Any Recommendations for Graphics Kits for the XR650R? How about posting some pictures of kits that you've installed?

I like the looks of the One Industries graphics for the XR650R the best. They are also by far the most expensive graphics out there, but I'm not so impressed with how they've held up for me. I have two sets of these graphics and only used one. The tank graphics on my bike started bubbling and peeling back within 6 months and the tank was properly pressed before applying the graphics. My other set of One Industries XR650R graphics were still brand new in the factory bag had also started bubbling, curling and were beginning to separate from the backing even though they were still brand new in the factory package and stored inside my house where temperature & humidity are controlled. I put on a different brand of graphics on 6 other bikes we own (XR100’s, XR200, XR250’s) many months before I put the One Industries graphics on my XR650R and those cheaper graphics I bought on Ebay still look perfect even though they were much less expensive and many of those bikes have been ridden more than mine. Even the aftermarket graphics I put on our 1980 XR80 and 1983 & 84 Yamaha’s from long ago still look great compared to the One Industries tank graphics on my XR650R. Now maybe they had a bad batch of graphics I got stuck with, but when I called them to get some answers on this, they told me it was normal for their graphics to be replaced every 6 to 12 months. I was planning to carefully use a heat gun to hopefully stick some of the graphics back on and also use some type of vinyl compatible 3M adhesive to glue the edges back down, so I asked them for their suggestions on this and they couldn’t give me any. They couldn’t even recommend any type of compatible adhesive or any procedure that might have helped other than having me purchase a new set of graphics, so I was quite disappointed to hear this. Autozone sells a vinyl adhesive from 3M and I used a hypodermic needle to inject the graphics with it. It wasn’t the perfect solution by any means, but it has allowed me to keep those graphics on my bike while still looking kind of decent. I understand the fuel tank will have out-gassing issues and I’ve been putting graphics on bikes for 25+ years, but these were the best looking most expensive shortest life graphics I’ve ever owned.

I have used Factory Effex graphics with some satisfaction. When I used to just let the gas sit in the tank for weeks to months, the graphics did tend to peel off. I've just started to religiously drain my tank after every use, I even siphon out the right side then leave the cap open. So far this has kept the graphics from peeling, but time will tell.

I've never seen the Factory Effex graphic bubble or separate from the adhesive, even when it did not adhere.

The advice you'll read says you should: a) never put graphics on a new tank, let the gas bleed out the mold releasers for a few rides first :) clean the surface "thoroughly" with brake cleaner or such, and c) rough up the surface with sandpaper before application. It is my guess that all of this makes no difference whatsoever if gas is left in the tank between uses.

I'd be interested to hear of any tricks to keep a decal on!


One Industries was on mine when I bought it. They seem to be holding up fine and I spend alot of time on the ground and ususally in tons of mud.

Buy whichever and hope for the best.

Graphics problems won't take you out of a ride. Spend your time on mechanical maintenance.


Good tip about leaving fuel in the tank because that's a sure fire way to kill the graphics (been there and done it many years back :) when tanks went from metal to plastic back in the 70's). My first bike with a plastic tank was a 77 YZ400 :D. Prior to that I had some Husky's, a 74 Yamaha MX250A, XR75, etc, all of which had metal tanks. It's also not a good idea to leave fuel in the carb for too long. Been there and done that too :D, but its all part of learning. Using the drain screw on the bottom of the float bowl can save some headaches.

Hey BrainVT, that's my bike...almost :D! The only difference in appearance is that I didn't put on my fender or swingarm stickers. My forks also have skins instead of boots and the stanction tubes have guards on them while my lower fork tubes are covered with carbon fiber. I love the looks of those graphics and just hope I had a bad batch :D. I guess if I could really have things my way, I'd use all white or all black plastic without graphics, but since there's no real color choices other than using Krylon Fusion, I'll stick to the graphics :D.

Check out

They do custom graphics for any bike. And your bike won't look like every other Joe's bike. :)

Check out

Gee thanks, out comes the pocket book again :) After I get a few projects finished around here and other things begin to settle down sometime next year, I'm going to design some graphics in AI and have them or someone like them print them up for me on some nice 3M Vinyl. Thanks for the great idea about :D

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