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I am ready to buy but still on the fence about the exp (not core) or the z-start. I was told by rekluse that the exp will have a 30% heavier lever feel. I think the stock feel is heavy and i really don't want to make it harder. That being said, how much will i be clutching anyway? What will the Z-start give me that the exp doesn't? I understand the clutch feel on the Z is an "on/off" feeling and very difficult to slip. BUT.. how often would i be slipping it? Will a Z-start be ok for MX? Does a rekluse make it more difficult to wheelie since you don't have clutch slipping control?

I understand the clutch feel on the Z is an "on/off" feeling and very difficult to slip. BUT.. how often would i be slipping it? Will a Z-start be ok for MX? Does a rekluse make it more difficult to wheelie since you don't have clutch slipping control?

The notion that the manual clutch modulation on the Z-Start is "on/off" is mostly false. You have taken the statement that it's MORE abrupt than the EXP and built it into "IS abrupt"; it's not. To your second point, once you get over the idea that you need to do anything to the clutch lever at all in the tricky sections, life gets simpler. How much would you be manually controlling the clutch? Maybe 5% of the time, and you'll discover that the clutch is much better at modulating itself than you are at controlling it. You need the lever to start the bike, find neutral, and very little else.

The EXP offers better manual modulation, but it needs it more, too, since it's not as smooth during low speed maneuvering as the ZSP is. It works pretty well, just not as well as the ZSP.

Ya the ZSP, slips itself, you don't have to do it. It really takes the thinking out of clutch work and you can worry more about going fast and concentrating on getting through technical sections.

No doubt, mine doesn't start in gear well at all. Not too bad when it is at the magic temp but still not reliable enough for me to start in gear at the line. I always start in nuetral and it always costs me three places. I am usually between 4th and 6th off the line due to starting in neutral. What I am hoping is that it makes it more reliable to start in gear when the bike is at that magic temp. It will start in gear at that temp now about 60 to 70% of the time. Once it heats up then it is almost impossible to start it in gear. I have noticed with my friends that have a Rekluse that finding nuetral is tough and that makes starting the bike hard. We will see, I am excited to get it installed and see how it works. I'm sure I'll have some mistake blips getting used to it, LOL, I just hope it's when I am wearing the GoPro so everyone can see my fail.

I'm going to pull the bike apart this weekend, new piston, rings, timing chain, have the head inspected, cylinder inspected, possibly have the cylinder replated, all the internal bearings checked, well what I can get to without spliting the cases, intensive cleaning, swing arm bearings, suspension linkage, wheel bearings, chain, sprokets, tires, tubes, graphics, just going to overhaul the whole bike in the next 6 weeks before the race season starts

I know people are really tired of hearing this but I challenge anyone to try Redline 10/40 oil. My 450 starts in gear no problem with Redline. If your basket is NOT grooved and your gap in NOT to tight it will start in gear with ease. I also can find neutral with ease. Oil also plays a role. I tried 20/50 once and it was just to thick and the Rekluse had some drag. 10/40 and it is butter smooth.

When the clutch is in good condition, i.e. flat plates, set up correctly, etc., it's no harder to find neutral than it normally is IF you pull the clutch lever. If you don't, and the engagement point of the clutch is set up at a low RPM, the clutch will drag just a little at idle, and that's enough to make it hard to get between gears. Pull the lever, no problem.

What can be tricky is finding neutral with the engine off, since the clutch is automatically disengaged. If you happen to be in third, for instance you might have more than the usual amount of fiddling to do in getting it through second to neutral because rocking the bike back and forth won't move the transmission around like it would if the clutch was engaged. Otherwise, it really shouldn't be any different.

10w-40 oil is, IMO, the best grade to run in a YZ450 under most circumstances with or without a Rekluse. During the 4 hottest months of the year in San Diego County, when it's normally above 90, I run 20w-50 Amsoil MCV or Mobil1 V-Twin, and my Rekluse works just fine like that. Starting in gear is kind of a variable thing. Within a certain, fairly wide range of temperatures, it will, but not always. Point of fact, it starts in gear better now with the Rekluse than it did before, but I attribute that to the clutch plates I'm using more than any other factor.

I have a rekluse question, there is a core exp for sale on ebay. The person who is selling it advertised that it will fit in a 2005-09 yz450f but he had it in a 2011 yfz450 quad. Is this true? thanks.

Yes. Since the unit fits into the clutch basket as a friction plate would, and the friction plates are interchangeable between the late quads and the bikes, it will work.

With questions like this, you can always refer to the manufacturer's listing for both bikes and compare the part numbers.

Thanks for the reply!

Mine has the Z-Start PRo --- the lack of a clutch "feel" is only there at idle, -- once its moving, the pull gets progressively harder until it feels "normal" --- if you didnt know it had an auto clutch in it, you could use it just like a standard clutch on an mx track

--- that said, mine has the ZSP because the Core wasnt available when i bought it --- and i'm one of those "start at the top and work my way down" type of guys when it comes to throwing money at my bikes -- but i love the thing --- it hasnt really handicapped me , but now when i take a few trail loops on my new CRF-X trail bike, i really miss the clutch, it will have one soon too -- but i am asking some of these same questions for this bike ---- one thing is for certain , the EXP and Core EXP are easier to install than the Z-start Pro, but i like the ZSP's nature

Since the X is dual sport plated, i may bite the bullet and go witht he Core , but i think the EXP 2.0 would technically do everything i needed and save me $500

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