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  2. SawyerF

    Front brake not building pressure

    I rebuilt it with an all balls kit, all new seals, copper crush washers, greased the slides, pads and disk are fine it just won’t build pressure. I’m thinking air is entering the system somewhere on the caliper side but I’m having a lot of trouble diagnosing.
  3. Brent Simpson

    KTM reliability

    I'm sure this have been convered tons of times but I figured I'd ask my self. What is the most reliable KTM 2015 and newer? I want something bigger than a 250 but the 500 seems like overkill. I found a couple nice 350s and 450s. How reliable are those? How long will they last if I take care of them and don't beat them. Do these bikes have the plastic oil pump gear?
  4. Too busy riding to take photos , sorry

    Front brake not building pressure

    Replace the line, the interior is deteriorated and bulging within (you can't see it). Rebuild the caliper as well. See PM.
  6. mobiusgear1

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    Id say like 8oz/240mL, was changed ~1000miles ago and the level was fine then.
  7. Jeff aka Bolt

    HD Hard Enduro Ride Reports

    Some great pics guys... Nicely done
  8. hawaiidirtrider

    What do the top extreme enduro riders use for a rear tire?

    Here’s a Shinko ride but the ground is perfect. Any tire works good on those days. It’s pretty good so far though. Need to ride on a miserable slippery ugly day for a true test.
  9. Atolduso

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    How much oil was required to get it to a good level?
  10. broke311

    Vortex Issue ‘18 exc 500

    Does this initialization process work with a vortex ecu or just the factory?
  11. Mike_80

    Damaged Cylinder Questions

    ‘06 CR250 See pictures. Just put a new top end on, got 1 1/2 laps around the track and then this. Haven’t changed anything, just lapped the cylinder mating surface and replaced the head. Only thing unusual was some spooge dripping from the motor/expansion chamber connection before I took it out on the track. 1) Any ideas what might have caused this? 2) Can this cylinder be salvaged? 3) If I buy a new one can I just plug-n-play or will it require some preppping first?
  12. Brent Simpson

    450 Question

    I know the quad needs a full exhaust and tuner but what about a bike? Will the bike run a lot better?
  13. Myles D

    250 XC-W Supermoto?

    Hello, everyone. I'm looking into buying another motorcycle soon and while browsing my local classifieds, I came upon a street legal 2007 KTM 250 XC-W. It appears to be mostly stock, other than a full FMF exhaust and a Rocky Mountain ATV/MC conversion kit. The bike currently has 140 hours, 2,767 miles, and looks to be a solid motorcycle. I thought this would be an awesome bike for me to turn into a supermoto, but I wanted a bit more insight before I pull the trigger. I currently ride my SV650 to class and work everyday, and that will not be changing if I buy the KTM. I understand that an off-road race bike converted to a street bike will obviously not be a daily driver, for a number of reasons. I also don't expect the bike to be practical or comfortable, as I will be not using it for anything practical. I have owned and worked on two stroke dirt bikes in the past (my friend even has a 2007 200 XC-W which I have ridden on multiple occasions), so I understand the issues of top end rebuilds, mixing gas, jetting carburetors, and the overall more-intensive maintenance required of race bikes. I was planning on tearing it down, cleaning it up, and slowly upgrading individual components as I reassemble it. I can only imagine how much fun the bike would be as a weekend play bike, but I would like to hear anyyone's opinions/personal experience about two stroke street bikes. I attached a couple pics below. Thanks, Myles
  14. RidgeRunner02

    Who's riding this week?

    We didn’t do berdoo. Instead we did Pinkham Canyon. Pretty tough going for a lot of it but I was stoked. It wasn’t easy keeping the klr up in the sand but I’m getting better as I gain confidence.
  15. Diverdown

    Random pics.

  16. mobiusgear1

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    I did an oil change fairly recently, I put in Motul 300V 10W40 Ester Core Synthetic I had left over from my sportbike. Can you please elaborate? To check the dipstick, I check while the bike is hot, wipe the stick clean and just drop it in without screwing it then remove and check on a napkin.
  17. motoxgiant

    TM 300EN first ride day

    Ty looks great on that bike! Hope you guys have a productive testing season and get after it when its time to race.
  18. RidgeRunner02

    Who's riding this week?

    Most of the dual sport trails that I know are up the hill in Big Bear - not sure what the current snow situation is but it's not going to be warm. Can you give me a good starting point?
  19. Atolduso

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    Make sure you're checking the oil properly. It's a little more involved and less fool proof than a car. And what oil?
  20. BushPig

    The 450 Killer!!!! The 2011 YZ490

    Hmm. A nice set of OEM would set it off IMO.
  21. xjnewfie

    Don't buy the 2019 CRF230F

    Never had a 350, but had a 300 2t, and 250 4t KTM and wholeheartedly agree with your comments on the hard seat, and seat height. Sadly both my KTMs had the PDS suspension so I couldn't install a lowering link to address the stupid tall seat height.
  22. Bron-Yr-Aur

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    Got the first one from fellow member OzDRZ's YouTube channel (Cross training). Gotta admit, it's one of my favorites
  23. Diverdown

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    I got the Athena, like it, would do it again.
  24. So to enlighten interested folk. Waiting on the forks and rear shocks so the shop can finish. Tomorrow I am going to put the tubliss tires together.I expect the suspension to be done like right before Christmas. By then I will have to return to work for 7 days. After work week I will install the Rekluse in and go for a ride. Break in and such. Give You guys a review.Then install more bling, and uncork a little bit of it. I was told by the folks at Yoshimura the pipe would be available right after the Holidays. Slow but sure. Patience....MY ARSE!
  25. Hammy-56

    110/100-18 vs. 140/80-18 rear tire?

    how long is a piece of string?
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