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Here's mine





here a WHOLE hurricane

Before I got it all dirty this weekend.

First time in 6 months!!!!!


Hey Reed where did you get the graphics?? what kind are they??

The wife snapped this one this past weekend. A big thanks to everyone who has been giving riding tips, they're really helping slow pokes like myself! :)


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Ok too much "cool" not enough "whacky"...minibike.gif

Hey Slimmy

Nice Z50!!!!!

4sale? :)



Sorry. Gotta have a Z50.

A z50 was my first bike (see photo), but somehow I sold it when I out grew it (dumb dumb dumb).

But got my current beauty from an old man who bought it for "emergencies" and just kept it folded up in his motorhome. Still had the "hairs" on the original tires! I let my neice ride it but I have to run behind her and hold it up.


Motoman --

How did you end up getting your bike from NCY? You live in Texas right?

Frank B,

My YZ was shipped to me from NCY in a crate! I got a great sponsorship deal from them! Got the bike for a great price and got graphics, hats, shirts, stickers, etc, etc! Later,


Thanks guys, I have some better examples. Here is one on a 50cc 2 stroke street bike my wife rides. I was actually passing some people at PIR on this bike. In the picture I'm actually passing this guy in the infield.


Is that similar to the old YSR 50's (is it a YSR?). Those always looked like fun, especially if you could fit a 80 or 125cc MX motor in there. :)

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