CR high bend

I want bars 1 1/2 to 2" taller than stock. How tall can I go with the stock cables? Who makes a good reasonably priced bar that will use the stock 7/8" clamps? Is the CR high bend what I want? I'm 6' & the stock bars are too low for stand up riding to me.


With the stock bars you can go with the 1" bar risers and use the stock cables.

jimmy button bend is taller than the cr high. You will have to turn your throttle tube upside down due to cable length. I really like the Button bend

There was somebody on Ebay selling a bunch of Pro Taper top triple clamps for $60 (that's a steal), which is barely more than the price for adapters, so then you can just bolt on the Pro Taper CR high bends (that's what I have and I really like them).

Ricky Carmichal bend is taller then the CR high and dosn't have the big sweep back that the Jimmy Button bend does, gives you more room to stand up.

will it work with stock control cables?

I put Renthal Jimmy Button High on my stock clamp and they worked great. By the way, I'm 6'5"...


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