This one HURT!!!!!!!

Like a dagger through the heart!

Bottom of the 9th, up 3 to 1, two OUT'S and BK "serve em up like Burger King" Kim and he gives a meatball over the plate and BAM!!!


Then with two strikes on Jeter in the 10th BAM!! Ballgame over!!! Had the freaken Yanks on the mat and let em back up! I am pissed, freaken should have left Shilling in there to close em down!

This hurts as bad as when I was at the Suns Finals vs the Bulls and Paxon hit the three to win it with time running out...


G-Man :)


It could be worse, you could be a Mets fan.

John :)

How could they have repeated their error? What was Brinley smokin?

hey g man thanks for turning me on to a real site that talks about moto.but on the other hand,pay up. your d backs are going to loose, and your going to owe some money.are you going to pitch the meatball thrower in game six? NY BABY.... :)

I nodded off for a few and when I woke up I thought I might be watching a rerun.

Brenley made the BONEHEAD move of the century by putting Kim in there again.

Hope the homefield advantage helps and Johnson can go 9 innings!

Feel better now?

Oh yea I feel much better after my near coronary's! What a freaken game, 9th inning comeback but it was our turn this time, no more gifts for those Yanks and the better team clearly won as evidenced by the runs and hits comparisons between the two teams.

To put it into motocross perspective it's like the 91 MXDN when the American team worked so freaken hard and was clearly the dominant team, only to have bad luck make it closer then it should have been. Had me turning greyer by the minute and some late moto/9th inning heroics saved the day!


Moto to Live

Live to Moto

web page Moto D Pics from Holland

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