2012 yz450f 02 sensor bung

Hi all. I am going to have some dyno time in the near future and am preparing for it. I am planning on welding in an 02 sensor bung on my stock header and was wondering if anyone else has done this yet and where they placed it. I know 8-12 inches is an optimal location but just curious what other people have done. Also, what material is the stock exhaust? Is it stainless?

Nobody's done this yet??

Try contacting Eddie Sisneros. His shop does a lot of EFI programming.

Be sure to let us know the results of your tuning sesh.

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Is the stock head pipe and mid pipe titanium or stainless? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Anybody know??

Take it off and look at it. It may very well be Ti, but if so, it should be noticeably light and thin feeling for what it is. Shouldn't be too hard to tell.

Okay I guess that is what I'll have to do. Just trying to be lazy and see if anyone has figured it out yet lol

It's stainless.

its all stainless


A buddy of mine added the sensor to his bike. He google searched a few images of the Joe Gibbs Racing bikes and just copied what they did. Pretty sure there are some pics of the YZ's from the MEC when James had the traction control controversy going on. Are you running the stock ECU or a GET unit?

Stock ecu. Just want to check my AFR while I'm tuning. I'm gonna try to check out the JGR bikes and see what they did. Thanks for the tip!

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