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  2. Manual says replace oil filter every third oil change
  3. For a Yamaha there’s nothing better than Hygge performance, they’re hand made custom for your engine setup. Check out the yz325 videos on lundmx on YouTube, it has a Hygge pipe
  4. No, they work at different parts of the throttle range. In theory yours will now be rich in the 1/4 to 3/4 throttle range (approx), and lean at full throttle.
  5. The guy that built the crank should have done that, and I think if the runout was that bad it'd have tight spots without fully tightening the bolts.
  6. Check to see whether the magnetic button is missing from the front brake rotor.
  7. electric kwads from austria gonna be big with you racers,too?price no object?🎰
  8. There is a nominal starting point (will say in the owner's manual) but once the bike has been ridden and engine up to normal operating temp, you adjust it to obtain the highest idle speed (re-adjust idle screw afterwards if necessary) If the required adjustment is more than a full turn from the starting point, it could be a sign the pilot jet is partially clogged (running lean) or could be stepped up/down by one size.
  9. Need to check the crank and verify it is true. I do mine with 2 magnetic base dial indicators and machinists v blocks. If it’s not true then the crank will not line up properly with the cases/bearings. Will have vibration and short life also on the bearings.
  10. People that ride in the dirt, make better street riders.
  11. Sorry, wanted to add more...pulling the reed box out is easy and fast - short answer is yes, it is possible. The mixture, already VERY lean, will just get leaner and the bike will run poorly and possible be damaged however. A 10k bike that is dying to be uncorked will be very happy w tuner, end cap and reeds out. NO NEED to spend the 700-900$ on a GET or Vortex ecu...they will still need end cap or new pipe anyway. Also, the KTM stock muffler is an excellent muffler, really similar to FMF in quality. No need to spend $$$ on pipe, but the stock end cap is far too restrictive, just replace it.
  12. Ok mis there a chart that tells me what to adjust it to?
  13. Just get the subscription. It’s the absolute best coverage. You can watch all the free practices, qp and race. Heck you can even select what camera view you want to watch during the race, multiple screens if you want too.
  14. Maybe the YZ 125 has sand in the tires, and tank....and frame....and engine? Come to think of it, sand isn't going to get to 50lbs. Lead! Yes, maybe lead. THAT might do it!LOL
  15. Alta got pretty close. What do these guys think the dirt rider, or MX rider, wants that Alta didn't do? Ahh.... a Japanese wrap around aluminum frame! That's the ticket! For me the Alta failed for a number of reasons. For one, dirt riders are not the same folks that will buy a Tesla. Dirt riders are the epitome of form-follows-function. Yes, we ogle over a few styling features on dirt bikes, but really it's all about the performance of the machine. Maybe, just maybe, an electric bike can beat a gas engine bike in a short MX race. That day may be here soon. But for the weekend enduro, explorer type, long range rider, the electric is nowhere near what a gas engine bike can do. If they can get the electric to be LIGHTER THAN the gas engine counterpart, they might have something. Cost of the bike and multiple battery packs is another detractor. I guess if the performance is there, you would stomach the extra cost.
  16. note where your ign plate is now and then try to advance the whole plate by hand (against ign cam rotation), see if it helps.
  17. Not really. The mechanic who pressed it together should have taken a measurement before and after. About the only thing you can do is check the side clearances on the rod, and see if they're within spec. Or if you're accurate at measuring, measure the width of the crankcase where the crank fits, and measure the crank. You'll soon see if that's the problem. You will need some decent measuring tools though, at least a large vernier and a good straight edge. You'll need to measure each half from the center face to the bearing, and add the gasket thickness. I struck this when I did My CR500 crank, I actually had to press the rod clearances a little tight to get the crank width small enough. Edit; Also make sure your main bearings are completely home in the cases.
  18. Most of the pipe makers are in Calif. The workers there are clearing over a grand a week on unemployment. When they worked, they made $600 a week. Why go back to work when you can get $400+ more per week watching Gilligan's Island? (BTW~ They never do get off the island.)
  19. Just looking for some insight as to why it seems alot of aftermarket exhaust systems are on backorder. Is this a result of covid? Has the workforce been cut that dramatically? Or did they sell out everything they when people got their stimulus checks? I’m seeing a lot of people complaining on FMF’s posts that they’ve been waiting for several months on their pipes. I was lucky enough to snag a pro circuit system before they sold out, but I’ve also been waiting on a Bills for about a month now. Lemme know what you think.
  20. I want to know where this mythical YZ450 is that weighs the same as a YZ125. I have both and last time I checked the 450 was about 35 pounds heavier and feels about 50 pounds heavier.
  21. Slavens racing has the best support and team IMO - the tuner will come with exact directions (very easy) with a tune they’ve tested for your bike (I have the exact same bike - same year, everything). If you can pick up a Pro Moto Billet end cap. If your gonna go that route, like I did and many others, you I’ll love what it does for an already very good bike - brings it alive and makes it excellent. https://slavensracing.com/how-to-install-jd-jetting-fuel-injection-tuner/
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