lighter and makes nearly 8 more horsepower than the street legal DRZs that live on today. A good example will pull much more than dual sport version of similar year. Someone will buy that bike quickly assuming it's not roached. 94 mm big bore kits are very popular with the DRZ LTZ crowd because they offer a significant gain and are reliable, when done right. The "right way" is a quality kit for Cylinder Works, Athena or Max RPMs. Unfortunately, you can buy $150 Chinese time bomb kits on ebay as well. Seeing as though the seller didn't go into detail, I would be wary. Could be a bad sign or the seller may just not understand what he has. As with all dirt bikes, regardless of age, ads are pretty much worthless. You need to have a competent mechanic experienced with dirt bikes look over whatever bike you decide to buy.
  20. Hey ya’ll, This morning when I went to turn the gas on i felt the petcock soaked with fuel... any guess’s on why it’s happening and what I can do to fix it. Thanks Sam
  21. I didn't say I wouldn't wear them... I'm fully dressed in cerulean blue ffs.
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