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  2. 2 different animals, same motor though, lol! 89 is a low boy pipper, the 87 is a standard height pippper for 80's classics. Just wait for your muffler, or ride it with a loud stinger. RANNNG DANNNNGGG, DANG, DANG. BWAAPPTTT, RINNNGGG. YAN, YANNN.
  3. Yeah that's what I've been reading as well. Yes the washer was put back. And the bushing was replaced with the new clutch basket as it breaks the gear on the back of the clutch as well. I didn't notice any excessive play in anything. I don't know? Sigh, Scratch head, Repeat
  4. Finally settled on a new set of wheels for the 97 KDX 220. I think I’ve already replaced everything else on that bike. Paid $600 for the bike and already have another $2400 in parts alone.
  5. I'd think you'd be surprised how well a properly jetted 2-stroke equipped with a heavier flywheel can lug at low rpms and be less prone to stalling versus a high performance / MX based 4-stroke engine.
  6. If at high rpm the choke is over fueling and you are getting a lean-out at low rpm with it off... I'd guess your pilot circuit is still clogged/incorrectly sized or whatever the case may be. Try a new OEM size jet? If you have the means I would also do a leakdown test to confirm the crankcase is not leaking. Sometimes nothing short of a drill bit will completely clean a jet but at that point you risk damaging the inside and new becomes a safer option.
  7. I Like it. They addressed most areas in dire need and kept the cost down. It's a jack of all trades, master of none affordable bike. It's not trying to be anything it's not. It's updated yet familiar looking. I would argue that at $7,999 "fully loaded" adventurer model is a very good deal/value when compared to any other ADV bike on the market. People on a tight budget can get a base model for $6,999 and "build" it from there as they get the funds. If Kawasaki built a $10k Twin Tenere fighter, they would of had a direct competitor. As it is, nothing competes with the KLR 650 in it's price range. That's what always made it have a cult following. My only gripe is Kawasaki took 3 years off to achieve this?? For real? 🤔
  8. I have one of those, I would yank down the seal covers and clean up inside there really good with some Wd-40 and keep on wiping em down until the crud is gone. It helps to pump the fork, then wipe the munge off the slider, rinse and repeat until all is clean. Throw some salt over your shoulder, drink a margerita and say Hail Mary 50 times, and maybe it wont dribble any more...
  9. Cool, pretty sure i covered everything. But a few things i hadnt considered. good info for sure. Thanks.
  10. They are 'just right', plus Ledgy-Carnage and Distance. .....and Kenny's non-stop energy !
  11. Just make sure the cams are positioned at their TDC marks and there shouldnt be any problem.
  12. Guys love their 390 Betas. That’s an option. So many choices..
  13. Oh dear, well I assume you will need to sand it. Your arms will look like Popeye's after you are done. Ah the you tube video, hey it has a English narrator, so it has to be legit. LOL!🤪
  14. Hey whatever works. I don’t like auto clutches personally but get what makes you happy. Shrub said it best to start though. Put a heavier flywheel weight on your rx. It’s cheapest and should be easy. What like $150? Try that first before buying bikes.
  15. I would like to see a better pic of the cams and cam journals in the head. Possible damage.
  16. Fair - I'd put the Beta 390/430 and KTM 500 in a different category than the other 450's.....
  17. I kinda need to sand it, just polishing it will make it look rough. I scrubbed the tank with a razor blade a while ago, and it left the plastic with fresh yellow color but little ridges. I just need to sand them out, and then polish it, and apply some sort coating over it. (Cerakote trim coat, Back to Black, etc.) 👍 I saw this video. I like the way it turned out, so I think I'll stick with this process. I got a sandpaper pack with 400 - 2000 grit, and all the time in the world. Thanks though 👊
  18. If you have @flare up and you are having loose stools or multiple BMs versus normal, you may be electrolyte low, and low Mg (Magnesium) or low K (potassium) can cause spasm type symptoms, cramping and so on. speak to your doc, but maybe getting on a replacement program, even as soft as pedia lyte or gatorade may help you out some.
  19. Inspect the inner clutch hub for notching as well.
  20. Sorry, but you might want to look at your technique. It takes almost no horsepower to wheelie a dirtbike when performed properly. I don't want to sound like an a-hole, but it might be a silver lining to force you to learn something new. 😁
  21. the button on mine fell apart so all it goes on is the dirt cap
  22. Shit just buy one of every size 2 and 4 stroke enduro bike. Then it’s covered.
  23. When I re-started dirt bikes in 2006, the wife would pipe up now and again about buying/selling but after a while - she couldn't keep track of it. I've always TCOB and also always buy used bikes so my "impact" to our cash flow isn't huge. If she decided to up and leave me due to this, I'd help her pack and load the moving van quickly.
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