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    Giant Loop Klamath Rack Pack
    Having recently installed an SW-Motech rear rack on my KTM 690 Enduro R, I went on the hunt for a tail bag to compliment it. In addition to something that could put up with some trail abuse and keep my stuff dry, I wanted a solid, but simple mounting system. I really liked the adjustable fender hook system on the Giant Loop Klamath Rack Pack, so I decided to give one a shot. INSTALLATION FUNCTION The zipper-less clam shell design of the Klamath Rack pack works perfectly and is easy to live with. I had no issues opening and closing it with riding gloves and since the two halves fit together accurately, my stuff stayed clean and dry in soupy conditions. However, I can always get out the included dry bag should I be carrying anything that absolutely can't get wet. I don't see this pack leaking short of submerging it. The inner pack compartment dimensions are approx. 10"L X 7.5"W X 4.5"H and features a repositionable divider. I was able to carry a 12v micro tire pump & power cord, OE KTM tool kit, digital tire gauge, my more roadworthy gloves (for the ride home), snacks, and an extra bottle of water with a bit of room to spare. The sides and top of the pack are semi-rigid, so while there is a small amount of flex, if you force fit something, it will distort the shape, not allowing the upper and lower halves to fit together properly. The inner compartment has a key lanyard and under the lid is a zippered mesh pocket that is good for foldable maps or other fairly thin objects such as an energy bar. Finally, both the back and sides have reflective stripes so that cagers just might see us for once. There is also additional storage on the outside of the Klamath. The back flap has a full-width mesh pocket (not closeable) and the top has a zigzag bungee cord that can be cinched up. I found the bungee to be very useful for holding a medium sized machete for cutting trail overgrowth as well as as spot to stash a trail map that was rolled up in a large plastic ziplock bag. Is the pack stable? Yep! 80mph dirt/gravel roads, whoops, logs, trail brush, etc... when I got home, the Klamath always seemed to be right where I left it. Clearly, the Velcro fender hook system works as it should. When I'm riding, I don't even know the bag is that there.  Anything that I don't like? Outside of having to watch my foot snagging on it when getting on/off and already tall bike and a bit of a premium price point, nope; the Giant Loop Klamath Rack Pack is exactly what I was looking for. I also love the fact that it's made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a solid rack pack, I'd put the Klamath and your shortlist of options. More @ http://www.giantloopmoto.com/
    Posted by Bryan Bosch on Nov 15, 2017

    The Evergood Open Experience
    Hello ThumperTalk readers! I have to say that of all the things I write about, I enjoy writing about going to races that are put on by great companies to recognize the unrecognized talent. Recently, I made the trip to such a race in Iowa, called the Evergood Open at Oak Ridge MX, and I’m here to tell you about it. I will admit, I have a certain level of bias when it comes to races like the Evergood Open or the MX Reunion races, because it was through the Vurb Classic in 2012 at Echeconnee that I was recognized for my never-quit pursuit of a W against some stiff competition. Through the help I received from Race Tech because of the recognition and my performances at other Vurb Classic events and amateur nationals, I’ve brought myself to where I am now, and that’s not something I take lightly. Being brutally honest, the top level of support in the motocross industry is a tight nit group and it is hard to break into without solid results. These events give those who truly need the help the opportunity to get the help they need to make their journey to the top a possibility. Hats off to the companies who participate in these events that are giving deserving riders the opportunity to succeed, because that’s truly what you’re doing. 2013 Vurb Classic @ MX207 The staff at Evergood Co truly put on a great event that I will not soon forget. Not only did some great riders get recognized, but the event was held at possibly the coolest track I’ve ever been on. Also, the event was just plain fun! It wasn’t super high stakes, and instead was laid back and all about everyone having a good time. Everything from the track, to the people, environment, and activities after racing made the event feel like the drive was paid back in spades. Evergood Open @ Oak Ridge MX, photo by Jordan Hoover at Evergood Co Whether we realize it or not, if you’re a racer who competes for money or the goal of making a career of it, we get so sucked into the winning mindset that we forget that there’s more fun in motocross (or whatever you race) than just winning. One thing that I found super fun about the Evergood Open was the holeshot competition! It was intense… and I was genuinely concerned when I saw a 1200cc BMW flat-track bike pull up. However, I did end up winning on the 250f! If winning it wasn’t cool enough, interviews and popping a champagne bottle is icing on the cake to top off a good day of racing on a great track! I also think it’s great for the spectators, being able to see more than just racing, and it creates a great atmosphere for everyone. I mean, who doesn’t love watching people bang bars off a start for $100 all while playing some AC/DC? Evergood Open @ Oak Ridge MX, photo by Jordan Hoover at Evergood Co Another great thing about the Evergood Open was being able to meet different people, including those that we look up to. Over the weekend I got to meet Jeff Emig and Jason Anderson… not during a schedule; just walk up and started talking. Being able to chat a bit to people you look up to and get their perspectives and simply listen to what they have to say about a track is priceless. Being able to talk to Emig one-on-one about his ideology towards racing and explaining why he maneuvers the track like he does creates a new perspective that can be utilized if implemented correctly into your own personal riding style. Evergood Open @ Oak Ridge MX, photo by Jordan Hoover at Evergood Co Overall, great time at a great track that will have me coming back next year! Hats off to the whole Evergood Co crew, as well as everyone at Oak Ridge MX, y’all killed it!   Be sure to stay tuned to the blog series and click/tap the “follow” button to stay updated on any new entries! You can also click the “follow” button on my profile to stay updated with anything I post on ThumperTalk. Thanks for following along, I’ll see you at the races!
    Posted by Scott Meshey 141 on Nov 14, 2017

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